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									                                   Cosumnes River College
                          Matriculation Committee Meeting Minutes
                                       January 26, 2011

 Faculty:                                                Administration
 Lisa Abraham                    PR                      Liz Belyea
 Allah-mi Allen                  PR                      Michael Marion                   PR
 Carol Bernardo                                          Robert Montanez
 Elizabeth Biggert                                       Christine Thomas                 PR
 Greg Chapman                    PR
 Ryan Connally                                           Classified
 Kathy Degn                      PR                      Richard Andrews
 Lynn Fowler (Chair)             PR                      Brad Brazil
 Yolanda Garcia Gomez                                    Tiffany Clark
 James Giacomazzi                                        Chris Corona
 Shihni Giedd                    PR                      Eva Rhodes (Recorder)            PR
 Estella Hoskins                                         Genevieve Siwabessy              PR
 Lance Parks                     PR                      Peggy Ursin                      PR
 Celia Samaniego                                         Kristie West
 James Symes
                                                         Amber Jones                      PR

 I. Call to order and approval of minutes
    a. The meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m.
    b. The meeting minutes from the last two meetings were reviewed and approved.

 Old Business
  I. Review “Homework” (LAO report, “One-Shot Deal”)
     a. Members present related whether or not they had a chance to read attachments sent by the
        Chair earlier in the week.
 II. Goals for 2010-2011 – Update to Orientation Process
     a. Committee members were encouraged to discuss, outside of this once a month meeting, the
        current orientation process by reviewing what is in place now, what it is set up to do and how it
        can be changed or improved, in an effort to coalesce a vision of what the orientation process
        should be and how the task would be accomplished.
     b. Lance Parks offered that he would like to see an online or Distant Ed component and will share
        what he has been doing on the CIS side.
III. Report from District Matriculation – Lynn Fowler
     a. The discussion at the District Matriculation meeting dealt with retesting. There is no LRCCD
        policy in place now. Lynn sent an email to Stephanie Lewis from _______, who uses Compass,
        about their retesting process.
IV. Priority O Registration
CRC Matriculation Meeting Minutes – 1/26/11

      a. Allah-mi Allen was invited to attend this meeting to discuss the situation with athletes and
         priority registration. CRC is unable to field teams because student athletes are unable to get
         classes they need.
      b. Allah-mi related that other shared governance committees she has spoken with are all
         interested in exploring options for priority registration except the District Matriculation
         committee, which is requiring more information. There is no board regulation to dictate the
         process, which all agree would assist in rendering a decision. There is a need to have a better
         understanding of how other colleges handle this situation and, to that end, the chair stated that
         there is information available on student success rates from Delta and other colleges which
         show statistically better course and degree transfer rates for student athletes, while Allah-mi
         mentioned a statewide survey that was done to find other colleges in the state that give
         athletes priority registration.
      c. The question was posed—can some sort of concrete criteria be established to inform a change
         in district policy that can be taken back to the District Matriculation committee? Kathy Degn
         voiced strong concern that there might be problems with her counterparts at SCC and ARC and
         the impact a change in the registration policy might have on EOPS students if there were an
         influx of student athletes with 0 priority registration dates. Would a 0.25 priority registration
         category be useful? The consensus among CRC’s Matriculation committee members is that this
         new category would improve the situation, but there would need to be some lag time between
         0.25 and 0 registration for those particular groups of students impacted.
      d. A sub-committee consisting of Kathy Degn, Chris Thomas and Michael Marion will be formed to
         draft language and criteria to take back to the next District Matriculation meeting on February
         28, 2011, with an effort to show as much commonality as possible between athletes and other
         specialized student groups such as those in EOPS and veterans to make it easier to understand.

          New Business

 I.   Discuss Change to Meeting Time
      a. Eighteen committee members responded to the survey sent out by Lynn to change both the
          length and time of future CRC Matriculation Committee meetings. The consensus is that the
          current time works but discussion will continue on extending the meetings to 90 minutes,
          beginning next year.

II.   Next Matriculation Committee Meeting
      a. The next Matriculation Committee meeting will be held on February 23, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. in the
         SOC conference room.

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.


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