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					                         Private Managed Accommodation Framework Tender

                             Questions or queries and answers or comment

     Following receipt of a number of questions by various enquirers regarding the Pre Qualification
          Questionnaire, we have collated these together and provided answers to each below.

    Q No.       PQQ section                    Question or query                 Answer or comment
1           General                   How should PQQ be submitted              Four PQQ (4) hard
                                                                               (paper) copies with at
                                                                               least one set of
                                                                               supporting documents
                                                                               sent by post.
2           General                   Can PQQ be submitted electronically      A copy may be sent
                                                                               electronically, but also
                                                                               see answer to Q No.1
3           Under Section C –         Could you kindly detail how we           This document is
            Evaluation Document       could go about seeing this.              apparently under
            (Economic and                                                      revision.
            Financial Standing),
            you have attached a                                                Standard analysis by
            Financial Assessment                                               Brent Council Finance
            Guideline document                                                 Department will be
            which cannot be                                                    conducted.
            opened as it seems                                                 This will include
            the link is broken.
                                                                               analysis of last 3 year
                                                                               of accounts, checks via
                                                                               Finance Reports from
                                                                               external financial
                                                                               analysis providers may
                                                                               also be used. Checks
                                                                               will include
                                                                               profitability and
                                                                               liquidity ratios, this is
                                                                               to ensure
                                                                               organisations awarded
                                                                               contracts or included
                                                                               on the framework are
                                                                               financially viable.
4           General – H&S             If CHAS accredited do we have to         If already accredited by
            (section 6a & 6b)         complete CHAS questionnaire, or can      CHAS, a copy of your
                                      we submit a copy of our certificate      up to date certificate
                                                                               will be acceptable
5           Section D3 Please         Does this refer to 2010 training plan    This refers to your
            enclose copy of                                                    latest available training
            training plan for                                                  plan for 2010-
            current year                                                       2011period
6           D4: Please enclose        Does this refer to the training plan     This would refer to the
            a copy of your            for 2010?                                training plan for 2009 -
            training plan for last                                             2010 period which
            year showing the                                                   would include type opf
            training which took
    place and the                                                  training that took place
    number of staff                                                and number of staff
    attending on each                                              attending on each
    occasion.                                                      occasion.
7   Under section D11C,   Please could you clarify what is         An audit plan is a
    it states 'Please     actually required for this question      document which
    enclose a copy of     as audits are generally carried out      details which area is to
    your current audit    for every area?                          be audited, and how
    plan'                                                          often.
8   Under section D11B,   Could you kindly clarify what it is      A Quality Manual or
    it states 'Please     you exactly require for this             procedures manual (or
    enclose example       questions. Am I right in assuming        Quality Assurance
    extracts from your    that the example extracts are            Policy) will have a
    procedures manual     particular segments that form part       contents list, their will
    or quality manual     of our quality assurance policy? If      usually be an
    and a copy of both    this is correct, what form of extracts   introductory page .
    the contents list'.   do you require?
                                                                   This will include a
                                                                   mission statement and
                                                                   possibly an
                                                                   introduction to your
                                                                   organisation and the
                                                                   scope of your business

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