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Volume 4, Number 6                                                                                      October 16 - November 20, 2012

               From L-R: Rev. Melvin Abejero, Rev. Sanchito Ricarde and Rev. Joseph Montemayor.                       Above: The candidates for the diaconate.

Ledesma to ordain 3 deacons to the priesthood;
    Bagaforo to ordain 4 to the diaconate
By Mary Anne Padilla, FSP                Rev. Melvin B. Abejero at Sacred          at 2:00PM on the day of their             Cagayan de Oro; Sem. Marvin
                                         Heart of Jesus Parish, Bugo on            ordination in the parish where            Fordan    Nadala   of     Basilan,
    Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma,       November 20, 2012 at 9:00AM;              they were ordained.                       North Cotabato; Sem. Alain
S.J., D.D. will ordain three deacons     and Rev. Joseph T. Montemayor                Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo,            Durano Nocete of Villanueva,
to the Sacred Order of Presbyters        at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help         D.D. Auxiliary Bishop of Cotabato,        Mis. Oriental; and Sem. Bryan
for the Archdiocese of Cagayan de        Parish, Baliwagan on November             on the other hand will ordain             Madeja Suarez of Sultan Kudarat,
Oro on three separate dates: Rev.        22, 2012 at 9:00AM.                       4 seminarians of Saint John               Cotabato to the diaconate on
Sanchito N. Ricarde at St. John              The newest priests of the             Vianney Theological Seminary              November 21, 2012, 9AM at the
the Baptist Parish, Lagonglong on        archdiocese will celebrate their          to the Diaconate: Sem. Der John           St. Augustine Cathedral, Cagayan
November 19, 2012 at 9:00AM;             first and thanksgiving Masses             Ranan Faborada of Canitoan,               de Oro City. n

        Archdiocese set for the 1st Archdiocesan Synod
By Rev. Fr. Erdman Pandero, SSJV         expressed support for the proposed        parishes, communities were gathered
                                         synod. The next day, May 8, the regular   to have an actual picture of the
    Months before the Feast of St.       monthly Clergy meeting, the plan          archdiocese for the past (5) years and
Augustine High Mass, when the first      was formally announced to the entire      to evaluate actual needs, issues and
archdiocesan synod was officially        Presbyterium.                             concerns. The “judging” phase takes
announced by Archbishop Antonio             During the Council of Priests          place from October to December.
J. Ledesma, S.J., D.D to the faithful,   meeting,     Archbishop       Ledesma         Ministry heads and directors are
the archbishop met the Council of        presented the three phases of the         also asked to submit written reports
Priests on May 7, 2012, to formally      Synod following the same manner in        of their ministries to serve as working
state his intention to call for the first“doing theology” – see, judge and act.    papers for the actual synod. The paper
Archdiocesan Synod. It was positively    The “seeing” phase took place from        covers the past five (5) years of the
accepted by the Council and they         June to September. Data from chapels,     ministry as well as their mission and
                                                                                        vision, goals, objectives, action
                                                                                        plan, indicators, and persons-
                                                                                        in-charge. The Holy Scriptures
                                                                                        and Church documents such
                                                                                        as the Vatican II, documents
                                                                                        of the PCP II, Pastoral Plan of
                                                                                        2001, and the Code of Canon
                                                                                        Law are to be consulted in the
                                                                                        writing of the working paper.
                                                                                        Lastly, the “doing” phase will be
                                                                                        the actual synod scheduled on
                                                                                        the first quarter of 2013. In the
                                                                                        meantime, a Pre-Synod Strategic
                                                                                        Planning Workshop is scheduled
                                                                                        on November 26-28, 2012.
                                                                                            The      Synod     Preparatory
                                                                                        Commission chosen by the
                                                                                        bishop is composed of the Vicars
                                                                                        General, Episcopal Vicar, Vicars
                                                                                                                             The official image of St. Pedro Calungsod
                                                                                        Forane, Six (6) Commission Heads,
   Young people at the Archdiocesan Youth Day in Balingasag join in the Taize prayer                                         brought to St. Peter’s Square for his
                                                                                        Council of priests, members of
  around a large crucifix. Story on page 8. [Photo by Eldon Bravo]                                                           Canonization last October 21, will visit
                                                                                                               SYNOD / 3     Cagayan de Oro on November 18, 2012.
2                                                                  Pastoral Message                                                                                           LAMDAG
                                                                                                                                                                       October 16 - November 20, 2012

The Liturgical Reforms of Vatican II, the Tridentine Mass
             and the Society of Saint Pius X
                                                    Mass. My first two instructions dealt with            and the authentic ministerial priesthood          Tridentine Mass, forming a hybrid liturgy. This
                                                    the Holy Father’s motu propio, Summorum               preserved, their meaning un-obscured.             movement is called Reform of the Reform,
                                                    Pontificum, and the Clarificatory Letter by the       We reject out-of-hand this erroneous              which regards the medieval liturgy as more
                                                    Episcopal Commission on Liturgy, explaining           judgment and unjust accusation; we                prayerful and traditionally-sourced than the
                                                    the conditions under which the Tridentine             cannot permit the divine Eucharist,               modern form introduced by Vatican II.
                                                    Mass can be celebrated. This time, however,           sacrament of unity, to be made the                     Nevertheless, it must be acknowledged
                                                    we wish to respond to the confusion among             source of division (see 1 Cor 11:18); we          that a very great number of local churches—
                                                    the faithful regarding this “extraordinary            cannot permit you to make use of it               foremost among them our own Church in
                                                    form” of the Mass which is now clandestinely          as an instrument and symbol of your               the Philippines—have immensely benefited
                                                    promoted in the archdiocese by some priests           rebellion. (Paul VI, Letter to Archbishop         spiritually, pastorally, and doctrinally from
                                                    of the Society of Saint Pius X.                       Lefevre, October 11, 1976)                        the reform. The use of the vernacular, the
                                                         Pope Benedict XVI, by his supreme                                                                  introduction of cultural elements, the clarity
                                                    authority, has granted a kind of general                Archbishop Lefèbvre, we could say, was          of the rites, and the active interest and
                                                    permission, quite freely more than did his          one who could not accept the fact that              involvement of the laity: all these are gifts of
Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J., D.D.           predecessors, to celebrate Mass using               times and culture have changed even for             the Council over which Church leaders and
and                                                 the Tridentine rite. The legitimacy of the          the Catholic Church and that the Holy Spirit        members alike rejoice. The Philippine Church
Fr. Florencio Salvador Jr.,                         priestly ministry to preside at such Mass           continues to guide it after the Council of          would not be as liturgically vibrant today
Director, Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission        has remained an absolute requirement. We            Trent.                                              were it not for the active participation of lay
                                                    need to clarify the status of the Fraternité            To facilitate dialogue, Pope Benedict           men and women in the life of their parishes
     On Oct. 11, 2012, the Year of Faith was        sacerdotale, known today as the Society of          XVI has lifted the excommunication of               and dioceses.
proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, marking            St. Pius X.                                         Archbishop Lefèbvre and his followers. The               As to the new English translation of the
the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the           The liturgical reforms of Vatican II did       removal of the sanction, however, does              Roman Missal, we follow the date set by
Second Vatican Council. The first document of       not proceed without opposition. The most            not mean that the priests of the Society of         the CBCP as the start of its implementation,
that ecumenical council was the Constitution        insidious opposition came from Archbishop           Saint Pius X can now exercise a canonically         i.e., on the coming first Sunday of Advent -
on the Liturgy that provided the directives on      Marcel Lefèbvre, a council father himself,          legitimate ministry in the Catholic Church.         December 2, 2012. Between then and now, a
the reform of the liturgy. The council fathers      who founded the Society of Saint Pius X. The        To date, the fundamental problems of                thorough catechesis, not just on the notable
saw the intimate connection between the             Archbishop accused Rome of embracing a              ecclesiological and liturgical significance have    changes but on the whole rite of the Mass,
renewal of the Church and the reform of the         “neo-Protestant” tendency at Vatican II and         not yet been resolved.                              is to be promoted. It is also required that we
liturgy.                                            in all the postconciliar reforms.                       We would like to make it clear that the         use the new missal proper to the Philippines,
     Similarly,   the      Catholic     Bishops’         Pope Paul VI realized the ecclesiological      Latin Masses celebrated in the archdiocese          i.e., the Philippine edition approved by the
Conference of the Philippines, in response to       significance of such dissent in his letter to the   by some priests of the Society of Saint Pius        CBCP and recognized by the Hole See.
the Holy Father’s call for New Evangelization       Archbishop in 1976, incidentally also on an         X are not in communion with the Roman                    We thank God for Vatican II’s Constitution
and looking forward to the fifth centenary          anniversary of the opening of Vatican II:           Catholic Church. The Catholic faithful in the       on the Liturgy in which the council fathers
of the coming of Christianity to our land,                                                              Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro are therefore         set forth the directives on the reform of the
underlined particular faith imperatives as                As for you, the former rite of the            enjoined not to take part in any of their           liturgy. We thank Pope Paul VI who zealously
absolutely necessary for our evangelizing             Mass is a sign of your false ecclesiology         Masses and other rites.                             and faithfully brought to fulfilment the
efforts to be fruitful. Of primary importance         and a matter on which to assail the                   There are voices being raised questioning       conciliar mandate of the liturgical reform. We
is the centrality of the Eucharist. (cf. Pastoral     Council and its work of reform. You               the legitimacy of some postconciliar reforms,       are resolved to uphold the conciliar decrees
Exhortation “Live Christ, Share Christ”)              take as a pretext or as your alleged              especially in the Roman Missal. There are           on the liturgy and to welcome with deep
     We deem it opportune, therefore, to issue        justification that only in the former rite        some who long to see the day when the               faith and joyful obedience the changes that
a third clarificatory letter on the Tridentine        are the authentic sacrifice of the Mass           Mass of Vatican II will be fused with the           the Church has instituted after the council. n

