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best rhinoplasty surgeon reshape and mold your nose bone and cartilage to better fit your unique bone structure.

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									Are you ready for Rhinoplasty?
Are you prepared for Rhinoplasty?
Best Rhinoplasty

          A rhinoplasty augments the size
           and shape of a nose to improve its
           aesthetic appearance and to also
           improve breathing functions.

          However, the aim of the procedure
           is not to give an individual “the
           perfect nose”.
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•   The rhinoplasty can be performed
    using two different techniques: the
    open technique and the closed

•   The open technique requires an
    incision to be made between the
    nostrils at the columnella.

•   This allows the skin to be separated
    and pulled up, revealing the inner
    nasal structure.
  Choose from Closed or open Rhinoplasty

 The other technique is a closed rhinoplasty. In a closed
  rhinoplasty the cosmetic surgeon will not make any
  incisions on the outside of the nose.

 Instead he or she will work through the individual’s
  nostrils and all incisions will be made on the interior of
  the nose.

 The skin will still be separated from the bone and inner
  nasal structure, yet it will not be pulled away to reveal
  the interior of the nose
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who are thinking of undergoing rhinoplasty in Los Angeles should fully
research beforehand and understand the expected result as well as any
complications or risks that might ensue. Like any other surgery, rhinoplasty
can lead to undesired results or complications.
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