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					                                                      Newsletter - Summer 2008



I have been very fortunate this year. I have had the pleasure to be able to travel much of the spring. I have been to
San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, New York, The Hamptons, Cocoa Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. It is truly a joy to be
able to see places I love and to get to know new places along the way.

If you think that feng shui could benefit you or someone in your area, please feel free to contact us to see about
setting up travel.

For those of you who don't know, I made a decision in May to help fundraise for a local business that has a special
place in my heart: Liberation Yoga Center in Los Angeles. The center was hit with some unforeseen water damage
which affected the floors, the pipes and the community as a whole.

I had offered to donate a portion of my feng shui income for two months to Liberation.

Thanks to the abundance of clients and the incredibly generous donations from several people we were able to
help to raise over $4000 for them! Christine and Gary, were moved to tears by the incredible gift. Thank you for
everything you did on their behalf! It was truly inspiring to see so many people come out in support of this cause.

*SIXTH SENSE_LA: A Conscious Events Company
I have recently helped to launch a conscious event company with a dear friend and colleague, Ms. Julie Zipper.
Together we have created SixthSenseLA.

It is designed to go beyond the five senses and actually bring the sixth sense: Energy. We take into account
everything in the environment, both seen and unseen. We can help create an intimate dinner party or a large scale
event (and everything in between.) Our energy-muses can infuse any event with the most positive vibes

We have been asked to create The Zen Zone at an event at Griffith Park on September 21st in honor of
International Peace Day. The event is being co hosted by Jane Goodall and Pierce Brosnan (whose wife is the
keynote speaker.) They are expecting over 5,000 people and will be open to the public!

For more information on the company, please click here;


I hope that this newsletter finds you at the sweet spot of summer. It has been an incredibly challenging couple of
months for many people (and for some of you, it still may be.) Many people I know have been making
uncomfortable sacrifices, taking on extra jobs and "batten down the hatches" to prepare for the worst that this
economic storm has to offer...
The recurring theme here seems to be an underlying
sense of not having enough. Not having enough time, not
having enough energy and not having enough help.

Underneath everything, there seem to be feelings of fear,
concern and helplessness.

One question is what, if anything, can you do?

I believe that crisis presents opportunity. They aren't
always fun to go through, but a crisis really is the time of
transformation between an old way of doing things and a
new way of approaching our lives. When things are
working, we tend to relax and feel safe and life is grand.
Sometimes when one area becomes stressed, the reverse becomes true. A challenge in one area (health, wealth,
career or love) can tend to spill into other areas and affect the overall quality of our lives.

And yet some of the people I have been working with have shared a different story. I know actors who are still
booking work within a national recession and a looming "strike" within our industry. I know a yoga teacher who is
traveling around the country teaching workshops and retreats who is experiencing no observable downturn in
business. I know of several people in both fitness and the healing arts who are still booked solid. I know people
who are in sales who are experiencing incredible record growth months. This is in all parts of the country, big cities
and smaller more rural areas.

My question has been what is the common thread amongst those who are succeeding during this time?

The three things that I have come up with are:
         ENERGY (Prana, Chi)

         This can be feng shui, exercise, mantra meditation, spending time in nature, cooking healthy live foods,
         sending and receiving love, spending times focusing on positive thoughts and prayer.

         It is essential to know what you want and have clear intentions. It is also essential that as things
         externally don't look the way you wish them to be that you focus more of your attention on the parts that
         are working than the areas that aren't. It doesn't mean ignore the areas that are not how you wish them
         to be, but rather take in what isn't working for you, take action on those things and then begin to shift your
         focus back onto what is already abundant, healthy and flowing in your life.

         My dear friend is a writer who loves the phrase
                                          "WHEN YOU PRAY, MOVE YOUR FEET"
                                                   -West African Proverb

          It doesn't really matter what you pray to. You can pray to your family, to your higher self, to God, or to a
          field of energy. You can pray to your body, to your unborn child or to your soulmate. You can pray to a
          cup of coffee, your surfboard, your car or to things both known and unknown. Your prayer can be silent,
          or aloud. In words or emotions. The most important thing is to ask clearly and then be quiet enough to
          receive your answer.
See if you can look around your home and address three things:
    1. See if you can notice anything that is draining your energy. These can include windows, stairs, drains or
          garbage cans. It can include neighbors, electronic devices or your home may be on a slope. Address
          these items immediately. If you don't know how to do this, buy a book on feng shui, listen to some of the
          podcasts on my site (they're free!) or if you are still lost, contact me for a consultation.
    2. Remove clutter. Fix the broken items. Clean your space. You will have more access to life energy if you
          aren't surrounded by things that are not serving you.
    3. Place items that represent your clear intentions around your living environment. These can be images
          that you hide, a vision board or symbols of the things you are intending to create more of. This will help
          you focus more on what you do want than focusing on the things you don't want.
Our home is our foundation. It is the sanctuary which allows us to rest and rejuvenate before we emerge and face
the world. If our home is in chaos, disorder or we generally don't like it, how can that not affect the outside parts of
our life?