      Towards Building a Just and Lasting Peace in Mindanao
      (Statement of Catholic Bishops in Mindanao on the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro)
     We view with vigilant optimism                 practices in the present Autonomous Region          channels could provide a venue for people’s         fruit. Mainstream the peace lens in local
the announcement of a coming peace                  of Muslim Mindanao could be highlighted as          participation. Mass media, schools for              governance. Professionalize peace efforts.
agreement between the government and                a prelude to the creation of a new political        peace, and Civil Society peace movements            Strengthen the NCIP and the Indigenous
the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) as         entity.                                             can all contribute towards forging solidarity.      People’s Movement. Correct discriminatory
the first steps towards forging “a just and             A second value is Security. Mindanao has        We need to build social infrastructure that         practices in the Justice System. Strengthen
lasting peace in Mindanao.” We believe that         been depicted for a long time as a theatre for      connects communities rather than divides            peace education. Make knowledge and
continuing consultations with all stakeholders      war and intermittent local conflicts. People’s      them. We should pay special attention to the        imagination work for human development
are necessary to bring the peace process            fears and insecurity have to be addressed.          needs of IDPs in conflict-affected areas.           and social cohesion.
forward.                                            The proliferation of armed groups has to be             Spirituality is a fifth value. Konsult              A formal peace agreement is not the
     We recall the rejection in August 2008         checked. To enhance security, authorities           Mindanaw participants envision a peaceful           end of peacebuilding; rather it is just the
of the Memo of Agreement on Ancestral               should intensify humanitarian work and              Mindanao where Muslims, Lumads, Christians          beginning of much hard work in concretizing
Domain (MOA-AD) due to its lack of                  the reintegration program, radically reduce         and members of other faith traditions live          the meaning of Sincerity, Security, Sensitivity,
transparency and certain provisions that were       arms and war profiteers, strengthen localized       together in harmony and religious freedom.          Solidarity, Spirituality, and Sustainability in
deemed unconstitutional. In the aftermath           security strategies, and align economic and         The religious traditions of both Islam and          our various communities in Mindanao. May
of that rejection, we recall the efforts of the     environmental projects with peacebuilding           Christianity as well as of indigenous people        the two highest values in all our religious
Bishops-Ulama Conference to sponsor a year-         efforts.                                            can bring about both internal and external          traditions – love of God and love of neighbor
long series of multi-sectoral consultations to          A third value is Sensitivity. Many              peace. Peace as spirituality and as religious       – be our constant guide in working for
uncover the underlying factors for promoting        communities in Mindanao are suffering               tolerance can flow into society. Some               reconciliation and building a Culture of Peace
a culture of peace in Mindanao.                     under layers of hurts and biases as a result        concrete measures would be: to integrate            in Mindanao. n
     Konsult Mindanaw thus outlined six             of a long history of colonization and conflict.     peace and religious instruction in schools;                                      (14 October 2012)
values that constitute a “people’s platform         For some, this has resulted in losing their         to apply Islamic teachings in Muslim society;
for Peace in Mindanao.” We reiterate these          ancestral domain and in being looked down           to promote interreligious and intercultural
visions and voices for peace coming from            upon. Many indigenous people (Lumad)                understanding; and to promote intrafaith
Muslim, Lumad, Catholic and Protestant              communities feel left out of the peace              dialogue leading to forgiveness and                 Signatories:
participants in these consultations.                process. To counter these adverse factors,          reconciliation. There is also a call for more       Bp. Guillermo Afable      (Digos)
     The first value is Sincerity – to dispel       there is need for respecting the people’s           active participation of religious leaders on        Bp. Colin Bagaforo        (Cotabato)
the atmosphere of mistrust and confusion            right to self-determination, multi-cultural         peace and good governance. Ritual healings          Bp. Jose Cabantan         (Malaybalay)
in many communities. There is need for              sensitivity in education, and healing of            can provide definitive closure of conflict          Bp. Edwin de la Peña      (Marawi)
policy cohesion among the various agencies          trauma for internally-displaced persons and         situations.                                         Abp. Jesus Dosado         (Ozamis)
of the Philippine Government as well as             communities.                                            A final value is Sustainability. For the        Bp. Elenito Galido        (Iligan)
transparency through public consultation and            A fourth value is Solidarity. A sense of        long-term viability of the peace process,           Bp. Dinualdo Gutierrez    (Marbel)
communication. Previous agreements should           oneness among the tri-people population             government and social institutions have to          Bp. Martin Jumoad         (Isabela)
                                                                                                                                                            Abp. Antonio Ledesma      (CDO)
be honored and a consistent mandate should          of Mindanao can only come about when                be harnessed to work for the people. Among
                                                                                                                                                            Abp. Orlando Quevedo (Cotabato)
be given for the credibility of the peace panels.   ordinary people can meaningfully participate        the initiatives that need to be institutionalized
                                                                                                                                                                              and others
The Bangsamoro groups should also strive to         in the building of peace. It is in this sense       are the following: Legislate new structures
act with one voice while good governance            that information and communication                  as needed for the peace accord to bear
October 16 - November 20, 2012                          Archdiocesan News                                                                                                                       3
Synod from p. 1                                 CDO preparing a Jubilee Yearbook                                                              Local pro-life group
                                                                                                                                              hosts symposium on
                                                  to sound 80 years as Diocese
the faithful, Ministry Heads and co-
workers, Directors of two diocesan
Seminaries, one presbyter elected by
the members of the vicariate – (City             Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ          second part of the book will tell about
                                                                                                                                               RH Bill, automated
East, City West, Balingasag, Gingoog,
Initao and Camiguin). In General, one
                                              has formed a committee to prepare
                                              the Jubilee Yearbook to commemorate
                                                                                            the parish profiles, photos and bio-data
                                                                                            of diocesan priests and group photos of
                                              the 80th anniversary of the Church of         religious communities. The third part of               A symposium on pro-life and
delegate elected by the District Fathers
                                              Cagayan de Oro as Diocese coinciding the      the book is the synod decrees and reports         electoral concerns was held at the San
and the other delegate to alternate in
case of incapacity. The Bishop can also       year of synod and the 62nd year of CdO as     coming from six commissions.                      Lorenzo Ruiz Community Formation
call others to an Archdiocesan Synod as       Archdiocese. This Jubilee book also aims          The members of Jubilee Yearbook               Center in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City on
members.                                      to thank and acknowledge people who           Committee headed by Archbishop                    October 10, 2012. Hosted by Serve Life
    The first Archdiocesan Synod of           worked and labor for the archdiocese          Ledesma are Fr. Boy Salvador, Fr. Alan            CDO, Inc., the conference featured guest
Cagayan de Oro aims to establish              whether priests, lay people and religious     Pulgo, Fr. Leo Pabayo, SJ, Fr. Paul Glynn, SSC,   speakers Dr. Ligaya Acosta, director of
a common ground of the pastoral               communities.                                  Fr. Raul Ricacho, Sr. Rosa Celestial, RVM,        Human Life International – Asia and
activities and directives and lends              The content of this book primarily         Sr. Mary Anne Padilla, FSP, Dr. Antonio           Fr. Romeo J. Intengan, S.J., professor of
continuity to our liturgical, spiritual and   consists of history, current situation and    Montalvan, PhD, Ms. Mayette Rivera and            Moral Theology at the Loyola House
canonical traditions. It will also strive     synod decrees. The history will narrate       Charlito Lorzano.                                 of Studies, Ateneo de Manila, who
at evaluating the existing Pastoral Plan      from the time of the Recoletos to the             The committee is calling for pictures         gave talks regarding these concerns,
of 2001 and with the help of divine           Jesuits, the Columbans, the RVMs and          of parishes, from the past to the present,        respectively.
grace, propose new pastoral activities        the turning over of the archdiocese to        to be featured in the yearbook. [Lamdag                A former pro-choice employee of the
and directives that will respond to the       the diocesan clergy. Current situation, the   News CDO] n                                       Department of Health, Acosta argued
present particular needs of the local

