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					                    SPHE Plan – Fifth Class                                           Resources

                                                                                      Walk Tall
                                                                                      This is my life 31
Strand 1 – Myself                                                                     Me 39
                                                                                      Say who 69
Unit 1 – Self Identity                                                                Someone I admire 80
   a) Self Awareness                                                                  RSE
                                                                                      The person I am 25
v Recognise and appreciate that each person is a unique individual and that
                                                                                      My family 49
this individuality is expressed in many different ways
                                                                                      Keeping safe 61
v Reflect on his/her experiences and the reasons for taking different courses of      Feelings and emotions 69
action                                                                                My body grows and changes 81
v Identify realistic personal goals and targets and the strategies required to        Caring for new life 103
reach these
                                                                                      Other Resources
v Accept his/her own body image and explore some of the factors that affect
his/her self-image and beliefs about himself/herself                                  Big Ball Rounders (Lesson 9, Action for Life).

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                      Walk Tall
                                                                                      Interview 41
    b) Developing Self Confidence                                                     You can’t win all the time 44
v Develop further the ability to express personal opinions, thoughts and ideas        I can choose 101
and listen to, respect, think about and comment critically and constructively
on the views of others
                                                                                      The person I am 25
v Enhance skills to improve learning
                                                                                      My family 49
v Take increasing personal responsibility for himself/herself                         Keeping safe 61
v Become more independent and autonomous                                              Feelings and emotions 69
                                                                                      Other Resources
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Self-Esteem (Look After Yourself, NWHB

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Unit 2 – Taking Care of my Body
    a) Health & Well Being                                                                Walk Tall                                    RSE
v Recognise and examine behaviour that is conducive to health and that which              What happens when I feel 61                  My family 49
is harmful to health                                                                      Says who 69                                  Keeping safe 61
v Recognise causes of personal worry and identify appropriate coping strategies           Someone I admire 80                          Feelings and emotions 69
v Distinguish between legal and illegal substances, identifying those that are
                                                                                          Types of decisions 93                        Caring for new life 103
most commonly used, and examine and understand the effects they can have
                                                                                          Risky situations 104                         Making healthy decisions 113
v Explore some of the reasons why people smoke, drink alcohol, misuse any
kind of substances or take drugs that have no medical use
                                                                                          Alcohol: how we see it 111
v Explore the role of personal choice, risk factors and the influence of others           Alcohol information 116
when choosing to use non-prescribed substances                                            Alcoholism and the family 121
v Explore and examine attitudes towards the misuse of substances and towards those
who misuse substances of any kind                                                         Other Resources
v Identify and discuss the roles of various people who are concerned with the             Soccer Mania (Lesson 1, Action for Life).
health of others
v Realise that there is a personal and communal responsibility for the health and well-   Healthy Body Circuit (Lesson 4, Action for Life).
being of himself/herself and others                                                       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------       RSE
     b) Knowing About My Body                                                             My body grows and changes 81
v Recognise the importance of treating his/her body and that of others with               The wonder of new life 93
dignity and respect                                                                       Caring for new life 103
v Identify and discuss the physical and other changes that occur in boys and              Making healthy decisions 113
girls with onset of puberty and understand that these take place at different             Other Resources
rates for everyone
v Understand the reproductive system of both male and female adults
                                                                                          Personal and Social Development (Unit 4, Theme B, Bí Folláin
v Realise how increased activity or involvement in physical activities can require
increased attention to body care
v Recognise some physical disabilities and how they can affect people’s lives
v Become aware of some communicable diseases and explore how diseases and
infections are spread
v Identify and be aware of the different ways in which the body may be
protected against disease and infection
     c) Food and Nutrition
v Appreciate the importance of good nutrition for growing and developing and              RSE
staying healthy                                                                           Caring for new life 103
v Realise and accept some personal responsibility for making wise food choices and        Making healthy decisions 113
adopting a healthy, balanced diet                                                         Other Resources
v Recognise some of the important nutrients that are necessary in a balanced              Nutrition (Unit 1, Bí Folláin).
diet and the food products in which they are found
v Explore the factors that influence food choices
                                                                                          Happy Heart Hustle (Lesson 6, Action for Life).
v Explore and examine some of the illnesses particularly associated with food
intake or special health conditions
v Become aware of the importance of hygiene and care in the preparation and
use of food
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Unit 3 – Growing and Changing                                                         Resources
    a) As I grow I change                                                             Walk Tall
v Identify and discuss the changes that are experienced in growing from child         This is my life 31
to adult                                                                              I’m celebrating all
v Explore patterns of development and growth, comparing present                       I’ve learned 129
development with that at earlier stages: physical, social, emotional, intellectual    RSE
and spiritual                                                                         My family 49
v Appreciate the need for individual space and privacy as he/she is growing           Keeping safe 61
and developing                                                                        My body grows and changes 81
                                                                                      Making healthy decisions 113
                                                                                      Other Resources
                                                                                      Growth & Development (Look After Yourself NWHB).
                                                                                      Personal and Social Development (Unit 4, Theme F, Bí Folláin).
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
     b) Birth & New Life                                                              RSE
v Understand sexual intercourse, conception and birth within the context of a         The wonder of new life 93
committed, loving relationship                                                        Caring for new life 103
v Discuss and explore the responsibilities involved in being a parent and the
emotional and physical maturity required to be a parent

