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          Days of Our Lives
       Chanukah 5767                                    a Women   for Life! Publication                       Issue 36

                  In This Issue                                                About Women for Life!
                                        Editorial         1
                     Jews take birthdays seriously.
                          A Letter from Lori              2
                 Lori (Laya) Lurie sends regards.
       Exploitation of Our Daughters                      3
The fashion world, says Devorah (Lucille) Ballin                         Women for Life! is an independent organisation
holds a lure precisely tailored for the young minds               which was formed to unite Sydney’s Jewish women in
  and hearts of our daughters. As Jewish mothers,                 programs of Jewish learning and to create forums for
    we are obligated to help them (and ourselves)                 manifesting their talents.
                         overcome the temptations.
              Women for Life! Happenings                  3
  Learn about the resources on our website. Also,                 In recent history, Jews never really paid much attention to
 this issue contains a review of our recent N’Shei                their birthdays. But with Moshiach on the way, we are
 U’Bnos Chabad Convention which took place in                     learning to appreciate the significance of every facet of
                          Sydney in August, 2006.
                                                                  G-d’s existence. There must be a purpose even in
                       The Importance of                  8       The Torah tells us that birthdays are an opportunity. A
                   Vitamins in Pregnancy                          birthday is a marker in our lives which invites us to make
We are pleased to reintroduce a missed feature of                 a personal accounting. Have we lived up to our goals?
  our newsletter: articles related to medical issues              Are we using our talents to help others? On a birthday
 and women’s health – and the spiritual impact of                 one should review her life history and seek ways to
     health matters, where applicable. Pharmacist                 improve the areas that need improvement through
 Aviva Barel joins our team with an article about                 Teshuvah, coming closer to HaShem.
nutrition during pregnancy, a topic she gets asked                A birthday gives a fresh start for the coming year. Like a
                                  about all the time.             personal Rosh HaShana, it is a chance to make a realistic
                Heavenly Compensation                     8       commitment to changing for the better, accepting upon
Shoshana Monk’s story this issue makes us think                   oneself an increase in Jewish observance.
   deeply about the heavenly ramifications of our                 It offers a chance to get friends together and celebrate life
       actions. A story just in time for Chanukah.                and our relationships and to increase in goodness as a
     Save Money in the Supermarket                      10        group and as individuals. As one has the power of
   Ettie-Chana Smith returns this issue with her                  “mazalo gover” (one’s soul powers are at a peak) on
   money-saving tips. We can all use ideas in this                one’s birthday, it is customary to bless all our loved ones
                        area in the supermarket!                  on our birthday.
      Sponsors / Busy Body Column                       11        On the day, we should put more time and effort into our
                                                                  prayers. It is also a time for increasing Torah study and
                    What’s Cooking                      12        giving tzedaka (charity). For children’s birthday parties, a
 Fast Fixings for Summer - more easy and simple                   clever way to accomplish this goal is to hand out coins at
 but delicious and nutritious dinners. Enjoy these                the party for each child to drop into a charity box. Some
        delights from Shoshana Monk’s kitchen!                    people learn a Torah thought to present to friends at their
                                        3 Inserts                 party.
       Take the enclosed offer for a special Pesach               The book of Psalms has 150 chapters. Each day we say
   getaway and put it on your fridge. It is a chance              the chapter which corresponds to our age (i.e., if we are
 to have a kosher vacation and a luxurious Pesach                 20, we say chapter 21 for being in our 21st year). On your
  full of Torah learning and activities for all ages.             birthday we begin saying the chapter which corresponds
  There are special packages available for singles!               to our new age.
       Book now and look forward to a great time!                 If possible, we say the blessing of Shehecheyanu on a
      The enclosed candle-lighting brochure is into               new fruit as a special way to praise HaShem on the day.
the times of the second year. If you still have your              Happy Birthday to one and all!
  old one, find a friend to share this new one with                                                    Gavriella Aber, Editor
               and spread more light in the world!
