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					Buy Google AdSense Account: Ads by Google

I was just amazed when I read "Buy Google AdSense account" ad
 by Google on my own blog because personally I was thinking that buying
 AdSense account is not a legitimate thing in terms of Google policies.
 Such ads attract our eyes because Google AdWords and AdSense is
the most trusted advertising network out there on internet.
 If buying AdSense account is not legitimate and not recommended by
 Google policies it self then why Google AdWord ad approval team is
 such misguiding ads on their network?

Any way, I don't know the Google's answer but I am damn sure that buying
such account is not good thing and let me explain why?
To understand the value of participation in AdSense program we must
understand what Google actually wants from us as AdSense publisher.
Google is running world's largest online advertising network known as
AdWords and to run it successfully Google is also offering chance
 and webmasters to publish the ads from their network on revenue sharing
 which is known as Google AdSense program. Hence the quality of both
and AdSense network is must consider thing for Google.
Google people are very strict to approve AdSense application because
they don't want that their advertiser loss money due to publication on
wrong website or blog or due to fraud clicks which will never result in
lead for the advertiser.
How they are selling Google AdSense accounts?

I am not sure but I think either they have large list
of account from the countries where Google AdSense allows
to change the payee name (it's not allowed for Indian accounts)
 or they are just fraud and will never respond you after you made payment
to them.
 Let me know if you tried it and got working account with full

What are the risks involved in buy google plus AdSense account?

It's common sense. If you AdSense application is rejected,
 it means you are not eligible to participate in AdSense program
 because of your are meeting the AdSense publisher quality standard
and if you buy account and run ads on rejected blog or website,
you might get start earning but Google will definitely find out you
before your
 first AdSense check is issued.

So in my opinion, even if you buy Google AdSense account,
 I am sure that it will be soon disabled by Google AdSense
once it has been gone through detailed review before the first payment
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