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					 BP Establishes Initial Four
    Year £4.5million UK
Undergraduate Scholarship
• London, 19 November 2012, BP, one of the UK’s leading
  graduate recruiters, today announced the launch of a new
  scholarship programme for talented science, technology,
  engineering and maths (STEM) undergraduates studying at
  nine     selected     universities  across    the    UK.
  In its first year, the £450,000 BP scholarship programme will
  provide 90 scholarships, each worth £5,000, and will be open
  to nine universities to support ten scholars each. As the
  programme is rolled out over the initial four years, it will be
  expanded year on year, providing a total scholarship fund of up
  to £4.5million. The fund will then progress as an annual
  scholarship programme providing funding of up to £1.8million
  each year.
• The universities selected to take part are: Durham University, Imperial College
  London, University of Bath, University of Birmingham, University of
  Cambridge, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, University of
  Oxford,            and            University         of           Strathclyde.
  Aimed at building capacity in skills and knowledge that is greatly needed in the
  energy industry, the scholarship programme focuses on supporting the education
  and development of the next generation of engineers and scientists.
  Undergraduate students can apply for the scholarship based on the completion of
  an online application form, ability test, and a face-to-face interview with BP.
• Emma Judge, Head of graduate resourcing, BP, commented; “STEM graduates’
  problem solving and quick thinking capabilities help drive innovation and
  development in business. BP is committed to investing in tomorrow’s talent, from
  all social backgrounds, and preparing students for long and successful careers –
  and we’d like them to be in the energy sector.”
• Judge added; “We hope the scholarship fund will lighten students’
  concerns about funding their further education in today’s economic
  climate, and encourage more of the brightest and best minds to
  continue         to        study         STEM            subjects.”
  Professor Colin Bailey, Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of
  Engineering & Physical Sciences at The University of Manchester
  said; “We’re delighted to have been selected for the BP scholarship
  programme. It will give our students the opportunity to realise their
  full potential and the additional financial support will enable them to
  concentrate on their studies. Engagement with students in their early
  years can really make a difference and help give them a clearer
  picture of the corporate landscape, so it’s great to see a company like
  BP       working       with      academia        in      this     way.”
• As part of its on-going commitment to supporting
  education in the UK and abroad, this is the fifth year BP
  has been offering scholarships to high performing
  students. Hundreds of students have benefitted from the
  programme to the tune of £7.3million since 2007.
About BP's Undergraduate
scholarship programme:
• In each year of their degree BP Scholars will be invited to
  participate in a range of activities both on campus and on
  site with BP. These will include a two to three day
  interactive event designed to help students understand
  more about the oil and gas industry, with the opportunity
  to shadow a BP intern for two to three days during the
  summer, as well as early access to apply for both the BP
  Internship programme and graduate programme.
• Students will be expected to maintain an appropriate
  academic standard in order to continue to receive the
• The scholarship is not intended to cover fees but support
  living costs.
• BP is aiming to recruit over 200 graduates in 2013 for
  career opportunities in science, technology, engineering
  and business.
• For more information please visit: www.bp/careers
• For further information, contact:
• Capital MSL:

    Liam Clark,
    Associate Director:
    020 7307 5345
    Michael Kinirons,
    Account Director:
    020 7307 5336

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