    c) Feelings and Emotions                                                          Walk Tall
v Acquire the ability and confidence to identify, discuss and explore a range of      You can’t win all the time 44
feelings, especially those that are difficult to express                              How are you feeling? 55
v Discuss and practise how to express and cope with various feelings in an            Painting feelings 59
appropriate manner                                                                    What happens when I feel? 61
v Understand how feelings help in understanding himself/herself                       RSE
v Differentiate between needs and wants and recognise and explore the                 My family 49
concept of delayed gratification                                                      Feelings and emotions 69
v Discuss the different types of love that exist and explore how love is              My body grows and changes 81
portrayed and defined in music, films, books, magazines and other media               The wonder of new life 93
v Identify and learn about healthy ways to help him/her feel positive about           Making healthy decisions 113
himself/herself.                                                                      -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Unit 4 – Safety and Protection
    a) Personal Safety                                                                Resources
v Explore rules and regulations at home, in school and in society and the             Stay Safe                                    RSE
importance of adhering to them                                                        Feeling safe and unsafe 6                    My family 49
v Identify situations and places that may threaten personal safety
                                                                                      Bullying 9                                   Keeping safe 61
v Discuss a variety of risky situations and behaviour and assess and evaluate how
                                                                                      Touches 15
these risks may be avoided or minimised and the implications of taking risks
v Realise that as independence increases, responsibility for personal safety
                                                                                      Secrets and telling 19
increases, and that a strategy for keeping safe has to be developed and               Strangers 22
adhered to by each individual                                                         Walk Tall
v Discuss and appreciate the role each individual has in keeping others safe and      Types of decisions 93
identify occasions when his/her actions can threaten the safety of others             Ways of deciding 98
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I can choose 101
     b) Safety issues                                                                 Risky situations 104
v Recognise places where it is safer to play and how to behave in a                   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
responsible manner when playing                                                       Walk Tall
v Know how to keep safe when travelling and to understand how individuals             Alcohol how we see it 111
can keep others safe                                                                  Alcohol information 116
v Develop an awareness of health and safety in the school, home and                   Risky situations 104
workplace                                                                             RSE
v Develop responsible attitudes towards the prevention of accidents and know          Keeping safe 61
what to do in the event of an accident                                                Making healthy decisions 113
v Identify the substances in the home and school or on the farm that may be           Other Resources
dangerous if not used properly and ensure that he/she has learned a safety            Safety (Unit 3, Bí Folláin).
strategy for dealing with unknown and dangerous substances                            Road Safety (Be Safe Lessons 1, 2, 3, National Safety Council).
v Explore and examine the use of medicines
                                                                                      Fire Safety (Be Safe Lessons 1, 2, National Safety Council).
v Identify and explore some potential risks to health and safety in the
environment                                                                           Water Safety (Be Safe Lessons 1, 2, National Safety Council).
Unit 5 – Making Decisions                                                             -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
v Acquire a growing sense of the importance of making informed decisions at
many levels and identify some of the decisions he/she has to make                     Walk Tall
v Explore and learn to examine critically the factors and levels of thought that      Says who? 69
influence decisions and choice                                                        Someone I admire 80
v Recognise that decisions have consequences and that not all people will             Advertising 84
make the same decisions all the time                                                  Types of decisions 93
v Recognise the important and legitimate role that adults have to play in             Ways of deciding 98
making decisions and setting boundaries for young people                              I can choose 101
v Recognise that opportunities to exercise choice can increase as                     RSE
responsibilities are accepted and as the trust of others is earned                    My family 49
v Discuss and practise a simple decision-making strategy                              Keeping safe 61
v Distinguish between assumption, inference, fact, rumour and opinion in              Feelings and emotions 69
making a decision                                                                     Making healthy decisions 113
v Identify sources of help in solving problems
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Strand 2 – Myself and Others
                                                                                         Walk Tall
Unit 1 – Myself and my Family                                                            Alcoholism and the family 121
v Explore and discuss families and homes and how they can vary in many ways              RSE
v Explore what belonging to a family means                                               My family 49
v Discuss possible changes in family relationships and expectations as he/she            Keeping safe 61
grows and matures and how he/she can cope with them                                      The wonder of new life 93
v Discuss and identify behaviour that is important for harmony in family life
                                                                                         Caring for new life 113
v Critically examine the media portrayals of families and family life
v Examine some factors that can affect family life
v Compare and contrast the life-styles of families in different cultures, both in        Caitlín’s Mirror (What do you say?)
Ireland and abroad                                                                       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------      Walk Tall
Unit 2 – My Friends and Other People                                                     Says who? 69
v Explore the importance of friendship and interacting with others and realise           Part of the gang 75
that making and changing friends is part of the natural process of growing               Someone I admire 80
v Discuss and appreciate the different aspects of friendship and the difference          I can choose 101
between close friends and acquaintances                                                  RSE
v Explore the differences between boy-and-girl friendships and same-sex
                                                                                         Different kinds of friends 37
v Consider problems that can arise in friendships and other relationships and
                                                                                         My family 49
how these could be handled                                                               My body grows and changes 81
v Identify the different groups to which friends can belong and recognise what           Making healthy decisions 113
constitutes a healthy group                                                              Other Resources
v Explore how the opinions, views or expectations of others can influence how
people relate to each other, either positively or negatively
                                                                                         Getting on with others (Look After Yourself NWHB).
v Practise and recognise the importance of care and consideration, courtesy and good     Bat Ball (Lesson 7, Action for Life).
manners with others
v Recognise, discuss and understand bullying and its effects
v Explore and discuss how individuals can deal with being bullied, knowing that others
                                                                                         My Life is now (What do you say?)
are being bullied and being a bully                                                      -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------      RSE
Unit 3 – Relating to Others - Communicating                                              The person I am 25
v Explore and practise the many verbal and non-verbal ways in which people               My family 49
                                                                                         Feelings and emotions 69
communicate with each other
v Listen actively to others and respect what each person has to say                      Walk Tall
v Examine the various ways in which language can be used to isolate and                  Interview 41
discriminate against people                                                              Painting feelings 59
v Begin to appreciate the importance of maintaining a personal stance while              Says who? 69
                                                                                         Some one I admire 80
also respecting the beliefs, values and opinions of others
                                                                                         Advertising 84
v Examine the power of persuasion, how it can be used both positively and
                                                                                         I can choose 101
negatively, and suggest practical ways and develop practical suggestions for
dealing with pressures and influences
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Unit 4– Relating to Others – Resolving Conflict                                       Walk Tall
v Discuss how conflict can arise with different people and in different situations    I can choose 101
v Identify and discuss various responses to conflict situations                       RSE
v Explore and practise how to handle conflict without being aggressive.               My family 49
                                                                                      Feelings and emotions 69

