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					                                           NC Charter School Pre-Opening Checklist
*This list is provided by OCS as a resource. It is not the end all to the requirements of a founding charter school board.
 It is a local decision to how this resource is utilized.
                                                       SITE RESPONSIBILITIES
                                                   ASSIGNED TO           COMMENTS                          DATE COMPLETED
Identify site/address/description/floor plans
Communicate with local inspector for
requirements to receive Education C/O
Financing secured
Preliminary inspection made
Signed lease/purchase & sales agreement
Issuance/awards of bids for renovation
Final inspection and occupancy certificate
Completion of renovations
Physical accessibility:
   *Adequate classroom space for

Acquisition of furniture and materials (check
with local county surplus warehouses)
Internet Connectivity Plan (Funding)
Phone lines/numbers
Emergency contact information
Servers installed for electronic messaging
and document storage
Building Services:
  *Local electrician
  *Local plumber
  *HVAC contractor

Certificate of Occupancy for Educational use
to Office of Charter Schools before the first
day of serving students
First Day of School plans
Emergency Plans Approved
Fire Drill Plan and Practice Schedule
Tornado Plan and Practice Schedule
Lockdown Plan and Practice Schedule

                                         ADMINISTRATIVE & GOVERNANCE DUTIES
                                              ASSIGNED TO      COMMENTS       DATE COMPLETED
Secure a local attorney
Add school contact information to EDDIE
Establish school web site for marketing
school mission and purpose
Carry out plan to build relationships within
the community.

Establish a plan to recruit volunteers to help
with facility renovations and other duties
Create a list of duties to be performed by
Develop and approve the hiring process for
all staff
Create and approve the job description (roles
and responsibilities) of the Lead
Develop the evaluation system for Lead
Execute management agreement with vetted

Create and approve the job description and
evaluation system (roles and responsibilities)
of each staff poition (teacher, teacher
assistant, administrative assistanct, etc)
Develop the evaluation system for the board
as a whole and individual members
School governing board names, address,
phone, e-mail

Date/place of election
Process used for voting
Establish board meeting schedule that
complies with NC Open Meetings Law
Create location for public access to minutes
from board meetings

Adopt school policies:
 *Uniforms (if any)
 *Code of Conduct
 *Grievance (employee and student)
 *Conflict of interest
 *Salary schedule
 *Faculty bonus plan
 *Academic calendar (185 or 1,025)
 *Identify required policies
 *Establish policies
 *Management agreement (if any)
 *Start up budget
 *Bids for furniture
 *Bids for playground
 *Bids for computers
 *Enrollment meeting schedule
 *Costs for marketing
 *Annual Board meeting schedule

                                         EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM
                                        ASSIGNED TO    COMMENTS   DATE COMPLETED
Finalize curriculum adoption
Determine assessment mechanism
Student orientation date & method
Parent curriculum night
Administer baseline assessments
Pre/After-school program adoption
  *Curriculum materials
  *Classroom/Office equipment
  *Playground equipment
  *Tutorial program
Develop and implement procedures for:
  *Student transportation

 *Student meals and Food services

                                                ADMISSION CRITERIA
                                             ASSIGNED TO      COMMENTS   DATE COMPLETED
Hold informational meetings
Approve marketing materials
Adopt enrollment form

Implement marketing and public relations
strategies to a wide range of demographics
Adopt parent/student handbook
Develop Lottery Application Form
Create student enrollment form
Hold enrollment meetings
Establish Open Enrollment period dates
Hold lottery
Send admission letters
Establish wait list
Develop plan for the maintaining student
records on campus
Confirm acceptances

Request student records
Receive student records
Develop plan for checking immunizations of
all students
Develop course map for incoming students
Develop procedures for enrolling students in
courses (add/drop)
Enroll students in courses (10/20 rule)

                                                     STAFFING NEEDS
                                                ASSIGNED TO      COMMENTS    DATE COMPLETED
Hire receptionist
Recruit lead administer
Schedule training for POWERSCHOOL
Advertise teachers' positions
Identify lead teachers/subject area heads
Start interviewing teachers
Extend offers to teachers:
  *Criminal background checks (all staff)
  *Board approves in public meetings
Develop Teacher training sessions prior to
start of school
Copy of Employee Handbook
Determine the evaluation format for staff
Develop a Beginning Teacher Support Plan
that meets NC policies
Develop a licensure renewal plan that meets
all NC criteria
Dates of staff evaluations
Ensure compliance with statutory licensure
and qualification requirements

                                         FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT EXPECTATIONS
                                              ASSIGNED TO     COMMENTS       DATE COMPLETED
Identify check signers (2-3) These
individuals must have criminal background
checks and fingerprints on file at OCS.
Verification of participation in the NC state
health plan and/or retirement system

Identify and hire auditor
Establish payroll
Forms (purchase orders, expense forms,
Open account
Copy of school operating budget
Produce financial reports/copy according to
the state's allotment manual
Petty cash fund for principal
Establish credit for supplies
Copy machine lease
Establish policies for large expenditures
Installation of computerized budgeting
Budget approved and sent to DPI (July 2013)
Alexis Schauss
Training on State programs

                                               SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES
                                                ASSIGNED TO     COMMENTS    DATE COMPLETED
Obtain Policies and Procedures governing
Exceptional Children
Establish policies to align with Child Find
Develop a plan for identifying students in
your school with disabilities. Form a “team”
and procedures/data collection for student
Designate and train an EC team. (highly
qualified teachers/assistants) Training will
include CECAS, EC Statewide forms and
policies/procedures.* WEBSITE :

Received student records (IEP) and develop
a plan for comparagble services on day 1

Develop a plan to serve all student as a
charter school must offer the full
continuum of educational placements
Formulate procedures for
requesting/receiving/maintaining student
Define services and requirements for all
special ed students
Hire/contract related services providers
(speech, OT/PT, school psychologist)
Receive training on CECASS/Set up
accounts for EC HeadCount. * Training and
webinars are continually offered on the
Atttend trainings for additional Federal
funding for students with disabilities
Seek EC Conferences/professional
development ongoing(Fall 12)
Research Additional funding/grants: Special
State Reserve and Risk Pool
EC funding (local/state/federal) and PRC.
Build/maintain budget
** Identify and contact your regional
 CIPP Reports Due annually. Familiarize
staff with all Indicators and
requirements/data submissions, etc.

                                                    FOOD SERVICES
                                               ASSIGNED TO     COMMENTS     DATE COMPLETED
Develop prcedures for lunch, where students
will eat, plan to ensure all students have a
daily meal
Identify students for free/reduced lunch
Select vendor

                                             HEALTH & SAFETY REQUIREMENTS
                                               ASSIGNED TO      COMMENTS    DATE COMPLETED
Adopt health/safety handbook
Plan for compliance with the state's charter
school law on health programs and
information to parents
Send medical forms to parents
Check for completeness
Identify medical resources
Health and fire inspections
Staff first aid training
Fire drill policy/schedule/route
Traffic management (drop off/pick up)
Building insurance
Liability insurance
Workers compensation insurance
Health insurance

The highlighted items need to be available
upon request.                                                               Draft 9/26/12


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