Greenhouse Gas Management Internship Program

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					Greenhouse Gas Management Internship Program
Exceptional Career Opportunity in GHG and Climate Change

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute is seeking interns to work on a
variety of projects related to building the Institute’s organizational infrastructure
and instructional offerings. The Institute has developed extensive technical
expertise and internationally recognized training programs on greenhouse gas
emissions accounting and management

Position summary

Sequence Staffing is currently recruiting for an exceptional high profile
Internship Opportunity with the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHG

We are looking for a highly motivated person to primarily help in the
development of this year’s Greenhouse Gas / Climate Change Needs Assessment
Survey, but this person might also be called on to contribute to the Greenhouse
Gas Management Institute’s Policy Development and Programs for GHG
Accounting and Compliance initiatives.

Last year’s Survey, the first of its kind to poll the international community of
world experts, was created to uncover some of the unique challenges facing the
growing and diverse industry and, specifically, to obtain data regarding industry
perceptions, growth projections, workforce needs, policy responses, favored /
disfavored protocols, human capital needs and training practices, as well as other
key developments related to this emerging and important global profession.

The results of the survey for the first time confirmed the worldwide workforce
and skills shortages that have been suspected by many of those already working
in greenhouse gas and climate change fields, but went far beyond in assessing the
labor shortage, detailing the breath and depth of the skills deficiency, the
anticipated growth of the industry, and the development of the industry itself as a
professionalized occupation. The picture that emerged was both complex and
compelling; exposing trends and key needs while alerting the industry and
leaders to potential challenges facing the industry and serving as an outline for
predicting the future of this dynamic and emerging field. Go to to view an online Interactive
Internet Document of the survey or download the PDF.

This year’s survey now seeks to build on the existing effort of the previous and
delve yet deeper into many of the more intangible issues that are playing into the
ever emerging and growing Greenhouse Gas and Climate change industry.
The Intern Sequence is recruiting for this post will be the primary support of the
Greenhouse Gas Management Institute team and associated partner groups in
the development and implementation of this year’s survey. Additionally, they
may contribute to the other guidelines, industry surveys and additional efforts
that may include assisting with other projects related to corporate greenhouse gas
accounting. The key focus initially though will be on the structure and
development of this year’s survey.

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute is one of the most widely recognized
educational and professional organizations in the industry, founded with the
mission of building ethical and competent professional capacity in GHG
accounting, auditing, and management. The Greenhouse Gas Management
Institute has partnered with a number of leading global climate organizations
and institutions to develop and deploy its GHG training and is actively engaged in
building effective programs for tackling climate change.


      Preferably an equivalent of 1 years of work experience related to climate
       change, environmental, energy, and/or life cycle assessment
      Understanding, coursework, experience, and abilities with surveys, polling
       or other related tasks
      Preferably a Bachelors degree in a relevant field
      Strong interest in GHG accounting, life cycle assessment, and/or corporate
       supply chains
      Excellent research, writing, organization, and communications skills
      Attention to detail and high level of organization
      Interest in and knowledge of climate change and energy issues
      Proficient with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
      Ability to self-motivate, stay organized, and work both independently and
       as part of a team


While many Internship positions are often unpaid, the GHG Management
Institute is offering a unique opportunity. They will provide coursework and
training within their entire syllabus in a proportional arrangement for work
performed under the Internship program. This is the same curriculum that major
industry players in private and government sectors, and key Environmental, Air
and Engineering membership associations are currently using for Greenhouse
Gas Auditing, Accounting and Management practices.

Obtaining training and certifications should give the Intern a strong competitive
advantage in the workforce for employment upon graduation.

The GHG Management Institute is a virtual organization. They strive to minimize
their emissions from travel by telecommuting and doing as much of our work
online as possible.

Interns may work from any location they choose, assuming that they have reliable
internet and telephone (including VOIP) access.

For this opportunity applicants in the San Francisco Bay Area are preferred, but
the Institute does operate internationally and Sequence will consider strong
applications from all locales.


Applications for serious consideration should be directed to Mike DeSafey or
applied to directly at Sequence Staffing

Sequence Staffing
Attn: Mike DeSafey
2008 Opportunity Dr #150
Roseville, CA 95678
Phone: 916-782-6900
Fax: 916-782-6307

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