How to Make Coffee by arif110595


									                                How to Make Coffee

1. Purchase some coffee – either whole bean or ground. Selection of beans is key. If you want
something light and pleasant, try a flavored coffee or a mild blend. If you want a hard, energizing
“wake-up” brew, you might want Espresso or Kona beans. Mixing beans often gets you some
great combination. If your local grocery does not have coffee grinds, you’ll need to grind up
those beans, any blender, or almost anything with blades can do this.

2. Buy a coffee maker if you do not have one already; a less expensive one will be fine. Don’t be
afraid to lean towards the bargain, but check its quality just to be sure. If you live alone or are the
sole coffee drinker of the house, a single serving coffee maker may be perfect for you.

3. Pick up some coffee filters for your new coffee maker. These will stop the grinds from getting
in your coffee.

4. Set up your new coffee maker. Assemble and clean it. To clean wipe down surfaces with a wet
cloth as you put the coffee maker together. Then pour a generous amount water into the back
compartment, close the lid, and press “on” or “power”. Running the machine without coffee is
always a good way to clean it; for extra strength use a mixture of vinegar and water.

5. Place a paper filter – make sure you only got one – in the filter compartment. This should be
the bowl like place underneath the top of the coffee maker, that is positioned directly above the

6. Measure out some coffee grinds and place them in the paper filter. Generally, it’s best to have
one tablespoon for every 6 ounces or every cup of water, but it may differ for the type of coffee.
If you want a darker coffee, you may use more grinds, and less for a lighter brew.

7. Fill the coffee pot with the appropriate amount of water for the amount of coffee grinds that
you have used. (Most coffee pots have measurements on the side.) Then pour the water into the
coffee machine; this is usually at the back, behind the filter, and there may be cup measurement
markings here as well.

8. Press the “On” or “Power” button/switch. Your coffee should begin brewing! Some machines
brew quickly, but some brew slowly. Slow isn’t actually all bad though, it gives the end result a
more rounded flavor. Play some music or entertain yourself for a few minutes while your coffee
is brewing. The cofee is done when you stop hearing bubbling sounds.

9. Pull out your favorite mug, mix the coffee with some half-and-half and sugar, and take a sip of
your homemade coffee.

10. good coffee..

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