   Put the Hatzolah sticker on your phone / fridge.

                                                                            Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 1
                                                            must be aware that they are being exploited. Instead of
            A Letter from Lori                              being thrust into the competition, they should have a
               By Lori (Laya) Lurie                         healthy perspective on their actual worth and on the
           (co-founder of Women for Life!)                  true definition of success. Everyone wants to look as
                                                            good as they can. But this aim must be tempered with a
Unfortunately, Gavriella told me that there is no space     true understanding of our personal goals. Our inner
for a ‘Letter from Lori’ in this edition as it is packed.   beauty is of foremost importance. It is more important
However, I would like to send everyone in Australia         that her personality is developing in positive ways than
my warm wishes from Jerusalem and wish you all a            that her hair is perfect.
very happy Chanukah. Chanukah sameach,
                                                            Society encourages women to want to be portrayed as
                                       Love Lori (Laya)     objects of desire. Young women are encouraged to
                                                            show off their natural beauty - by baring all for
  Exploitation of our Daughters                             everyone to see. Little girls are influenced to appear
            By Devorah (Lucille) Ballin                     like teenagers. Older women are coaxed to look as
                                                            young and trim as they can. Even the fitness industry
Recently I was talking to a non-Jewish lady I work          that motivates us to be healthy has been exploited with
with and she commented that the ‘bare everything’           gym fashions. If you are fit, you wear gym clothes
style of dress young women wear today actually does         even outside the gym. The trend to go to a gym has
them a disservice. She said that it draws attention away    recently “advanced” to new heights with the latest fad,
from who a woman actually is, focusing more on what         young girls going to nightclubs to “keep fit” by doing
her face and body look like. It is a put down of a          pole dancing, in which they demonstrate seductive
woman and the many qualities she possesses. Instead         moves.
the fashions turn a woman into an object of sexual          Advertisers exploit men also, encouraging them to be
desire; a play thing like a toy, not a real person. I was   voyeurs. Men are bombarded with advertising which
surprised at her comments because I thought of this         features scantily dressed women to advertise just about
issue as a religious value and did not expect a person      every product. Advertisers know that the weak point of
with a modern cultural perspective like herself to hold     the male psyche is that they find it hard not to look.
these views.
                                                            This preoccupation with the human form is a major
The beauty business has gone a long way in the last 10      factor in the development of self esteem problems.
years. Young women have access to treatments that           Relationships are greatly affected by the societal
were previously only available to movie stars. They         messages which distort people’s perceptions about
have embraced this wholeheartedly to the point where        appropriate behaviour and dress. The superficial
manicures, pedicures, hairdressing, facials and hair        expectations society imposes in these areas results in
removal have become essential treatments done on a          lack of security interpersonally. Women of all ages are
regular basis. Cosmetic treatments and surgery are also     confused – their self respect is constantly being
freely available. On the one hand, these services afford    challenged. They do not feel secure and confident to be
women today the ability to appear as beautiful as they      themselves or to set standards with which they are
can be. Women who feel uncomfortable about any part         comfortable in their relationships. Instead, they are
of their appearance now have a practical way of             constantly working to keep up with superficial societal
attending to it.                                            expectations of their appearance and behaviour.
The danger is that young women (in particular girls in      A young Jewish girl must be secure in the knowledge
their teens, who are adjusting to developments of their     that she is an important member of society. Women are
bodies) have become obsessed with their looks. With         talented, clever, multi-skilled and usually significant
so many varieties of services and the hype promoting        contributors to society, let alone the household income.
each one, a fortune in time and money can be spent on       Each one is a person of tremendous worth just by being
appearance and it has become a multibillion dollar          herself, capable of giving love and being loved by
industry. (In fact, even men have been influenced and       those around her - no matter what her shape or size.
male treatments are beginning to rival those of women
in popularity!)                                             Girls who feel confident about their self worth are less
                                                            susceptible to peer pressure influenced by advertising.