                                              Healing Caravan visits CDO,
                                                                                                                                              that contraceptives were actually
church of the Archdiocese of Cagayan                                                                                                          unsafe to the very women who use
de Oro.                                                                                                                                       them. “They kill. They cause a lot of side
    Canon No. 460 of The Code of Canon

                                                neighboring dioceses
                                                                                                                                              effects”, she said. She added that the
Law of 1983 describes the diocesan
                                                                                                                                              movement to put the RH Bill into effect
Synod as an “assembly” of selected
                                                                                                                                              is funded by tremendous amounts of
priests and other members of Christ’s
                                                                                                                                              foreign money, and that the statistics
faithful of a particular Church which,            A Healing Caravan visited the             Alubijid, Pueblo de Oro, and El Salvador.
for the good of the whole diocesan                                                                                                            cited by leftist legislators in favor of it,
                                              Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro and the             Luz Prieto, who belongs to the Order
community, assists the diocesan                                                                                                               such as the massive deaths of women
                                              neighboring dioceses of Malaybalay and        of Discalced Carmelites Secular whose
Bishop. The purpose of the diocesan           Iligan on October 16 to October 29, 2012.     apostolate is to bring the healing Christ         due to childbirth annually, are entirely
Synod is to assist the Bishop in the          The caravan is spearheaded by Healing         to the sick and suffering through Father          fictitious.
exercise of the office proper to him,         Priest Father Nelson Osorio, who belongs      Nelson Osorio, OSJ and serve the poorest               During the afternoon talk on election
namely, that of governing the Christian       to the Oblates of Saint Joseph (OSJ) which    of the poor, said the pilgrim relic of St.        concerns, Fr. Intengan demonstrated
community.                                    he will officiate the series masses and       Joseph Marello will arrive is coming from         that the purportedly more secure
    “In the process of the Synod, the         healing sessions. A relic of St. Joseph       bone part of his finger. “This is a privilege     automated elections of 2010 have been
Bishop exercises the office of governing      Marello, founder of the OSJ will be present   and opportunity for everyone that the             tampered with on a massive scale. One
the Church entrusted to his care. He          in the caravan which will be venerated        pilgrim relic of St. Joseph Marello will visit    of several anomalies noted was that
determines its convocation, proposes          during the mass and healing sessions.         and we hope and support the people to             Smartmatic, the IT company contracted
the questions to be discussed in the              A motorcade was held around 6am           join the event (mass, healing session and         by the COMELEC to provide precinct
Synod and presides at the Synodal             prior to the Mass at Archdiocesan Shrine      veneration of the pilgrim relic)”, Prieto         count optical scan (PCOS) machines, did
sessions. Moreover, it is the Bishop          of the Black Nazarene in Cagayan de Oro       said. She added that one of St. Joseph            not mention that the machines came
who, as sole legislator, signs the            City on Tuesday, October 16. Other local      Marello’s inspiring quotes is, “I cannot          with a backdoor port that could allow
synodal declarations and decrees and          parishes visited by the Healing Caravan       say No to those who come to me because            election results recorded in the machine
orders their publication.” (Introduction      are those of Claveria, Villanueva, Gusa,      God will never say No to me”. [Lamdag             to be compromised. Other peculiarities
on Diocesan Synod, 1997) n                    Kauswagan, Nazareth, Jasaan, Tagoloan,        News CDO] n                                       include glitches in the machines’
                                                                                                                                              operating system and the multiplication
                                                                                                LST prof urges                                of ballots counted by a factor of 5 – that
                                                                                                                                              is, about 250 million ballots were tallied
                                                                                            respect for individual                            when there were only about 50 million
                                                                                            conscience regarding                              registered voters at the time.
                                                                                                                                                   Also striking was the present
                                                                                                pro-life issues                               administration’s      unwillingness
                                                                                                                                              investigate the matter further. “The

                                                                                                Pro-lifers ought to “respect the sincere      current president owes his position to
                                                                                            conscience decision of a person”, according       the election... Ayaw niyang ma-question”,
                                                                                            to Fr. Eric Genilo, who gave a lecture titled     Fr. Intengan said. [Lamdag News CDO] n
                                                                                            “Moral Issues Regarding Contraceptives
                                                                                            and Family Planning” at the Patrick Cronin            Bag-ong
                                                                                            Formation Hall on October 10, 2012. Fr.
                                                                                            Genilo is a professor of Moral Theology at
                                                                                            the Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de
                                                                                                                                                     Editorial Consultant
                                                                                            Manila and has visited Cagayan de Oro in               Abp. Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ, DD
                                                                                            previous years to deliver similar lectures.                Managing Editor
                                                                                                Fr. Genilo stated that a number of                    Mary Anne Padilla, FSP
                                                                                            couples use artificial contraceptives not                          Copy Editor
                                                                                            because they want to sin, but because they                            Louise Dumas
                                                                                            are not aware of the Church’s teachings                               Writers
                                                                                                                                                      Rev. Fr. Florencio Salvador, SLD, SSJV
 Assisted by Fr. Renerio Sabuga (left), Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J. confirms        regarding the matter, or that they believe                   Rev. Fr. Erdman Pandero, SSJV
 Catholic Lumad children in Malitbog on September 12-13, 2012.                              they have no alternative. Fr. Genilo gave                    Rev. Fr. Arvin A. Dagalea, CRSP
                                                                                            a few examples wherein attempts to                          Rev. Rosauro A. Valmores, CRSP
                                                                                                                                                               Sem. James Puracan
                 Do you have something to announce?                                         use NFP may be impractical, as available
                                                                                                                                                                  Venus Guibone

