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Nationstar Mortgage Bankruptcy Department Delivers Prompt Services


Nationstar Mortgage is a leading mortgage lender that offers multiple options to help people avoid the foreclosure process.

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									Nationstar Mortgage Bankruptcy Department
          Delivers Prompt Services
       Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, Nationstar
Mortgage is one of the prominent mortgage servicers and
lenders that offer a wide range of loan products at
competitive rates and exceptional customer service. Founded
in 1997, the company has built a large clientele and provides
its clients with reliable services. Nationstar offers mortgages
directly to customers through its call center and Wholesale
Lending and Distributed Retail Channels.
     The professionals at Nationstar focus on providing
complete assistance to clients and closely work with them to
find solutions to meet their needs. The company delivers a
complete range of mortgage options for purchase, refinance
and specialty products, including military and jumbo loans.
Nationstar Mortgage provides customers with tools to help
them in the home buying process through its loan calculators
including: the loan amount calculator, debt consolidation
calculator, mortgage payment calculator, and tax savings
calculator. In addition to this, Nationstar’s home purchase
calculator helps with estimating the affordability of a new
      Nationstar Mortgage is a BBB Accredited business and
provides borrowers with 24 hour online access to their mortgage
account and sends monthly statements to their borrowers. With
their bankruptcy customers, Nationstar’s Default Management
Department takes special care to handle mortgage information and
payment arrangements. In order to ensure convenience for their
homeowners, Nationstar’s detailed monthly billing statement
provides customers with an overview of their mortgage account
providing a breakdown of their balances and payments, important
messages, and a billing coupon to accompany the payment.
Nationstar Mortgage’s bankruptcy department ensures to respond
to customers’ concerns or questions in a quick and timely manner
and offers dependable personal services for these accounts.
    Apart from being a reputable mortgage servicer and
lender, Nationstar Mortgage is involved in contributing to
several local and national charities and organizations
including Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County.
The company is also associated with the United Way-Dallas,
Carter BloodCare, and United Service Organizations.
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