Tyrcal Sentence Pattern by arif110595


									                   Tyrcal Sentence Pattern

Example :

   1. The Running Pattern
      a.  John eating.
      b.    Jims runs.
      c.    he sleeps.
      d.    I walks.
      e.    Dogs bark.
   2. The Being Pattern

      a. Jill is eating.
      b. He is funny.
      c. She is my mom.
      d. Ani is my teacher.
      e. she is fine.
   3. The doing / seeing pattern
      a.    Michael plays football.
      b.     Andrew composes music.
      c.     Matthew helps others in several English practice rooms.
      d.     The workers are lazy.
      e.     Nino kicked the car.

   4. The giving / buying pattern
      a.     I give a gift for you.
      b.     She bought a shoes for mom.
      c.     I sent her a birthday present.
      d.     Jay gave his dog a bone.
   e.     The old men give some money to children.
5. The making / considering pattern
    a. Debbie left the window open during the rain storm.
    b. The class picked Susie class representative.
    c. Helen tells jokes to make people smile.
    d. My mom make a cake.
    e. My aunt make a clothes for me.

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