Advertisers especially exploit these insecurities to sell   They should be encouraged to think independently and
their products. Young women are constantly looking          be proud to be different. Friends will admire them for
for reassurance about their attractiveness, comparing       taking a stand and many will follow their example.
themselves to the ideals presented in magazines and
fashion journals. As the models featured in these           The Jewish view of marriage demands more depth. Our
pictures are on near-starvation diets and the photos in     young men do not need or want to be constantly
any case, are altered by computer to enhance “beauty”,      distracted. When he chooses a life partner he is looking
preoccupation with these images only further enforces       for fine qualities in the young woman. She is looking
discontent and promotes striving for physically             for a partner who will appreciate her beauty, but
unrealistic goals. For many girls, womanhood has            mainly with whom she can create a warm home whose
become daunting; they feel that they will never be able     inhabitants will feel inner peace. Mimicking the
to live up to the expectations of society.The damage        shallowness of society only weakens the focus on our
caused is horrific. For instance, the number of girls       Jewish priorities.
with anorexia and other eating disorders is deplorable.     To maintain our Jewish values, we must encourage our
Equating a good body image with success and                 daughters to dress beautifully in a tznius (modest) way
popularity is a cheap and easy way for advertisers to       and have pride in their appearance. First, we must
gain customers. It is also one big lie. Our daughters       show them by example that we can dress modestly and
                                                            look beautiful. There is no need to reveal our bodies.

                                                                   Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 2
There are ways to look fashionable and yet cover            – and even if she was not at the Convention!
ourselves appropriately to preserve respect. All the        In addition, participants received specially printed
sheer and light fabric clothing now in stores, can be       Shabbos Song Books containing English songs, Israeli
worn with under layers of non-sheer fabrics, allowing       songs and niggunim.
us to dress appropriately and yet “in fashion”.             These resources are available at $5 each (plus any
Our Sages say that tznius is one of the most important      postage) upon request by calling 02-9389-7714 or
duties of the Jewish woman. If the Jewish woman             emailing
dresses and behaves in a tznius manner, the Jewish
society around her is influenced positively. We have        Review of the Sydney Convention 2006
great power – let’s use it to make the right choices and
present the right role model for the world!                 On the weekend of August 18, 2006 a hundred Jewish
                                                            women travelled to a convention centre in Warwick
                                                            Farm, Sydney to enjoy a variety of Jewish activities.
       Women for Life! Happenings                           People came from as far as Perth, Melbourne and New
                                                            Zealand. The program included a Shabbos experience,
Our Web Site is               various group activities and a full Jewish learning
                                                            program all day Sunday. In addition, teenaged girls
WEB SITE - HOUSE SWAPS FOR                                  were invited to a program tailored for them on the
SUMMER – POST NOW!!                                         The mood at the convention was warm and accepting.
People are invited to post house swaps for the              Everyone made new friends and connections and had a
Australian summer. If you want to swap homes                great time. There was music, singing, dancing,
with someone in another location, our web site has a        delicious food catered by Passion8 and great learning
page called “House Swaps” which allows you to fill          opportunities the whole weekend. There was
in a short questionnaire to post your requirements.         something for everyone.
The questions include space requirements, kashrus           The convention was a N’Shei U’Bnos Chabad
concerns, pet/plant concerns and more. Swapping             Convention which is an annual event in Australia, run
houses allows you to be on vacation for longer, in          in turn by Sydney or Melbourne. The periodic
more space and often with less expense than in a            gathering of women with the intent to encourage
hotel whilst having your home watched while you             learning and create support networks among each other
are gone.                                                   is an idea of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. This year’s
When you fill in the answers, your opportunity will         convention was organised by Women for Life.
be posted on the page for others to consider and you
can look there to see if there is a vacation                Below are impressions shared by participants to give
opportunity for you. You can also list your desire          some idea of the wonderful impact of a convention.
for a house-sitter while you are away. You can find         “I got so much out of it. I really wish it had been a week
our House Swap link on the web site at                      long instead of only a weekend, for all I wanted to get                     out of it. After all, you have to have time to sleep!!
