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					      Grade 2 Homework for the Week of: Nov.19 – Nov.25
   Vocabulaire     The words this week are words that we use in our journal entries.

                   vendredi         samedi         dimanche          et       est         pendant
                   j’ai joué        j’ai mangé     j’ai regardé      je suis allé (e)

                      1. Lis les mots et écris chaque mot trois (3) fois dans ton cahier.
                      2. Explique la différence entre « et » et « est.” Écris ta réponse ici :

      Math         We will be starting our patterning unit soon. Draw 3 different patterns in your
                   homework book. You can make patterns based on shape, colour, design, size, etc.
                   Try to make your patterns interesting!

                   Show someone at home your Math Duotang.
                   I showed my Math Duotang to ______________________.
                   *Be sure to return your Math Duotang to school Monday morning.
     English       Please practise reading the new poem in your homework folder/duo-tang and
                   complete the activities listed below the November poem.

  Social Studies   The next two celebrations that we will be studying in class are Chanukah and
                   Christmas. If you celebrate either of these celebrations, think of 2 traditions
                   that your family has and write them in your homework book. (e.g., Je décore mon
                   arbre de Noël.) If you don’t celebrate Chanukah or Christmas, think of a question
                   that you have about one of these celebrations and write it in your homework book.
                   (e.g., Qui célébre Chanukah?)
 Reading/Lecture   1. Put a check mark in a box for every day this week that you read for 10 minutes
                   or more.

                                   □        □         □         □        □         □
                   2. Read a picture book or a chapter in a chapter book. Retell it to someone at
                   home. Include the beginning, middle and end. Be sure to tell lots of details.
                   Complete these sentences:

                   I read _____________________________________________.

                   I told the beginning, middle and end to _____________________.

   Other Items     Progress Reports were sent home yesterday. An interview date and time were
                   also given and should have been found inside the progress report envelope. I look
                   forward to meeting all of you next week. Please keep in mind that all interviews
                   are 15 minutes in length and will be held in room 202. Thanks so much!
                   Also, please note that there will be no homework next week. Enjoy next week’s
                   PD Day and long weekend!

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