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                                             Accommodations Facilities In Kedarnath by Anima Sharma
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                                            Article Posted: 11/19/2012
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                          Kedarnath Dham is a holy pilgrimage from all Char Dham tour, which was established by Adi Shankara in the ninth century,
                          is an important sanctuary of Char Dham Yatra complete. This sacred temple is located at gigantic height of 12000 feet                     Advertiser Login
    Collecting (9 8 6 9 )
                          bounded by Rudra Himalaya ranges. Surprisingly, Kedarnath temple yatra takes place in the mountain namely "Cedar".
                          This holy temple is also considered as the most famous Shivasthalams Incredible India. On the other hand, there is a
(10 4 17 7 )
                          strong religious belief that a prayer offered here fulfills all desires of visitors who yearn. It is not famous as one of the most
    Computers             sacred and one of the Char Dham's but also a hub to adventures especially as it holds a magnetic attraction for trekkers.
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    Construction         The Kedarnath tour gets more exciting with the combination of comfort and pleasure that you get in the hotels which offers                    90 Days- 1.5 Million Views
(27 0 51)                the best of hotel accommodation services to tourists and the tour makes it really an easy for all. Consider staying in one
    Consumer             of the above and best of this holy town hotels that offer more than just a place to rest your head at night providing world
(354 7 4 )               class services to their customers and services them at the best:

    Cooking (14 9 59 )
    Copywriting                                                                        Punjab Sindh Awas Kedarnath: Hotel Punjab Sindh Awas is one of
(527 6 )                                                                               the best hotels in Kedarnath with more comfortable facilities
    Crafts (137 9 6 )                                                                  and worth staying with capacity. The rooms have a coz y
    Cuisine (59 8 2)                                                                   atmosphere, with two types of rooms classified as double rooms
    Current Affairs                                                                    and four beded. All rooms have attached bathroom and toilets.
(14 7 9 7 )                                                                            Provide room service 24 hours backup power at moderate
    Dating (38 6 51)                                                                   prices.
    EBooks (157 16 )
                                         Holiday Inn Hotels
                                                                                       Gayatri Sadan Kedarnath: Gayatri Sadan tucked just 50 meters
    E-Commerce              Best Price Guarantee at Official Site - Book               from the main temple offers the best hosting service for Kedarnath
(4 0 6 6 4 )
                                          Today & Save!                                pilgrims. It provides with standard double beds and four beds with
    Education                                                                          the best vegetarian cuisines pleasant for tourists.
(138 0 18 )                       
    Electronics                                                                        Rajasthan Sadan Kedarnath: Rajasthan Sadan is tucked just 150
(6 9 6 15)                                                                             meters below the Kedarnath Temple. The hotel has standard
    Email (54 6 3)                                                                     double beds with all the facilities to add to the convenience of
    Entertainment                                                                      traveler. The stunning sight of Meru and Sumeru parwat Hotel
(136 10 1)                                                                             looks imposing and wonderful, giving the best tourist
    Environment                                                                        accommodation.
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 Ezine (27 6 1)            Being a temple town, Kedarnath is full of pilgrims and tourists in the months of April to June. The whole city is full of pilgrims
 Ezine                     during the festival times and it's time for tour operators to organiz e special travel packages to here. From the main point is
Publishing (519 5)         the temple of this place, the tour is organiz ed in view of the places around the temple only. It is a place not only for
                           pilgrims but also for tourists. You get to know more about these packages and the nature of them while reading.
 Ezine Sites
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                           There are many travel agents who offer various tours packages to this temple town. The package is for 5 nights and 6
 Family &                  days. The price will be provided upon request. They take you from Delhi on a road trip to one of the most sacred
Parenting (10 0 116 )      pilgrimage destinations and exotic. You feel colder as you go up the mountains that reach here. The coldness that makes
 Fashion &                 you feel very nice. The package includes all transfers and tourist attractions on the route of travel, including breakfast.
Cosmetics (16 7 7 4 0 )    Accommodation is in the best hotels, with the best facilities.
Entrepreneurs     is a chain of Eco friendly lodges and luxury camps with the base for many of its varied activities
(10 6 0 9 )                that include white water rafting, trekking etc. They also offer different holiday and tours packages like Camps in Char
  Finance &                Dham, hotels in Badrinath, Indian Himalayas tour and many more.
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Description: Kedarnath Dham is a holy pilgrimage from all Char Dham tour, which was established by Adi Shankara in the ninth century, is an important sanctuary of Char Dham Yatra complete.