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					 Curriculum Objectives
 Science Level 2 Living World                                                  Alphabet Key
 Participating and contributing                             Use the alphabet key to brainstorm ideas about ‘plant
 Explore and act on issues and questions that link their    growth’
 science learning to their daily living.
 Life processes: Recognise that all living things have                       Brainstorming Key
 certain requirements so they can stay alive.               Statement: ‘Many things contribute to healthy
 Key Competency Focus                                       plants’. Brainstorm ideas about this statement.
 Participating and Contributing: Being actively involved.   Organise your brainstorm into category list.

    Facts and information about growing plants
        Seeds and germination                                                   Questioning
        Parts of a plant and what each part does           Use the seven servants to write seven questions
        Types of plants (annual, perennial, biennial)      about growing plants. Each question must contain a
        Conditions plants need to grow (experiments in     relevant key word.
         the classroom – see sheet)
        What is an organic garden?                                             Question Key
        Chlorophyll                                        Write a question for each of these answers
        Photosynthesis                                     ‘photosynthesis’, ‘carbon cycle’, ‘global warming’
        Global warming; carbon cycle; clearing jungles;
                                                                               Plant Categories
                      Draw and label                        Name 5 plant categories. List as many plants as you
 Draw and label a diagram of a flowering plant. Write a     can in each category
 paragraph about the function of each part below your       Write about some ways the plants in this category
 diagram.                                                   could be used.

                                                                                       2 Page Research
          Disadvantages Key                                                   Why does the world need trees?
 List all the disadvantages of having an                                     Use a double opening in your
 edible garden at school. List ways we                                       integrated study book. Present a
 could correct or eliminating these.                                         study on: the carbon cycle, or
                                                                             clearing of jungle and the impact on
                                                                             wildlife or global warming.
            Plant Lifecycle                                                  Use 5 text boxes and 4 graphics.
Use the activity sheet to show the life                                      Include a bibliography. Include a title.
cycle of a plant. Include the following:                                     Write a question as a title for each
seed dispersal, pollination, germination,                                    textbox.
growth, flowering, seeding.
                                                                             Procedural Writing
              Venn Diagram                                          Showing the process involved in …
 Compare and contrast 2 different plants.                           Flow charts
                                                                    Life cycles
                                                                    Step by step instructions
                                                                    A day/month/year in the life of …
                                                                    Comic strip technique
                    The What If Key                                Captioning of graphics showing progression
 What if all the rainforests disappeared?                           Writing about animation
 Explain what would happen and why.
 Draw illustrations to support your writing.
                                                                                   PMI Chart
                                                                    Having a vegetable garden at home
                      A Digital Story                          Plus        Minus                Ideas
 Use information gained from a research into ‘plant
 growth’ or ‘The importance of trees’ to create a digital                       PMI Chart
 story. Use Photo Story 3 or Comic Life                             Buying produce at the supermarket
  Use a paper storyboard to sequence your ideas               Plus        Minus               Ideas
  Use photos, text and/or voice narration
  Share your story with the class
                                                                             Poster or Brochure
                    Plant Experiments                       Design a persuasive poster promoting planting trees.
 Use the ‘Plant Experiment’ sheets and complete an          Working with a partner, write a list of criteria your work
 experiment. Record your equipment, actions and the         needs to contain first.
 outcomes with the camera (as they happen.) Write notes     Use original illustrations, write a catchy slogan and the
 to accompany your photos. These will be used in your       correct ‘how to’ information.
 digital story (see above.)                                 Assess against your criteria at the end.

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