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									CarMax Inc. revenue is expected to increase at a CAGR of 7.5% for the
period FY’2012-FY’2015: Ken Research
Largest retailer of used vehicles in the US which operates 113 used car superstores in 56 markets
providing end to end service to the customers would show a phenomenal growth in the future

New Delhi: 19/11/2012- CarMax, Inc. incorporated in 1993 is one of the leading used vehicles
retailers in the US. The company also deals in on-site wholesale auctions and sells new vehicles
under franchise agreements. Its offering includes customer financing services through CarMax
Auto Finance, as well as through its third-party financing providers. CarMax offers broad range
of services in used vehicles market, such as direct and indirect sale of used vehicles, appraisal
and purchase of vehicles directly from consumers; the sale of extended service plans ("ESP") and
guaranteed asset protection ("GAP") and accessories.

According to the research report “CarMax Inc. “, The company’s total used vehicle revenues
increased by 9% in fiscal year 2012 as compared to USD 7.2 billion in the fiscal year 2011. The
average wholesale vehicle selling price rose 10%, due to the year-over-year increase in industry
wholesale prices. CAF interest and fee income increased USD 4.66 billion primarily due to the
growth in average managed receivable.

“The revenue of CarMax Inc. is expected to increase by a CAGR of 7.5% from FY’2012 to
FY’2015 because the company had announced that it will develop twelve new Auto superstores
till FY’2014”- According to the Research Analyst, Ken Research

The report titled “CarMax Inc.” provides a comprehensive analysis of company on the basis of
its three business segments: retailing, financial services and consumer services. The company
analysis is provided on the basis of company overview, the recent acquisitions and mergers, the
revenue generated from sale of services and company valuation. The report also provides
competitive analysis of the company with other companies (AutoNation, Penske Automotive,
Advance Auto Parts and Asbury Automotive group, Inc) in the used vehicle retail industry with
their respective valuations and trading multiples. The report also provides future projections for
the revenue, EBITDA, the net profit after tax and earnings per share. The report provides the
reader with a forecasted view of the company based on the future expected movements of some
of the exogenous factors affecting the company.

The report focuses on some of the recent major key developments of the company with a focus
towards new products and services offered by the company and major acquisitions with their
deal value, deal stake and transaction rationale.

The report shows the product offering of the company which includes sale of used and new
vehicles, wholesale of vehicles and reconditioning services. The report also shows the number of
superstores the company has across the US and the superstores which are planned to open in the
coming years.

The report also provides an annotated view of the stock performance of the company and expert
analyst recommendation on the same.

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