Strand 3 – Myself and the Wider World
Unit 1 – Developing Citizenship
    a) Living in the Local Community                                                  Walk Tall
v Explore the concept of the class or school as a community                           Interview 41
v Practise ways of working together and of developing a sense of belonging            Part of the gang 75
v Explore local traditions and folklore and develop a sense of pride in his/her       RSE
local community                                                                       Making healthy decisions 113
v Recognise and understand the role of the individual and various groups in
the community
v Recognise and explore the positive contributions made to the local
community by various organisations, ethnic, social or community groups and
v Explore how inequality might exist in the local community and suggest ways
in which this might be addressed
v Identify some local issues of concern and explore possible action that could
be taken to address these issues                                                      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
     b) National, European & Wider Communities                                        Developed in detail in the SESE Science & Geography e.g. “Human
v Become aware of elements of his/her own cultural heritage and traditions
v Begin to explore the concept of democracy
v Recognise and acknowledge the various cultural, religious, ethnic or other
groups that exist in a community or society and explore ways in which these
differences can be respected                                                          Introducing the Ombudsman for Children (What do you say?)
v Become aware of some of the cultures, life-styles and languages of some
countries in the European Union and the wider world
v Explore how justice and peace can be promoted between people and
                                                                                      Kevin’s Choice (What do you say?)
groups, both nationally and internationally
v Realise and begin to understand the unequal distribution of the world’s

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    c) Environmental Care
v Appreciate the environment and develop a sense of individual and
community responsibility for caring for the environment and being custodians
                                                                                    Environmental Care (Unit 5, Bí Folláin).
of the Earth for future generations.

Unit 2 – Media Education
                                                                                    Walk Tall
v Explore and understand how information is conveyed and practise relaying          Says who? 69
messages using a variety of methods                                                 Advertising 84
v Explore the role of newspapers and other forms of print media in transmitting     RSE
messages, the techniques used and the types of information included                 Different kinds of friends 37
v Recognise unequal treatment of sexual roles and other issues in literature,       My family 49
advertising, drama, magazines and other media                                       Feelings and emotions 69
v Identify the audiences at which different aspects of the media are aimed          Making healthy decisions 113
v Become aware of the different forms of advertising, its purpose and the           Other Resources
messages it promotes
                                                                                    Media Education (Unit 6, Bí Folláin
v Become increasingly critical and discerning in his/her own attitude to
advertising and the techniques used to promote products, life-styles and ideas
v Explore various recreation and leisure activities as an alternative to watching
v Explore and use some simple broadcasting, production and communication

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