Rather than making your home the last thing that gets your attention, consider making it the first priority and enact
the changes you wish to see in the world.

Have a blessed rest of your summer,


Remote Feng Shui:
I have clients who live in different parts of the country (and the world) and some of them aren't always able to
make it to my workshops or retreats so I have been working with clients using the phone and internet. We look at
drawings, blueprints, and photographs and through discussing the layout I am able to consult with people virtually.

New Client Special:
If you or someone you know would like to experience what I do, you can tell them to mention the promocode: Win-
Win and they can receive 25% off their first feng shui consultation with me.

Give the Gift of Shway:
You can give the gift of feng shui (or life coaching) to someone you feel could benefit from it. I will create for you a
gift certificate which you can present for a special birthday, anniversary or holiday present.

We accept cash, check and credit cards.


"As a life coach, Ariel has an uncanny ability to bring a fresh perspective to any problem or issue presented to him.
Without a trace of judgment, he gently turns you in a new direction ... one where freedom lies waiting. If you want
to reach new heights in your career, relationship or life, you couldn't have a wiser or more spiritually grounded
coach to help you succeed."

           Regina Leeds, The Zen Organizer and NY Times bestselling author of "One Year To An Organized Life"

"I came to Ariel with some skepticism. I'm was curious about feng shui, but not necessarily a "believer." In fact, I
wasn't even sure I wanted to continue to live in my apartment, so why bother shui-ing it to begin with? Ariel quickly
addressed my concerns and showed me that fueg shui could have some direct, tangible results in my every day
quality of life, even if my apartment was only a transitional living situation. That made sense to me. And if all the
mystical crap kicked in later, I thought, all the better.

So in the session we talked about my goals and aspirations, and Ariel suggested some simple changes to my
living situation based on these areas in my life that I wanted to improve. He was supportive and thoughtful and
extremely present. The immediate result was that my apartment was a much more enjoyable place to live in, and I
wasn't so anxious to move out of it. I was quite satisfied with the session and was really happy with my "feng shui"

Flash forward five moths later, I'm now moving into what very well may be my "dream" apartment. I can afford it
and it is spacious and old and has great view of downtown and I love it. I can't believe I get to live here. My
professional life has also lurched forward. I've started booking TV jobs that were previously out of reach and have
just signed with a huge agency that is kicking my commercial career into gear. Strangely enough, these were two
of the goals that Ariel and I talked about in our session. And now they've "manifested" themselves, which is weird
and wonderful, and for which I am extraordinarily grateful. Thanks Ariel!

                                                                                                 -Alex S. (Los Angeles)

"Working with Ariel was a dream come true. He helped to transform not only my apartment, but my life. I constantly
have people telling me what a great "vibe" my apartment has, and that the energy of my home is wonderful.
Whenever I make plans with friends, inevitably we end up back at my place, because everyone simply prefers to
spend time there. I can feel the energy as well, and I am aware that it has aided in the revival and improvement of
all facets of my being. I am so grateful to Ariel for both his wisdom and caring in his life-coaching, and also for
giving me the sublime gift of feng shui."

                                                                                                 -Sam R. (New York)

"I am 33 years old. I have been married 6 years and have two beautiful children that are 6 and 4 years of age. Last
year at age 32, I learned from my gynecologist that I had cancerous cells and was sent to an oncologist. The
oncologist informed me that I was facing a total hysterectomy. I shared this news with Ariel and he immediately
wanted to help me. I was open to try anything, so, I asked the oncologist for more time before we did anything
drastic. I was granted 6 weeks. We began talking on the phone. Together, we began a detox and healing. I began
a Master Cleanse to rid my body of toxins. Ariel talked me through a detox of negative energy. He truly has a gift
for listening, asking the right questions, and getting to the source of any negative energy that has been hiding out
in your system. As hard and painful as it was to face the source of what ailed me, it was worth it for my new found
peace. He walked me through the acknowledgment and forgiveness of the things that were killing me internally.
He, also, helped me learn a mantra for healing. I said this mantra 108 times a day for close to 40 days. The
Cleanse, the Mantra, and Ariel's life coaching miraculously restored my health. When I went back for another
biopsy after 6 weeks, the oncologist could find nothing. He was so puzzled, he ordered me to return every 6 weeks
for 5 more months to reexamine. I continued to work with Ariel, say the mantras and cleanse my system. Within 6
months, the oncologist cleared me and I am now cancer free (with all of my own parts :) I truly believe that Ariel
helped me to heal myself. Together, we beat the cancer. It took a major scare to get my life on the right track, but I
have no doubt that the new track I am on is the right one. I have no doubt that Ariel has a special gift to help
people restore balance to their lives, whether it is internally with Life Coaching, or externally with Feng Shui. "

                                                                                                 -Angela M. (Florida)


How to Create a Sacred Space with Ariel Towne & Regina Leeds

Saturday, September 27th, 2008, Golden Bridge Yoga Center, NYC
Morning 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m (Creating Sacred Space through Organizing)
Afternoon 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Creating Sacred Space through Feng Shui)

Cost: Advance registration $100/ 2 Session
$55 each session until September 20th

When you look around your home do you feel like your environment is a sacred space? A fitting home for your
soul? Can your life's work be discovered and accomplished with ease in this environment? Are you eager to have
friends and family over to share your home?