WEB       SITE      -    WOMEN’S         LEARNING           “One time, I felt like going for a walk just to get fresh air
OPPORTUNITIES                                               and I was torn because I didn’t want to miss out any of
                                                            the program! The program had breaks, but most of us
We have also begun work on the “Women’s Learning            used those to socialise! So, I went on a walk because I
in Sydney” page. We have listed quite a variety of          needed the time to digest all that I had taken in. It’s like
local classes and it is still a handy way to discover new   the kids I teach at crèche that don’t want to go to sleep
learning opportunities.                                     even though they are so tired, because they don’t want
Should you want to post another Sydney class or to          to miss anything! And then they fall asleep mid-
start a list for Melbourne or other Jewish communities      sentence!
of Torah learning opportunities for Jewish women,           “It was really good. I’m so glad I went. I enjoyed
please click on the “Add a Class” tab on the women’s        singing niggunim at the table. There was so much
learning page and we can add it.                            going on, non-stop action the entire time.
WEB SITE - FUTURE                                           “I learned at convention to look at your challenges as
                                                            an opportunity to appreciate what you do have and not
There are many pages which we hope to enhance               to allow the temporary difficulties to cloud your vision
further in the near future. But even now, there is plenty   or become a stumbling block for your whole life. One
to be gained by using this wonderful community              problem should not make us lose sight of our tasks and
resource! Enjoy.                                            our path in serving HaShem, our purpose for being
Convention Booklets & Song Books                            here. We can overcome whatever comes our way, with
                                                            bitachon and emunah and having an attitude of joy.
Women who were at the recent N’Shei U’Bnos Chabad           The Parasha that week, (Re’ah) talked about klalos
Convention received booklets containing workshop            (“curses”) but we have to have a good eye and realise
choices. Each workshop was featured on its own page         that these “curses” are really put in our lives to make
in the form of a questionnaire. There were also             us use our strengths. It’s all a matter of perspective.
questionnaire pages on topics which were not                “These conventions are unbelievable because they
connected to a workshop. The intent was that any            give us inspiration for the rest of the year. We need to
woman can assess herself through the questionnaires in      inspire the rest of our family, but in order to recharge
the various topics even if she was not at that workshop     others, we have to recharge ourselves.

                                                                    Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 3
“Thanks Gavriella to you for everything! Our hats are       and singing were so calming. It was such a crack up
off to you, but thanks to Shternie’s [Althaus] shiur, our   when Lea Behar dramatically pretended Shula’s
sheitels are always on!! (Since learning at convention      operatic voice was coming from her! We all had such a
how important it is to wear a sheitel all the time, I’ve    good time that I cried when it was over!”
only gone out once, to jog, in a tichel – other than that                          - Anonymous
I’ve always had my sheitel on! And I hope to keep it
up!) May HaShem give full brochas to all my mates in        “The part of the convention which stands out in my
Melbourne and Sydney!”                                      mind the most is the phrase ‘Live it and Give it!’ Chaya
                     - Malkie Felberbaum                    Raskin mentioned it and then Sara Rosenfeld said it
                                                            again Saturday night and then Feygl Cylich also
“The davenning on Friday night was done beautifully         wrapped up with it. It really says a lot – that we have to
by Bracha Tsap. The dancing and singing at the              be a living example and give what we can to the world.”