                               LAMDAG                                                       time for intimacy may not coincide with a
                                                                                            woman’s “safe” days – for instance, prison
                                                                                                                                                                  Charlito Lorzano
                                                                                                                                                              Michael Andrew W. Yu
                                                                                                                                                    Lay-out and graphic design
  will be more than happy to print greetings and announcements at reasonable rates.         visits for inmates, or vacation leaves for
                                                                                                                                                              James Edgar T. Sia
                          Soft copies are especially welcome.                               OFWs.
                                                                                                                                                     Marketing & Circulation
        To find out more, call the Social Communication Apostolate                              Such couples may be gently                       Association of Pauline       Grace Fernan
                                  ( 856-4392                                                encouraged to gradually drop the use                     Cooperators
                                                                                            of artificial contraceptives in favor of           Bag-ong Lamdag is a newsletter published monthly
                                                                                            practicing NFP, Fr. Genilo advised. He             by the Social Communications Apostolate of the

                   Call for Articles                                                        urged pro-life workers to urge couples
                                                                                            concerned to bring the matter to prayer,
                                                                                                                                               Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro, whose aim is to link
                                                                                                                                               the various parishes, ministries, and apostolates
                                                                                                                                               within this archdiocese. For inquiries and feedback,
  We invite parishioners, ministries, clergy and religious to submit news stories. Just                                                        send us an email at You may
         send us the details, and we’ll give you proper credit for your article.            and “if the circumstances change for
                                                                                                                                               visit us online and leave a comment at lamdagcdo.
                                                                                            the better, urge them to go back to the  
   Email your submissions, along with your name, phone number, and                          Church’s teachings.” [Lamdag News CDO]                     Find us on Facebook: Search for
             parish/congregation to                                       n                                                         “Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro”
4                                                                Special Feature                                                                                  LAMDAG
                                                                                                                                                           October 16 - November 20, 2012

                                                                                                       Visayas-Mindanao Schedule
                                                                                              Nov 13 (Tue) Catarman-Calbayog                   Nov 21 (Wed) Dumaguete
                                                                                               0300H     ETD from Matnog to Allen               0800H       ETD Dipolog to Dapitan
                                                                                               0900H     ETA Catarman                           1030H       ETD Dapitan to Dumaguete
                                                                                               1300H     ETD Catarman                           1500H       ETA Dumaguete
                                                                                               1500H     ETA Calbayog                          Nov 22 (Thu)
                                                                                              Nov 14 (Wed) Palo                                Kabankalan/Bacolod
                                                                                               0800H     ETD Calbayog                           0600H       ETD Dumaguete
                                                                                               0900H     ETA Catbalogan                         1000H       ETA Kabankalan
                                                                                               1300H     ETD Catbalogan                         1300H       ETD Kabankalan
                                                                                               1500H     ETA Palo                               1600H       ETA Bacolod

                                                                                              Nov 15 (Thu) Maasin                              Nov 23 (Fri) Jaro
                                                                                               0700H     ETD Palo                               0800H       ETD Bacolod
                                                                                               1000H     ETA Ormoc                              1000H       ETA Jaro
                                                                                               1300H     ETD Ormoc                             Nov 24 (Sat) San Carlos
                                                                                               1600H     ETA Maasin
                                                                                                                                                0600H       ETD Jaro
                                                                                              Nov 16 (Fri) Surigao                              0800H       ETD Bacolod to San Carlos
                                                                                               0300H     ETD Maasin to San Ricardo,             1100H       ETA San Carlos
                                                                                                         Southern Leyte
                                                                                                                                               Nov 25 (Sun) Tagbilaran
                                                                                               0800H     ETD San Ricardo to Surigao
                                                                                                                                                0800H       ETD San Carlos to Tagbilaran
                                                                                               1000H     ETA Surigao
                                                                                                                                                            (Option # 1: Airlift)
                                                                                              Nov 17 (Sat) Butuan                               1000H       ETA Tagbilaran
                                                                                               0700H     ETD Surigao                            0500H       ETD from San Carlos
                                                                                               1100H     ETA Butuan                                         (Option # 2: RORO)
                                                                                                                                                0700H       ETA in Toledo
                                                                                              Nov 18 (Sun) Cagayan de Oro                       1000H       ETA in Cebu City
Canonization tapestry of St. Pedro Calungsod at the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica.
                                                                                               0700H     ETD Butuan                             1500H       ETA in Tagbilaran
The Holy Father on Pedro Calungsod                                                             1000H     ETA Cagayan de Oro
                                                                                                                                               Nov 26 (Mon) Talibon
    Pedro Calungsod was born around the year 1654, in the Visayas region of the               Nov 19 (Mon)
Philippines. His love for Christ inspired him to train as a catechist with the Jesuit                                                           0700H       ETD Tagbilaran
missionaries there. In 1668, along with other young catechists, he accompanied Father         Iligan/Pagadian/Ozamiz                            1100H       ETA Talibon
Diego Luís de San Vitores to the Marianas Islands in order to evangelize the Chamorro          0400H     ETD Cagayan de Oro
people. Life there was hard and the missionaries also faced persecution arising from
                                                                                               0700H     ETA Iligan
                                                                                                                                               Nov 27 (Tue) Cebu-Triduum
envy and slander. Pedro, however, displayed deep faith and charity and continued to
                                                                                               1000H     ETD Iligan                             1500H       ETA at Pier 1, Cebu City
catechize his many converts, giving witness to Christ by a life of purity and dedication to
the Gospel. Uppermost was his desire to win souls for Christ, and this made him resolute       1200H     ETA Pagadian                          Nov 28 (Wed) Cebu-Triduum
in accepting martyrdom. He died on the April 2nd 1672. Witnesses record that Pedro
                                                                                               1400H     ETD Pagadian                          Nov 29 (Thu) Cebu-Triduum
could have fled for safety but chose to stay at Father Diego’s side. The priest was able
to give Pedro absolution before he himself was killed. May the example and courageous          1700H     ETA Ozamiz                            Nov 30 (Fri) National Thanksgiving
witness of Pedro Calungsod inspire the dear people of the Philippines to announce the                                                                 Mass
Kingdom bravely and to win souls for God!                                                     Nov 20 (Tue) Dipolog                              Mass at St. Augustine Cathedral: 10:30 am Nov 18
                                                                                              0800H      ETD Ozamiz                             Vigil until 4:00 am Nov 19
                         - Pope Benedict XVI on the Canonization of St. Pedro Calungsod                                                        Source: National Commission on the Canonization of
                                                                                              1000H      ETA Dipolog
                                               World Mission Sunday, October 21, 2012                                                          Pedro Calungsod (