Feng shui guru Ariel Towne & New York Times bestselling author Regina Leeds will help show you a way out of
the chaos and into a place of both inner and outer peace, show you how your home is literally a metaphor- a magic
mirror- to all that you are experiencing, and answer specific questions about your home or work environments.

"How to Create a Sacred Space"

Part I: Drawing from her books : The Zen of Organizing, The Idiots Guide to Decluttering and the NY Times
bestselling book: One year to an Organized Life, Regina will help show you a way out of the chaos and into a place
of not inner and outer peace.

Part II: In feng shui there is a saying: " What's going on in your space is going on in your life." Using sacred
principles of energy, beauty and flow, Ariel will help you look at your surroundings, physical and mental, and show
you how your home is literally a metaphor- a magic mirror- to all that you are experiencing.

Part III: Q&A: Regina and Ariel will answer specific questions about your home of work environments.

Regina Leeds has been called the Best Organizer in LA by Los Angeles Magazine. An author of five books, her
most recent book One Year to an Organized Life hit the New York Times Bestseller list and is already on its third
printing. Currently based in Los Angeles, her clientele runs the gamut from movie stars to business people and

Download PDF


Anusara Yoga and Feng Shui:
Illuminate your body, Exalt your home
and Take Your Life to the Next Level in 2009!

January 9th, 10th and 11th at OMtime Yoga in Boulder, CO
With Amy Ippoliti and Ariel Joseph Towne

This new year, commit to self-expansion through a new exploration into Anusara Yoga and Feng Shui and
discover how the integration of these two art forms can amplify your hearts most important desires and bring them
into manifestation.

When you look around your home do you feel energized and excited, or depleted and overwhelmed? Can your
life's purpose be discovered and accomplished with ease? Is your bedroom a romantic sanctuary? Is there space
for YOU?

In an age where clutter finds its way into our heads, homes and hearts, it can be a challenge to hear those
whispers of intuition that life has to offer.

In feng shui there is a saying: "What's going on in your space is going on in your life." Using sacred principles of
energy, beauty and flow, Ariel will help you to contemplate your surroundings, physical and mental, and show you
how your home is literally a metaphor - a magic mirror - to all that you are experiencing. Amy will guide you with a
practice of Anusara Yoga that integrates these teachings shows you how to embody them in a way that inspires
clarity, action and results.

In this Breakthrough Weekend, Discover:
      • How to get clear about your intentions for 2009 and beyond and become a deliberate creator of own
           reality through the practice of Anusara Yoga and feng shui.
      • How Anusara Yoga's three A's (Attitude, Alignment and Action) are the perfect complement to the
           practice of feng shui and how you can transform your life through both your yoga mat and your home.
      • How to make a feng shui map of your space to help transform your home right away.
      • How to shift elements within your space/home to enhance precise areas of your life such as career and
           life path, love and relationship, wealth, wisdom and knowledge, family, fame and reputation, creativity
           and children, benefactors, health and vitality.

Class Schedule
Friday, January 9, 2009: 6:00-9:00pm
Saturday, January 10, 2009: 12:00-3:00pm & 6:00-9:00pm
Sunday, January 11, 2009: 12:00-3:00pm

OmTime Boulder

Early Bird Registration before December 26th, $175

Pre-registration is highly suggested to attend this weekend with Amy Ippoliti and Ariel Joseph Towne. To register,
visit the events section on or call 720.565.6115.

About Amy Ippoliti: A student of yoga for 22 years, Amy has studied extensively with John Friend since 1998,
including apprenticing with him on his national tours. She has studied closely with Tantric philosopher and
renowned scholar, Dr. Douglas Brooks since 1999. She is known for her life-affirming and exuberant teaching
style, offering her life experience with the potent Universal Principles of Alignment, elegant Tantric yoga
philosophy, and therapeutics that embody Anusara Yoga. Amy travels internationally, presenting at yoga
conferences, retreats, Immersions, workshops and teacher trainings. She is a member of the faculty at Kripalu and
Omega Institute.

Book time with The Feng Shui Guy!

Seattle, Washington                             08/29-09/02
New York                                        09/22-09/29
Florida                                         November 2008
New York                                        December 2008
Boulder, CO                                     January 2009

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As you know, Ariel is "The Feng Shui Guy." He finally gave in and created his brand, his logo and a new website.
Check it out:


We should know more in late September.


More details to follow shortly...

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