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									                                     More Money for Attorneys

We have warned you many times about using online legal document providers for your estate planning
needs. We are not the only ones who have sent up the warning flags about these services. Consumer
Reports has also done so. So have Law School Professors. It is just not a good idea to make an estate
plan from the forms that you get from those services. Yet, despite the numerous warnings, the online
legal document providers continue to get more popular.

On the one hand, the increasing popularity of online legal document providers makes estate planning
attorneys sad. We would rather people get good advice and get proper estate plans. On the other hand,
these online services are very good for attorneys' bottom lines. Very good. When issues come up in
Probate, because someone used an estate planning form that was purchased online, attorneys make
more money than they would have made had they crafted the estate plan. That is because fixing
problems after the fact is more time-consuming and costly than just doing it right in the first place.

Attorneys would love to take your money later, but you should do the smart thing and visit them now.

Experienced estate planning attorneys Portland OR of the Law Offices of Richard B. Schneider LLC offers
estate planning and business planning resources to residents of Portland OR. To learn more about these
free resources, please visit today.

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