     October 26: Official Summary of the Final Message of the Synod of Bishops
                                      first of all, and sends out a plea – starting
    At the beginning of the document, the                                                     existence, and the parishes as centers for       Word of God, and service to the poor, in the
                                      with herself – for conversion, because the
bishops recalled the evangelical passage                                                      evangelization; it recalls the importance        view of recognizing Christ in their faces.
                                      weaknesses of Jesus’ disciples weigh upon
from John which tells about the encounter                                                     of permanent formation for priests and                In the last part, the Message looks at the
                                      the credibility of the mission. Conscious of
of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the                                                      religious men and women and invites              Church in the various regions of the world
                                      the fact that the Lord is the guide of history
well: this is the image of contemporary                                                       the laity (movements and new ecclesial           and addresses a word of encouragement
                                      and therefore that evil will not have the
man with an empty vessel, who is thirsting                                                    realities) to evangelize, remaining in           for the proclamation of the Gospel to each
                                      last word, the bishops invite the Christians
and is nostalgic for God, and to whom the                                                     communion with the Church. New                   of them: to the Eastern Churches wishing
                                      to overcome fear with faith and to look at
Church must turn to make the Lord present                                                     evangelization finds a welcome cooperation       to be able to practice faith in conditions of
                                      the world with serene courage because,
to him. And just like the Samaritan woman,                                                    with the other Churches and ecclesial            peace and religious freedom; to the African
                                      while full of contradictions and challenges,
who encounters Jesus, he can but become a                                                     communities, they too moved by the same          Church asking for develop evangelization in
                                      this is still the world God loves. Therefore
witness of the proclamation of salvation and                                                  spirit of proclamation of the Gospel. Special    the encounter of ancient and new cultures,
hope of the Gospel.                   no pessimism: globalization, secularization             attention is focused on the young persons        calling then upon the governments to cease
                                      and the new scenarios of society, migration,
    Looking specifically at the context of new                                                in a perspective of listening and dialogue to    the conflicts and violence. The Christians
                                      even with the difficulties and suffering they
evangelization, the Synod therefore reminds                                                   redeem and not mortify their enthusiasm.         of North America, who live in a culture
                                      entail; they must be seen as opportunities
of the necessity to revive faith, which risks                                                      Then, the Message looks at dialogue,        with many expressions distant from the
                                      for evangelization. Because this is not a
being made obscure in the context of today’s                                                  seen in many ways: with culture, which           Gospel, must look towards conversion,
                                      question of finding new strategies as if
cultures, also faced with the weakening of                                                    needs a new alliance between faith and           to being open to welcoming immigrants
                                      the Gospel was to be spread like a market
the faith by many baptized persons. The                                                       reason; with education; with science which,      and refugees. Latin America is invited to
                                      product, but rediscovering the ways in
encounter with the Lord, which reveals God                                                    when it doesn’t close man in materialism         live the permanent mission to face today’s
                                      which individuals come close to Jesus.
as love, can only come about in the Church,                                                   it becomes an ally for the humanization of       challenges such as poverty, violence, even
as the form of receptive community and     The Message looks at the family as                 life; with art; with the world of economy        the new conditions of religious pluralism.
                                      the natural place for evangelization and
experience of communion; from this, then,                                                     and work; with the ill and the suffering;        The Church in Asia, even while being a
                                      reasserts that it should be supported by the
Christians become its witnesses also in                                                       with politics, where an uninterested and         small minority, often placed at the edges
                                      Church, by politics and by society. Within
other places. However, the Church reasserts                                                   transparent involvement towards the              of society and persecuted, is encouraged
                                      the family, the special role of women is
that to evangelize one must be evangelized                                                    common good is asked for; with other             and exhorted to the steadfastness of faith.
                                                underlined and there is a reminder            religions. In particular, the Synod emphasizes   Europe, marked by an even aggressive
      This special section courtesy of:         about the painful situation of                that interreligious dialogue contributes         secularization and wounded by past regimes,
                                                divorced and remarried persons:               to peace, refutes fundamentalism and             has nevertheless created a humanistic
                                                while reconfirming the discipline             denounces any violence against believers.        culture capable of giving a face to the dignity
                                                with regards to access to the                 The Message recalls the possibilities            of man and to the building of the common
                                                sacraments, it is reasserted that             offered by the Year of the Faith, by the         good; today’s difficulties therefore must not
                                                they are in no way abandoned                  memory of Vatican Council II and by the          dishearten the European Christians, but
                                                by the Lord and that the Church               Catechism of the Catholic Church. Finally,       must be perceived as a challenge. Oceania is
                                                is the welcoming house for all.               it indicates two expressions of a life of        asked to feel once again the involvement of
                                                The Message also mentions                     faith, which are especially meaningful for       preaching the Gospel. Finally, the Message
                                                consecrated life, witness of the              new evangelization: contemplation, where         closes with trust in Mary, the Star of New
                                                ultra-earthly sense of human                  silence allows for the better reception of the   Evangelization. (Zenit)
October 16 - November 20, 2012                               Special Feature                                                                                            5

  The Barnabite Mission in the South:
 the Typhoon Sendong Relocation Area
By Rev. Fr. Arvin A. Dagalea, CRSP,
Rev. Rosauro A. Valmores, CRSP
First Barnabite Missionaries in Calaanan
Relocation Area

    Twenty-three years ago, Fr. Hernan
Hennings, CRSP, Assistant Father
General, and Fr. Frank Papa, CRSP arrived
in Manila in January 1989 to look at the
possibility of the Philippines as the next
Barnabite Mission Area in Southeast
Asia. Earlier in May 1988, Fr. Giuseppi
Bassotti, the Father General of the
Clerics Regular of Saint Paul, popularly
known as the Barnabite Fathers, visited
the country to solemnly bless the newly
finished Angelic Sisters’ Formation
House at Marikina City.
    This event was providential for
the congregation because the Father
General himself became interested
in the idea of planting a seed for the
congregation in the Philippines. In 1989
the aforementioned fathers returned
and founded the seminary in Marikina.
At first, only five young men entered
the seminary in 1989; only one became
a priest in 1998. Today, despite the
attractiveness of secular life, we would
like to say however that there are still       The Barnabite community of the Philippines. Fr. Arvin Dagalea, CRSP (front row, seated, first from left) and Rev. Rosauro
lots of young men who wish to answer                  Valmores, CRSP (second row, seventh from left) are currently assigned to the Calaanan resettlement site.
the call. Knowing that although many
are called but only few are chosen, they      In addition to these, a third            the first Barnabite Missionaries arrived    come with the work.
do their best to remain enthusiastic in   community was established in Silangan,       in Cagayan de Oro City to answer the            As of this time, we say Holy Mass
the face of their rigorous studies at St. San Mateo, Rizal. The Bishop of Antipolo     archbishop’s call for more assistance.      at the temporary chapel here at the
Camillus College Seminary.                had assigned the Barnabite Fathers to a      Even though a number of victims have        permanent resettlement site at 5:00 pm
    Life in the seminary is bittersweet:  rich missionary area therein, and until      already been resettled in permanent         daily. The other camp areas also have
                                          today they continue to evangelize there
one has to live by the strict rules of self-                                           dwelling units, we believe that the         Sunday Masses, with the exception of
                                          from the Parish of St. Anthony Maria
discipline, study, prayer and selflessness,                                            spiritual rearing and growth of the         the XU Farm with its anticipated Mass
for they prepare him for an eventual life Zaccaria, named after our founder.           various communities at the relocation       every Saturday afternoon due to our
in the community, should he persevere.        Out of a desire to establish more        area should not be neglected. These         hectic schedules. In fact, Archbishop
    From then on, the congregation        missions, our community wrote                people, who have survived thanks to         Ledesma celebrates a Holy Mass every
has been able to produce priests, some    Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, S.J. in          the grace of God, have a sense of hope      Sunday in any given relocation camp
of whom finished their theological        2011 expressing our willingness to           that must continue to be nurtured by        here despite his busy schedule, and is
studies in Rome. Since 2003, however,     extend our apostolate to Cagayan             the Church for their spiritual recovery.    considering purchasing a nearby lot for
theologians would instead obtain          de Oro if he needed us. We were also                                                     a future Catholic chapel for our area.
their sacerdotal degree at the SVD in     grateful that some of the archdiocese’s      The Barnabite Mission:                          Our work here as Barnabites includes
Tagaytay City.                            young men have joined the Barnabites,            To us, the South means Mindanao         organizing choirs, and more importantly
                                                             some of whom are          in general and Cagayan de Oro City in       Basic Ecclesial Communities, as well as
                                                             now priests.              particular.                                 giving regular catechism to draw people
                                                                 A year after that,        We, a priest and a deacon of            nearer to the Church. We are blessed
                                                             the unprecedented         the Barnabites, first stayed at the         to be assigned by the archdiocese to
                                                             calamity     Sendong      Archbishop’s Palace for two weeks to        this area as parochial vicars, working
                                                             hit Cagayan de Oro        be directly oriented by the archbishop      alongside congregations of nuns,
                                                             City, and many lives      before ultimately being deployed in         non-government organizations, the
                                                             were lost. Generally,     the resettlement area. Sitio Calaanan       local government of this city, and the
                                                             all      communities      is a chaplaincy community and the           Department of Social Welfare and
                                                             along the riverbanks      Sendong resettlement area, comprised        Development to rehabilitate these
                                                             were          severely    of roughly 4,000 families, is part of the   people in more ways than one. Due to
                                                             hit like Calacala,        chaplaincy, hence the need for full-        the presence of other sects working in
                                                             Macasandig ,              time ministers to take care of their        this same area, we must mention here
                                                             Balulang, Macanhan,       spiritual needs and development.            that our approach is an ecumenical one.
                                                             Sitio Acacia and Isla     Sendong Calaanan would be the fourth            Right here, many things have yet to
                                                             de Oro, which was         community of the Barnabites in the          be accomplished for the greater glory
                                                             inhabited by poor         Philippines and the first in the South;     of God. The families in this missionary
                                                             residents of the city,    and may the archdiocese accept the          area have tales to tell, tales of despair
                                                             some of whom were         congregation’s humble apostolate this       and sadness. Nonetheless, there is
                                                             swept away during         early on.                                   always hope, and with this we fix our
                                                             the tragedy. There            There are 7 relocation camps in         hearts and minds in prayer so that we
                                                             was a great need to       Calaanan alone, including those at          can achieve what we have envisioned.
                                                             relocate, rehabilitate,   the Xavier University Farm, headed by       We look forward with much optimism
                                                             and     debrief    the    a camp manager who oversees every           that, ultimately, we could bring our
                                                             victims, who have         activity of the camp, who also announces    brothers and sisters back to the sunny
                                                             lost their homes,         upcoming religious activities to their      side of life, with their total trust and
                                                             possessions,       and    members. The Barnabites live nearby         reliance to God, Who is the Ultimate
                                                             loved ones.               for them to get to know the people they     Confessor and Great Provider not only
                                                                 Hence,          on    are ministering to and respond better       of temporal things, but of peace and
  St. Anthony Maria Zaccaria, founder of the Barnabites      September 24, 2012,       to their needs and the challenges that      happiness. n
6                                                           Sendong Updates                                                                              LAMDAG
                                                                                                                                                   October 16 - November 20, 2012

