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You can easily enhance your HGH levels by barely even having to
alter your diet. As mentioned before, while you’re in deep sleep is
when the highest amounts of HGH are released but what you need to
pay attention to is what you’re eating just before you go to bed.
The last meal of your day should contain lots of protein and minimal
fat and sugar. The fat and sugar are macronutrients and hinder the
ability for the HGH to release properly. Protein provokes the release
of HGH and helps provide your body with the right amino acids in
order to build new bone tissue and muscle.
Casein proteins are the best choice for those late night meals just
before bed. You can find casein proteins in foods such as cottage
cheese and has more protein than milk. There are also casein protein
powders so those who do not like the foods such as cottage cheese
can still get their casein proteins using the powder.
Insulin release can hinder HGH release and certain foods will actually
release insulin, like carbohydrates. Unfortunately, obesity can
decrease HGH release. If you are a bit overweight you can solve this
problem by changing your diet so you can target a more healthy

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