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Entrance Exams Gateway To Smart Career


Constant rise in population has increased the gap between the students applying for the colleges and the seats available. Entrance exams are the only way out to solve this problem.

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									Entrance Exams Gateway To Smart Career

Constant rise in population has increased the gap between the students applying for the
colleges and the seats available. Entrance exams are the only way out to solve this problem.

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Today education has become purely career oriented. Earlier people used to study in order to qualify
themselves and for gaining knowledge, but today the scenario has become rather competitive. People
complete their course but it does not end their work. It is from there where the main work begins. The
preparation for the entrance examinations is yet to be done. Entrance examinations are very important
for those students who have pre-destined career objectives. For landing into a particular field, a student
has to get an admission in the related course and college. Different courses have different examination
requirements. The college entrance exams are becoming common these days. When the seats are less
and the students applying for the courses are higher in number, the colleges ask them to appear for the
college entrance exams to get placed.

Many colleges do not indulge in a general aptitude exam, in fact they prefer an exam that pertains to the
subject to which the course relates. Asking the applicants of a nursing course or college to appear for the
nursing entrance exams is very obvious. Asking the applicants to appear for a general aptitude that may
consist of mathematics, general knowledge and English will not be of great use. It would be a waste and
this will not help in selection of the deserving candidate. The nursing entrance exams should be
conducted for the selection purpose. This exam should be designed in order to test the applicants and
conclude whether they have the required knowledge for pursuing the course or not. If they do they should
be selected.

Many colleges like the ones who have international tie-ups may also conduct english entrance exams as
an addition. As these colleges may further invite companies which may recruit students and place them
off-shores, they need to have good English. However, most of the colleges do not have separate English
entrance exams conducted. Instead they go for a general exam having English as one of its sections.

Different colleges start with their scholastic aptitude test as soon as the new session starts. Exams are
conducted for selecting a bunch of students out of the crowd that applies. It is the best unbiased way of
student selection. Many colleges offer scholarship exams as well. If there is a tie between the top ranking
students in any case, the college may make use of the scholastic aptitude test for their final selection.

For courses like engineering and information technology related fields, mathematics is a compulsory
subject to be studied. For any student appearing for such a course needs to have good knowledge of
mathematics basics. For this reason separate math entrance exams are commonly held. However
mathematics is an essential part of the aptitude and other entrance examinations. Many examinations
include a numerical ability exam as a mathematics section for testing the numerical ability of students.
However for the colleges that offer specialization in mathematics, math entrance exams are a must.
These exams are of great importance as this is the only way by which the potential candidate can be
selected, educated and further polished for becoming specifically skilled.

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