                                                                                            IDPs grateful for Psychosocial
                                                                                              Cluster’s Duaw Calaanan
                                                                                            By Venus Guibone                             activities.
                                                                                                                                             Duaw Calaanan is an outreach
                                                                                               For two consecutive Sundays, Oct. 7       program of the Psychosocial Cluster
                                                                                            and 14, the psychosocial cluster made        of the archdiocese for the victims of
                                                                                            a synchronized visit to Amakan 6 and         the recent killer typhoon. The program
                                                                                            Camp 6 in Calaanan, Cagayan de Oro           includes community building activities,
                                                                                            City.                                        games, creative presentations, short
                                                                                               More than fifty adults and youth          input, facilitated small group sharing,
                                                                                            volunteers turned up for the said event.     recollection, and the Holy Eucharist.
                                                                                            Many of them came from Calaanan and              Feedback on the two recent visits has
                                                                                            Lumbia parishes. The adult volunteers        been very positive. The camp managers
                                                                                            stayed with the adult IDPs (Internally       were equally grateful for the experience
                                                                                            Displaced Persons) in their makeshift        which according to them was what
                                                                                            halls while the youth volunteers held        they and the IDPs just needed. It gave
 Msgr. Columbus Villamil baptizes an infant of one of the couples joined together in Holy   separate activities for children and         them a break from the usual problems
 Matrimony during the Mass Wedding for Sendong victims. (Photo by Eldon Bravo)              young people at the Calaanan covered         and concerns that weigh on them. They

Sendong couples, children receive
                                                                                            court. They were treated to various          said there has never been any activity in
                                                                                            activities related to music, theater and     the camp as joyful as this one. Similar
                                                                                            visual arts.                                 programs have been planned for other

  sacraments in Mass Wedding                                                                   For about two hours the IDPs had
                                                                                            fun with various psychosocial activities
                                                                                                                                         relocation sites.
                                                                                                                                             The psychosocial team would like
                                                                                            which culminated with the Holy               to continue to connect with them in
By Michael Andrew W. Yu                           “The mass wedding is one rare
                                                                                            Eucharist presided by Fr. Raul Dael, SSJV.   a spirit of faith, hope and joy. A praise
                                              event,” Archbishop Ledesma said. The
                                                                                            Rosaries courtesy of Carmel Malaybalay       and worship concert to be led by the
    At least 52 couples are now               ceremony, according to him, is to prepare
                                                                                            were given away on Oct. 7 to mark the        Divine Mercy Youth Band will be held
consecrated into married life after           the couples and families in the new           feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Snack       at the Calaanan covered court on
a mass wedding ceremony last                  housing facilities not only physically but    and fellowship followed. The IDPs            November 11, 2012. During the season
Saturday, October 27, at the Xavier           also put them in a state where they can       expressed their joy and gratitude to         of Advent, there will be opportunities
University Immaculate Conception              receive the church’s sacraments and the       the group for their visit and the lovely     for recollection. n
Chapel.                                       graces of God.

                                                                                            WAF-CDO spearheads Block
    The ceremony, which started at                “This marks the presence of God in
around 9 in the morning, was intended         their family and society. I am very happy
to bring the blessings of matrimony           that other ministries - like the Family and
primarily to survivors of the Tropical
Storm Sendong. The mass wedding
was presided by Cagayan de Oro
                                              Life, Natural Family Planning Program,
                                              Prison ministry and the (community of)
                                              St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral –
                                                                                             Rosary at Brgy. Balulang
Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ. DD         helped in preparing the celebration,” he      By Charlito Lorzano                          Pimentel.
and concelebrated by three other priest       added.                                                                                        On October 7, feast of the Our Lady
from the Archdiocese.                             A reception followed right after the         The Block Rosary Team of the              of the Holy Rosary, the images of the
    The celebration was not just a simple     mass wedding at the Xavier University         Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro through        Our Lady of Fatima were distributed
ceremony since two other sacraments           Covered Court. A second batch of couples      the World Apostolate of Fatima (WAF)         to those who requested for the Block
were given in the whole-day event.            which numbers at least a hundred              CDO Division conducted an orientation        Rosary program of the Archdiocese.
A Confirmation rite was held prior to         will be consecrated into married on           and proper implementation of the                On September 1, the viewing of
the wedding rite. After the wedding,          November 17, same place and time. The         Block Rosary in the Holy Cross, Balulang     Marian films took place after the Block
children of the married couples were          event was also attended by government         upon the invitation of its chaplain, Fr.     Rosary program has ended. The viewing
also baptized and brought into the fold       officials of Cagayan de Oro and the           Glenn P. Pimentel on September 15,           was an added form of evangelization
of Roman Catholicism.                         province of Misamis Oriental. n               2012.                                        that won the interests of children and
                                                                                               The groups oriented were the              parents. Non-Catholics were also free

         CDO prelate blesses
                                                                                            occupants of Amakans, residents of           to view the films when there is Block
                                                                                            Orozena and Carinugan, Balongis, and         Rosary in the area. This activity is an
                                                                                                                                         ongoing project of the team.

