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									Bad Experience with Paasche Talon reviews/paasche- talon- problem/                                November 23, 2012

                                                             Do you remember a while back I’ve posted
                                                             Paasche Talon airbrush review here? If you’ve
                                                             read it you surely got the feeling that it is an
                                                             amazing airbrush.

                                                               I’ve also had mentioned it before couple of
                                                               times. It definitely doesn’t compare to any of
                                                             the Chinese knock offs, which I mentioned in my
                                                             last article.

                                                             Just a few days back I’ve received an email which
                                                             changed my opinion on this.

                                               I’m not saying that a good airbrush suddenly
                                               became a bad one, that’s not the case. If you
                                               carefully read my previous post about airbrush
prices you will see that not just me but even my bro who actually does more airbrushing than
me has switched from Iwata to that Talon I reviewed simply because it fits the purpose.

So, what has happened?

Here is the whole message from Bryan:


          As I promised, here is the bad-venture I had with the Paasche Talon.

          Bought it along with the Neo for Iwata from a reputable airbrush supplier.

          First things is that post offices had some issues and the package arrived one
          month later, instead of 15 days max as usual. That’s OK for now. I was really
          excited when I received all this so totally forgot about the time spent waiting for

          When it arrived home I opened the Neo box first and was really impressed with
          the brush itself. Nice finish, good balance and smooth trigger known from the
          Iwata product.

          Put some water in it and sprayed to see if everything was OK and no bubbles in
          the cup. All went fine and I was even so pleased that I tried it with some ink to see
          how it sprays. Fine lines were constant and trigger control very smooth. I had the
          Walmec airbrush before which was not so smooth in control.

          OK, I packed everything after a nice flush cleaning as it was only ink and with
          some cleaner, everything was shinning as new.

          Time for the best now. The Paasche Talon. I bought the TG set with the 3 nozzle
          and needle setup (.21, .33, .66 config). The .33 was already installed on it.

          First thing i noticed with the brush is that the name Paasche Talon engraved on it
          was not aligned as in the picture from the net. It was not even straight, almost like
the brush moved during engraving. The engraved part was higher in location and
from the numerous Talon photos I’ve seen, I have never seen one engraved in
that position.

OK, I told myself that this was perhaps just a minor issue and perhaps from the
photos on the web, optically wise the curves on the brush made the positioning

Put my finger on the trigger and I immediately noticed that it was not as smooth as
the Neo. I had to press a little harder on it and this without air pressure on the
other side. But paint control movement was OK. Turned the head of the brush
towards me and I could see that the nozzle was not aligned and had a weird
round formation. Not belled or bent but not normal either. From first sight I thought
it was normal for this brush.

I have a x20 magnifier and a closer look showed me that the nozzle was damaged
right out of the box. This really pissed me off and I was really mad that I did not
even swapped the other nozzle for tests.

I told myself that I waited too long for a faulty brush to come and I could not even
try it. So I decided to give it a try anyway and hooked the supplied hose to it.
Another surprise, the thread on the hose or the one on the air valve is somewhat
too new and will not screw completely leaving a big air leak. I had to use a rubber
fitter pliers to screw it completely and only then the leak stopped. I screw, unscrew
and screw again till the connection was acceptable and I was able to do it with my

Now upon trigger press for air, I could hear another air hiss somewhere in the
airbrush other than the head. I looked for it but could not find it. The thing is that I
can hear it like two air stream within the same brush and I can even stop it if I don’t
press completely on the trigger but this cannot be as we want to completely press
and control only paint.

As I expected the brush performed badly with some water in it and bubbles in the
cup, along with water coming out upon air action.

I was really angry about this as it was supposed to be the best between the two
and i found myself with the Neo being 100x better that the Talon. I love my Neo
for Iwata btw :)

I mailed the shop where I bought the nightmare and explained to them the
situation and sent the same mail to Paasche customer service. They replied the
next day and asked me to send it back for warranty. They would replace it for me
and send me a new package with no additional cost. I posted it the next day and
they received it 10 days later.

I accepted but the experience was so bad that I started to look into other brands
and perhaps same setup with different needles and nozzle. I started reading post
on other users with faulty Talons and I can say that there are numerous faulty
Talons out there.

This made me start looking into an alternative and I fell onto the Badger
Renegade series. I started first looking at the issues users are getting with them
and I could find none till now. I asked the shop to ask Paasche to send them the
package instead and that i will take the Badger Krome instead.

That’s it Sergej about my bad experience with Talon. I think this one slipped the
QC dept or has been just mishandled in factory, during package or engraving.
        Don’t know where but it will not land in my hands anymore. Never ever a
        Paasche again. I have been told by an experienced artist that they are neglecting
        the quality of their brush and rather focus on cost now. This is bad as for only 20-
        30USD less they lost a customer.

        I warned you this was gonna be a long story man but hey, you like long stories
        and I think I gave you a nice detailed situation, hahahah.

        Also I would like to thank you as I started a DIY silent compressor and I followed
        a part of the process from your blog (diy compressor). I do have a 24lt piston type
        compressor but that one I built out of curiosity and by the time the package I
        ordered arrived. It let me paint at night and it is very very silent.

        Regards, Bryan

Thank you Bryan,

Well guys as you can see not a pleasant experience. I would not want to experience the same,
especially when expecting a good quality product.

I would point out that Bryan has been happy with Paasche customer service. But mistake has
been made somewhere and I had to share this because stories like this can actually raise
awareness and trigger investigation. The Talon I’ve got for my review didn’t have any of the
issues described by Bryan above.

My thoughts are that every production line should have quality control at the end before they
put it into the box. I know for sure that Harder and St eenbeck and probably many others do
that in their factories all the time. Paasche probably doesn’t have anyone checking their Talons
for mistakes at the end of the line that’s why this cases occurs.

        Do you have a Talon? Or a Neo? What are your thoughts on it?

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