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					                         Queen Charlotte
C     harlotte is named for Queen Charlotte
Sophia, wife of King George III, ruler of Great
                                                       ing at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport. It
                                                       is the work of Raymond Kaskey, who also cre-
Britain from 1760 to 1820. Mecklenburg County,         ated the four statues at Independence Square in
in which the City of Charlotte is located, is named    uptown Charlotte. Another statue, by sculptor
for Mecklenburg-Strelitz, a duchy in northeastern      Graham Weathers, is located in front of the In-
Germany where Charlotte was born in 1744.              ternational Trade Center at College and Fifth
                                                                               Streets. An oil portrait of
The princess was 17 years                                                      Queen Charlotte in her
old when she married the                                                       coronation gown, by the
king in 1761. George, who                                                      18th century artist Allan
had only been king for a                                                       Ramsay, flanked by a
year, was 24.                                                                  matching portrait of
                                                                               King George, is dis-
The king and queen had 15                                                      played at Charlotte’s
children–six daughters                                                         Mint Museum of Art. A
and nine sons. Two of her                                                      representation of Queen
sons, George IV and                                                            Charlotte’s coronation
William IV, later governed                                                     crown is used as a city
as kings of England.                                                           emblem and appears on
Queen Victoria, who ruled                                                      the city flag.
England longer than any
other monarch, was Queen                                                            Why was the city named
Charlotte’s granddaughter.                                                          for Queen Charlotte?
Queen Charlotte is the                                                              Although North Carolina
great-great-great-great                                                             was a royal colony, most
grandmother of Queen                                                                of Charlotte’s early
Elizabeth II, Britain’s                                                             inhabitants were of
current monarch.                 QUEEN CHARLOTTE, c. 1762, from a portrait by Allan Scotch-Irish or German
                                 Ramsay, courtesy of the Mint Museum of Art.        descent. Many believe
Queen Charlotte was                                                                 the name was chosen to
described as a small woman, “easy, genteel, and gain favor with the king. Or perhaps the early
agreeable.” She played the harpsichord and loved settlers were simply enchanted with the young
gardening. According to one legend, it was Queen German princess, whose regal wedding occurred
Charlotte who introduced the Christmas tree to only a year before Mecklenburg County was
England, bringing the custom from her native created.
Germany. She had several pet dogs. One of her
favorites was named “Presto.”                                 Queen Charlotte died in 1818 at the age of 74.
                                                              But her memory lives on in the city that bears
A statue of Queen Charlotte, holding her crown her name. Because of her, the City of Charlotte
aloft, greets visitors in front of the terminal build- today is known as “The Queen City.”

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