         Sendong Memorial
                                                                                            Balulang proper. The orientation which
                                                                                            was held in Sitio Balongis to Centro            The World Apostolate of Fatima
                                                                                            Balulang ended mid of October, 2012.         has always been active in propagating
                                                                                               Last October 6, the World Apostolate      the devotion to the Blessed Virgin
    Ten months after Tropical Storm           recognition and remembrance of the                                                         Mary through the Block Rosary since
                                                                                            of Fatima sponsored the Scapular
Sendong struck Cagayan de Oro City and        names of those who perished, but most                                                      May of this year upon the request of
                                                                                            Investiture to all typhoon Sendong
Iligan City and claimed lives, a Sendong      importantly, we are interested in their                                                    Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ. Two
                                                                                            survivors who embraced the Block
memorial constructed at Golden Haven          eternal salvation. We are sure our God is                                                  Religious Congregations collaborating
                                                                                            Rosary devotion. Hundreds of people
Memorial Park at Barangay Bulua was           more than willing to give such spiritual                                                   with WAF to this Apostolate are the
                                                                                            attended the procession around
formally blessed and dedicated to all         favor.”                                                                                    Theresian Missionaries of Mary (TMM)
                                                                                            Barangay Balulang which culminated
victims on Thursday, October 25, 2012.            Fr. Magtrayo said the mass was                                                         and the Daughters of St. Paul (FSP) n
                                                                                            with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr.
    Cagayan de Oro City Archbishop            offered for the purpose of “storming
Antonio Ledesma, SJ, DD led the prayer        the heavens” with the petitions for
in the rite of blessing. A Eucharistic        the eternal repose of the souls of the
celebration was held before the blessing      Sendong victims.
and was celebrated by Fr. Eddie V.                Cynthia Villar, in her speech, said
Magtrayo, SSJV, Immaculate Conception         they built the memorial not to prolong
Parish Priest in barangay Bulua.              the sadness of losing loved ones or
    Fr. Magtrayo, in his homily, expressed    the hardships after losing homes and
his gratitude to the people behind            livelihoods. Rather, they built it so that
this monument for, according to him,          “we and the future generation will
it is indeed a remarkable and noble           always remember those who we lost
endeavor. The Sendong memorial was            and those who risk their own lives to
completed through the donation of the         help others survive.”
Villar Foundation headed by Senator               “We built the memorial to also
Manny Villar and former Las Piñas             remind us of our important role as
Representative Cynthia Villar.                stewards of our environment,” Ms. Villar
    “It somehow tells us that we are          said.
really connected with one another, we             The Sendong memorial comprises of
care for one another, and we share the        13 pillars bearing the names of people
grief of our brothers and sisters who         identified and confirmed to have died in
had encountered misfortunes in life,”         the disaster. A circular marker engraved
he said. “Moreover, the message is clear      with a dedication is in the center of the     WAF and chapel block rosary unit leaders with Balulang chaplain Fr. Glenn Pimentel
that we are not simply interested in the      memorial. n                                   (center, in white t-shirt) and images of Our Lady of Fatima. (Photo by Leonora Alinsub)
LAMDAG            Reflections
October 16 - November 20, 2012               7

Unearthing the Roots of Sacramental Presence                                             A reflection based on the talk of Bishop      knows and performs his role well yet

Our Environmental Crisis                                                                 Pablo David, DD,
                                                                                         during the 23th Alumni Homecoming of
                                                                                         St. John Vianney Theological Seminary
                                                                                                                                       at the same time conscious of his
                                                                                                                                       limitation. He shows great humility
                                                                                                                                       in accepting his task, acknowledging
                                                                                                                                       himself as unworthy before the Lord
                                                                                         by Sem. James Puracan
           (Fifth in a series)              nations”, that is, to be a founder of                                                      even in performing the lowly work of a
                                            the community of the human family.                        (First in a series)              servant, that is, untying the strap of his
By Fr. Eutiquio B. Belizar, Jr., SThD       This vision God tries to realize in                                                        sandals.
Impact Magazine                             Israel when he calls Moses to form a              Throughout the long history of the           This is the one virtue priests should
                                            people of his own choosing through           Church, her very nature has always been       emulate as sacramental leaders.
Saving the Environment is Only              whom he would call all nations, as           missionary. Her basic identity is that of     Whatever the priests do should always
Possible     Through     Solidarity         Isaiah would say (Is 56:6-8). Jesus          a pilgrim Church that continually works       point to Christ whom they represent.
(Realization of Community Among             continues the dream and the task             for the mission that Christ started. One      Presbyters should be mindful that
Humankind and God’s Creation)               when calls the Twelve as his inner           important aspect of this missionary           they are not called for themselves but
                                            circle, his own model community (Mt          Church is the constant recognition of         rather sent in the name of Christ and
    I always remember a haunting            10:2-5), sinners all but whom he calls       the role of the priest, who facilitates the   for the service of the Kingdom. They
song of the 1960s by Peter and              to “love one another as I have loved         ongoing mission as sacramental leader.        are to exercise their leadership in a way
Gordon (Peter Asher and Gordon              you” (Jn 15:12).                             It is imperative to perceive the ordained     that serves the mission of the Church
Waller), attributed originally to Paul          The other and more secular               minister as a sacramental leader whose        and not their own personal agenda.
                                                                                         work is to serve and lead the people of       The tension emerges when ministerial
McCartney and John Lennon but               name for community is ‘solidarity’.
                                                                                         God, the Church.                              obligations and personal concerns
which they entrusted to Peter and           This is what the salvation of the
                                                                                              Bishop David in his talk to the          compete, and when their will, vision
Gordon. It was titled ‘World Without        environment calls for. It means rich
                                                                                         alumni of St. John Vianney Theological        and authority are further challenged
Love’. The first verse is unforgettable:    nations and poor nations working                                                           by increasing pastoral demands and
                                                                                         Seminary during their 23rd Alumni
“Please lock me away/ And don’t             hand in hand to protect and care for                                                       personal issues to face. Priests are
                                                                                         Homecoming focused on sacramental
allow the day/ Here inside where I          the earth, the rich not imposing on                                                        not strangers to this reality, thus, they
                                                                                         leadership as one very important aspect
hide with my loneliness/ I don’t care       the poor more stringent laws that                                                          should all the more focus their gaze on
                                                                                         of priesthood. He anchored this idea on
what they say I won’t stay in a world       they had previously violated, the poor       Vatican II’s definition of sacrament as a     Jesus, whom they seek to follow, and
without love.” I would tell myself:         not committing the errors of the rich        sign and instrument of salvation, a sign      learn how he responded to the many
“You won’t stay in a world without          when their insatiable drive for wealth       and instrument of the sacred. Priesthood      contradicting issues of his time rather
love? Neither will I.” A world without      resulted in damaged nature. That is          therefore, according to him, is a sign        than take initiatives that are driven by
love is a world in which every man          to say, it is creating out of nations a      and instrument of God’s leadership.           an over-assertive ego.
lives only for himself, with little or      real, working community, concerned           The recognition of this reality creates           “Buhata sa imong kinabuhi ang
no concern for others or even for the       with their common wealth which               a difference in how priests regard            misteryo nga imong gisaulog.” These
world around him. This is the haven         is the earth and the welfare of the          themselves and look at the way they live      words of exhortation during ordination
for environmental degradation. This         environment, concerned with fellow           and exercise their sacred priesthood.         are uttered by the ordaining prelate
is the world without a community. It        humans in their needs as well as             This awareness helps priests realize          addressed to the candidate during
is a place no one wants because it is       in protecting the natural resources          that their priesthood is an indicative        the giving of the sacred vessels. The
a situation totally opposite to God’s       that supply those needs. This can            sign that represents God’s presence in        celebration of the Holy Eucharist can
purpose and plan for all creation.          only happen if Christ is recognized          the world. Their leadership role in the       shed new light in understanding the
                                                                                         community of the faithful is such that        call for authentic leadership in the lift
When God created the world, with            as the center and Savior of all
                                                                                         it is God who leads. This sacramental         of a priest. The Eucharist as a sacrament
man in it, he saw that it was “very         creation. St. Paul portrays the vision
                                                                                         leadership was further emphasized by          of love reveals the total self-giving of
good” (Gen 1:31) because there was          of a community of man and creation
                                                                                         Bishop David using the three distinct         Christ. Priests should live their lives
not only order and harmony; there           centered in Christ: “He is the image                                                       constantly in the service of the Church,
                                                                                         yet interconnected facets in the life of
was a community of man with man,            of the invisible God, the first born of                                                    wholly and without reserve. To die so
                                                                                         the ordained minister, namely, Kingly,
and man with the rest of creation. We       all creation. For in him were created                                                      that others may simply live. This is the
                                                                                         Priestly, and Prophetic.
hear of Adam’s joy-filled exclamation       all things in heaven and on earth,                                                         kind of leadership that is deeply rooted
                                                                                              Such sacramental role is made
when he meets Eve: “Here at last is         the visible and the invisible, whether       concrete      through     humility     and    in the heart of the Eucharist. Ang pari
the bone of my bone and the flesh of        thrones or dominions or principalities       truthfulness as manifested in the life        kinahanglan nga andam mohatag
my flesh” (Gen 2:23). That is the first     or powers, all things were created           of St. John the Baptist. “I baptize you       sa kaugalingon aron ang katawhan
human community where human                 through him and for him” (Col 1:15-          with water for repentance but one             mahibalik ug mahiduol ngadto sa Ginoo
persons discover love and the love          16).                                         who is more powerful than I is coming         nga iyang girepresentar.
discovered generates joy. Then God                                                       after me; I am not worthy to carry his
calls Abraham to be a “father of many                            (To be continued)       sandals” (Mt. 3:11). John the Baptist                                  (To be continued)

