Poster Flyer-Traditions 2009 by xuyuzhu


									                     "Celebrate Our World"
                       Poster Exhibition:

                  Students, Parents and Teachers:
We have a cool project for you and your families to be displayed at the Hallway on the
                            Cultural Diversity Night on .....

  Please put together a poster- collage and small text describing your cultural or family
 traditions. Some examples are Halloween ,Thanksgiving, Valentine, Tail gating, Labor
    day, Kwanza, Chanukah, Carnival (Brazil), The New Year (China), Santa Lucia
(Sweden), Kodomonohi (Japan), Cinco de Mayo ( Mexico), Id al-Fitr (Islamic countries),
               Diwali (India), or simply share with us your family tradition.
You can use postcards, drawings, stamps, family pictures, flags, small items, labels and
whatever you would like to be included in your poster. To give you some idea, a sample
                      is given below. Be creative and have fun!!

   We will recognize the class with the most participants in this project!

           Include your Name, Grade and Teacher's name.

            Please submit your poster to your class teacher by.....

                            For more information contact:

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