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yahoo mobile servise


									Mobile Services

Yahoo! Mobile offers services for email, instant messaging, and mobile blogging, as well as
information services, searches and alerts. Servies for the camera phone include entertainment and
ring tones.

Yahoo introduced its Internet search system, called OneSearch, for mobile phones on March 20,
2007. The results include news headlines, images from Flickr, business listings, local weather
and links to other sites. Instead of showing only, for example, popular movies or some critical
reviews, one Search lists local theaters that at the moment are playing the movie, along with user
ratings and news headlines regarding the movie. A zip code or city name is required for
OneSearch to start delivering local search results.

The results of a Web search are listed on a single page and are prioritized into categories.[31]

As if 2012 Yahoo used Novarra's mobile content transcoding service for OneSearch.[32]

On October 8, 2010, Yahoo announced plans to brings video chat to mobile phones via Yahoo


Yahoo offers shopping services such as Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Autos, Yahoo Real Estate and
Yahoo Travel, which enables users to gather relevant information and make commercial
transactions and purchases online. Yahoo Auctions were discontinued in 2007 except for Asia.[34]

Small business

Yahoo provides business services such as Yahoo DomainKeys, Yahoo Web Hosting, Yahoo
Merchant Solutions, Yahoo Business Email and Yahoo Store to small business owners and
professionals allowing them to build their own online stores using Yahoo's tools.[citation needed]


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Yahoo Search Marketing provides services such as Sponsored Search, Local Advertising and
Product/Travel/Directory Submit that let different businesses advertise their products and
services on the Yahoo network.

Following the closure of a "beta" version on April 30, 2010, the Yahoo Publisher Network was
relaunched as an advertising tool that allows online publishers to monetize their websites through
the use of site-relevant advertisements.[35]
Yahoo launched its new Internet advertisement sales system on February 5, 2007, called Panama.
It allows advertisers to bid for search terms to trigger their ads on search results pages. The
system considers bids, ad quality, clickthrough rates and other factors in ranking ads. Through
Panama, Yahoo aims to provide more relevant search results to users, a better overall experience,
and to increase monetization.[36]

On April 7, 2008, Yahoo announced APT from Yahoo, which was originally called AMP from
Yahoo,[37] an online advertising management platform.[38] The platform simplifies advertising
sales by unifying buyer and seller markets. The service was launched in September 2008.[39]

In September 2011, Yahoo formed an ad selling strategic partnership with 2 of its top
competitors, AOL and Microsoft.[40]

Yahoo! Next

Main article: Yahoo! Next

Yahoo! Next is an incubation ground for future Yahoo technologies currently undergoing testing.
It contains forums for Yahoo users to give feedback to assist in the development of these future
Yahoo technologies.[41]

Yahoo! BOSS

Main article: Yahoo! Search BOSS

Yahoo! Search BOSS is a service that allows developers to build search applications based on
Yahoo's search technology.[42] Early Partners in the program include Hakia, Me.dium, Delver,
Daylife and Yebol.[43]

In early 2011 the program switched to a paid model using a cost-per-query model from $0.40 to
$0.75 CPM (cost per 1000 BOSS queries). The price, as Yahoo explained, depends on whether
the query is of web, image, news or other information.[44]

Yahoo! Meme

Main article: Yahoo! Meme

Yahoo! Meme is a beta social service, similar to the popular social networking sites Twitter and


Y!Connect enables individuals to leave comments in online publication boards by using their
Yahoo ID, instead of having to register with individual publications. The Wall Street Journal
reported that Yahoo plans to mimic this strategy used by rival Facebook Inc. to help drive traffic
to its site.[45]
Yahoo! Accessibility

Yahoo has invested resources to increase and improve access to the internet for the disabled
community through the Yahoo Accessibility Lab.[46]

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