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									                  Sunflower               Test Date: November 30th
                      Lesson 7. Soup of Freedom
 1.   lively
 2.   chore
 3.   pile
 4.   ripe
 5.   hollow   Books are stacked up in a pile.
 6.   settled
 7.   independent                                         An owl inside a hollow log
 8. Lively means full of life or full of activity.
 9. When you get settled, you calm down and stop moving.
 10. A chore is a job that has to be done regularly like washing dishes or
      feeding pets.
 11. When something is ripe, it is ready to pick or eat.

 *pile: A pile is a group of things placed one on top of the other.

 *ripe: Which banana looks ripe?

 *hollow: Something that’s hollow has an empty space inside of it.

 *lively: The playground on the right looks lively.

 *independent: When a nation is not ruled by any other
country, we say it is independent. After the Revolutionary
War, the United States became independent from England.
That means the United States was able to run its own country.

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