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									What Happens if I am Referred to                    What Can Be Done About
the Sleep Lab?
You will be contacted by a staff member and
scheduled for an appointment. We will ask
                                                    My Sleep Disorder?
                                                    If a breathing problem is observed during your
                                                    sleep study, the technologist may awaken you
you several questions regarding your sleep          to try a device that treats breathing problems
problem when we call to schedule you. We try        during sleep. This device, called a positive
to schedule appointments according to your          airway pressure (PAP) device, includes a mask
normal sleep times. A sleep study can be            that fits around your nose or your nose and
performed any day of the week, and we               mouth. Your sleep technologist will explain and

usually can accommodate patients who work           answer questions about this treatment during
various shifts. We will send you some pre-test      your study.
questionnaires regarding your sleep schedules
and habits. We ask that you bring the               Other sleep disorders may require a change in
completed forms with you when you come in           daily habits or sleep habits. Some conditions
for your appointment. You will also be able to      may require the use of medications. Most sleep
bring your own bed clothes and pillow to            disorders can be treated or managed effectively
make your stay more comfortable.                    once they are accurately diagnosed.                               Information for Patients with
A study usually requires an overnight stay at                                                                         Sleep Related Disorders
the hospital, but it is considered an outpatient
                                                    Where is the Sleep Disorders Lab?
procedure. You will want to check with your         We are located on the fourth floor of Beloit
insurance provider regarding coverage               Memorial Hospital. If we can be of assistance,
information.                                        please call (608) 364-5481.

What Will Happen Once I Arrive
at the Sleep Lab?
Our trained sleep technologists will show you
the equipment that will be used and give you
a chance to ask questions. They will apply
sensors to your head, face, chest, abdomen
and legs to monitor your breathing, heart rate,
and brain wave activity while you sleep.

You will sleep in a comfortable private room
designed for a sleep study. The room has a
regular full size bed with TV. The technician         B E LO I T M E M O R I A L
will monitor your sleep from a nearby room.
                                                            H O S P I TA L
                                                   Affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
                                                     1969 West Hart Road, Beloit,Wisconsin 53511 • (608) 364-5011       B E LO I T M E M O R I A L
                                                                                                       2/04 PP/1M
                                                                                                                              H O S P I TA L
What is Beloit Memorial Hospital’s                What Kinds of Sleep Related                         What Should I Do if I Think I have
Sleep Disorders Lab?                              Disorders Does the Lab Evaluate?                    a Sleep Problem?
Many people take a good night’s sleep for         Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)                       If you think you have a sleep related disorder,
granted, but there are millions of people of             OSA occurs in all age groups and in both     consult your physician. You will need a referral
all ages who fail to get a good night’s sleep.           men and women. Bedpartners may have          from your physician to make an appointment
                                                         noticed long pauses in patient’s breathing   at the Sleep Lab.
The Sleep Disorders Lab assists physicians in            which may end with a sudden loud snore
the diagnosis and treatment of patients with             or choking gasp. Early recognition and
sleep-related disorders. There are over 80
different disorders of sleep that can lead to
                                                         treatment is important because of its        Use the Epworth Sleepiness Scale
                                                         association with irregular heartbeats,
difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep,            increased blood pressure, heart attacks
                                                                                                      below to Measure Your Sleepiness.
remaining awake, sleepwalking, nightmares                and stroke. In fact, about one-half of OSA
or problems that interfere with sleep.                                                                         0 = Would Never Doze
                                                         patients have high blood pressure.
                                                                                                               1 = Slight Chance of Dozing
The Sleep Lab staff is specially trained in the   Insomnia                                                     2 = Moderate Chance of Dozing
field of sleep-related disorders and has the            Some people have problems falling
experience to provide the highest quality of                                                                   3 = High Chance of Dozing
                                                        asleep or staying asleep during the
patient care. Registered Sleep Technologists,           night. They also feel their sleep has not
along with a Pulmonary Medicine physician,                                                            How likely are you to fall asleep in the
                                                        refreshed them. This condition may
are members of the staff.                                                                             following situations?
                                                        have many different causes, including
In order to understand your sleep, and any              psychological factors such as depression
                                                        or stress, environmental factors such as      _______ Sitting and reading
problems you are experiencing with it, we
need to look at various brain activities and            noise, or physiologic factors such as         _______ Watching TV
body systems and their relationship                     breathing disorders or pain.
                                                                                                      _______ Sitting, inactive in a public place like
throughout your sleep period. After your          Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)                                 a theater or a work meeting
sleep study, a sleep specialist will review and   Periodic Leg Movement Disorder (PLMD)               _______ As a passenger in a car for an hour
interpret the test to help you and your                   Some people have uncontrollable leg                 without a break
physician understand your specific sleep                  sensations that occur continually while
patterns. Treatment recommendations will be                                                           _______ Laying down to rest in the afternoon
                                                          the body is at rest. PLMD is a basic
made if evidence of a sleep disorder is found.                                                                when circumstances permit
                                                          cause of sleep deprivation for up to
                                                          four million adults.                        _______ Sitting and talking to someone
                                                                                                      _______ Sitting quietly after a lunch with
                                                         This disorder often begins in young
                                                         adulthood. People who have narcolepsy        _______ In a car, while stopped for a few
                                                         often complain of excessive daytime                  minutes in traffic
                                                         sleepiness. They also may suffer             _______ TOTAL
                                                         muscular weakness when experiencing
                                                         anger, surprise, amusement, terrifying             Please share this with your physician.
                                                         dreams or a feeling of paralysis when
                                                         falling asleep or awakening.

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