                         Human trafficking: a modern-day slavery
  By Mary Anne Padilla, FSP                 These women, mostly coming from the          our Christian teaching as Catholics,          religious sisters have developed social
                                            southern part of the Philippines, were       we are called to come to the aide and         service programs and partnered with
     My visit to Kuala Lumpur together      promised of a good job in Malaysia           protection of the poor and vulnerable,        other concerned groups to serve and
  with 50 Asian delegates to attend         but landed in forced prostitution. They      to give voice to the voiceless, and           protect the survivors.
  Signis Asia Assembly 2012 last October    are kept in a condominium in Kuala           to uphold the dignity of the human                I believe that we are all called to be
  1-4, was fascinating. This country that   Lumpur and at night are brought to           person. We need also to collaborate           aware of the injustices in our country
  is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural        pub houses to work as prostitutes.           with the Government and NGOs to               and across our nation. We are also called
  now called Asian tiger has grown to a         At first, I felt humiliated. However,    stop the traffickers who seek only to         to act upon injustices wherever we find
  modern and bustling city radiating an     when facts were told that majority           exploit them.                                 it. We can help the poor, the vulnerable
  enticing charm and fantastic people       of these women and children were                The      Social    Communications          and the oppressed, who are housed
  that stimulate interests to visitors..    deceived and swindled by recruiters,         Apostolate of the Archdiocese of              at social service agencies through our
     But amidst the bustling streets        even worst, by fellow Filipinas with         Cagayan de Oro joined Signis Asia and         apostolate. We can also pray for law
  of KL are young women and children        foreign husbands in Malaysia, I felt         other religious leaders in condemning         enforcers and for the conversion of the
  trafficked for the purpose of             a great sympathy, for they are like a        human trafficking. Institutions and           traffickers themselves. n
  commercial sexual exploitation and        sheep without a shepherd.
  forced labor. Women and children          They are caught up in a
  from Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand,          dreadful practice that
  China, Philippines, Burma, Cambodia,      could make them suffer
  Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and           alienation, disease, torture
  Vietnam are subsequently subjected to     and even death.
  these enslaving conditions.                   As a member of
     The information was completed          Signis, the international
  when a documentary film was shown         association of Catholic
  on the third day of the Signis meeting    media professionals, I
  held at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia last      support the statement of
  October. Surprisingly, among the          this year’s assembly to give
  Asian countries that were presented       visibility to the vulnerable.
  to the assembly were Filipino women       As Church Media who
                                            believe in the practice of
                                                                                     at the SIGNIS Asia Assembly 2012 view a documentary on sex trafficking and
  identified by the people as “Bisaya”.
                                                                           forced prostitution in Malaysia.
  30 more housing units
   awarded in Indahag
The NASSA & SAC-ACDO Caritas Village Shelter
Project in Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City held another
Thanksgiving Mass, blessing and awarding of 30 more
units to families displaced by Tropical Storm sendong
on September 29, 2012, the Feast of the archangels
Saints Michael, Rafael, and Gabriel. Cagayan de
Oro Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J. is pictured
handing over a unit’s ownership documents to a
family. [Photo by Eldon Bravo]

                                                                                                                                                       visits CDO,
                                                                                                                                                        October 16-29,
 At Eco-Church in Kauswagan, a young girl kisses the relic of St.
                                                                                                                                                       [Photos by Eldon Bravo]
 Joseph Marello.                                                              Fr. Nelson Osorio, OSJ prays over a man at the Healing Caravan.

           Bishop Cornelius Sim to the youth: proclaim the message of joy in faith
    Vicar Apostolic of Brunei Bishop          the process of paying the prize that          the World Youth Day in 2008. It is an      planned with the leadership of the
Cornelius Sim, D.D., delivered a talk         needs surrendering of one’s self, with all    activity of the Archdiocesan Youth         new AYA Director, Rev. Fr. Remel O. Mag-
to 1,825 young people during the              our understanding, will and feelings. In      Apostolate (AYA) held every two years.     usara, SSJV.
Archdiocesan Youth Day (AYD) held at          moments of trials and difficulties one        The Archdiocesan Youth Coordinating            Inspired by the second Filipino and
St. Rita Parish, Balingasag on October        can still stand up with joy.                  Council (AYCC) prepares the AYD            first Visayan Saint Pedro Calungsod
27, 2012, in which he encouraged them             “If you have come to experience           conceptual plan and proposes activities    and his values and principles, the
to proclaim Jesus’ mission of joy in faith,   his love it is impossible not to share it,    adopted from the World Youth Day           AYD organizers hosted the “St. Pedro
a joy that is not outer happiness rather a    because the impact is so powerful and         (WYD) celebrations and other national      Calungsod Poster Making Contest”,
joy that is in the inner heart.               you want it to share it to people,” the       and regional youth gatherings. AYD         whose winners awarded by the
    “Joy is deeper than happiness. It is      prelate said.                                 activities are based on themes chosen      Social Communication Apostolate
lasting even when things are not going            “Joy is the essence of our Christian      by the Holy Father for every celebration   are: Balingasag District (1st Prize),
well. Happiness is what happens to you.       faith, without joy there is no faith. If we   of the World Youth Day. It is a jubilant   West District (2nd Prize), and the
Joy is what is produced in you,” said         say we are Christians, we must carry          gathering for young people to exchange     Transparochial Group - youth from
Bishop Sim.                                   joy in us. Hence, we have a mission to        experiences and to deepen their faith      religious groups and schools mainly
    The Prelate explained that joy is a       accomplish, a responsibility is to witness    through catechisms, animations, games,     in the campus ministry (3rd Prize).
personal experience of God’s love to us       the joy of Christ,” Bishop Sim further        social affairs, community involvement      Consolation Prizes were given to City
that one has to undergo the process of        stressed.                                     activities, and alike.                     East District, Initao District, and Gingoog
finding what God has in a person, and             AYD began in 2010, inspired by                This year’s AYD was crafted and        District. [Lamdag News CDO] n

                                                                                                   Youth Day 2012
                                                                                                                   October 27, 2012
                                                                                            Vicar Apostolic of Brunei Bishop Cornelius Sim presides at a Mass assisted by AYA
                                                                                            director Fr. Remel Mag-usara, right (above left) attended by over 1,825 young
                                                                                            people from all over the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro at St. Rita’s Parish in
                                                                                            Balingasag, Misamis Oriental (above right). [Photos by Eldon Bravo] AYD
                                                                                            participants gather in a circle for prayer (lower left) [Photo courtesy of AYA].

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