Shabbos meals spontaneously was so much fun.                                       - Etta Leah Dyce
Singing Tehillim on Shabbos morning davenning out
in the sunlit patio was so wonderful with Krainie            “I was one of the many women sitting at the table with
Shusterman and Sara Rosenfeld. The Shabbos shiur            Devorah Markovits while so many women were getting
with Devorah Markovits on tzedaka was so                    clear answers from the Rebbe through the Igros (the
inspirational. I got so much out of all the happy feeling   Rebbe’s letters of response). I took the book and
of the whole weekend. It spurred me on to do brochas        opened it randomly and got to a certain page, which I
every day and daven before eating anything and do           noticed. It was not yet my turn and I was waiting for a
more Tehillim every Shabbos Mevorchim! I loved it. (I       chance to have Devorah translate it. Meanwhile, the
wish there was another one sooner than next year so         book got used by others and I didn’t make proper note
that I could improve even more!)”                           of the page.
                        - Daniella Hoffman                  When the book came back for my turn, I opened the
                                                            book again and got a shock as I realised I had opened
“Friday night, a group of us stayed up singing and
                                                            to the exact same page as the first time – even though
dancing until 1:30am. Then, Saturday night, when the        there was no mark of any kind. It was clear that this
man wanted to close up the hall at 1am, a group came        letter was for me!
to my room until 2:30am! We laughed so much! It’s
been years since we’ve had so much fun together! It         Recently both my parents have had health concerns
was a very warm atmosphere.”                                which have weighed on me heavily. The Rebbe’s letter
                                                            was written to someone concerned about his parents. It
                     - Zehava Aharoni                       was very positive and said that the circumstances and
“I met so many women whom I recognised but never            the life that the parents have lead until now makes them
got to know until convention. The lectures were great. I    capable of coping with their difficulties now. They have
really got a lot out of each one. There was such a          been through hardship before and you shouldn’t worry
variety of topics to choose from. The only problem was      about them.
that we didn’t have another two days to spend learning!     I felt really positive and reassured. My parents are very
“A friend of mine, Ilana, whom I have known for over        strong and have had incredibly difficult lives. They are
12 years came to convention. We go every week to the        from the last generation and have amazing strength.
same shiur and sit together in a group to learn. When       They came here as immigrants from Russia and when I
we came to convention, I learned for the first time that    was young all five of us lived in a tiny, one bedroom
she plays professional piano. I am a trained opera          apartment. They would put us to sleep and eat their
singer and have sung professionally since I was twelve      "dinner" – sometimes only a piece of bread with a bit of
years old. She plays many of the songs that I sing. We      onion flavoured oil. Recently, my mother fell and broke
were amazed! It has never come up before. There was         her arm (in three places) as she walked out of her
a piano at convention and Ilana played and I sang           house. She got up and instead of walking home, took a
together quite a bit. We were so excited to have            bus to the Junction and then a taxi to the hospital
discovered each other. We look forward to making            herself, so as not to bother my father, who was himself
music and making everybody dance again at the next          preparing to leave the house for a big day at work! They
convention!                                                 have incredible fortitude forged by their lives in the
“Also, my roommate and I had a wonderful time. We           Ukraine. The letter gave me encouragement not to
are old friends who hadn’t spent time together in years.    worry at all; assuring me that they will be fine.
The convention brought us together like old times.          The letter ended with a p.s. saying, "if you write to me in
“I had a most wonderful time. It was like we were all       Russian, I will reply to you in Yiddish." This was a
one big family. I haven’t had such a good time in           beautiful way of saying that no matter what our level is,
years.”                                                     the Rebbe will accept us on the terms we are capable of
                                                            and will connect to us. I felt this was an invitation for my
                        - Shula Mazor                       mother to write to the Rebbe and I got her to write after
[Editor’s note: This musical duo, Shula Mazor and           convention asking for a brocha. We emailed it to the
Ilana Greengard were a highlight of the convention.         Ohel and I intend to take it to get an answer from the
Their musical accompaniment in the background               Igros for her.
Sunday morning welcomed the new arrivals right into         The convention was just beautiful. It was a tribute to
the mood of convention as they stepped off the bus!         Jewish women that so many people from all different
Their music enhanced the happiness beautifully              walks of life came together so harmoniously. We didn't
throughout!]                                                just relate to each other on an external level, but on a
                                                            much deeper level, a level that is more essential. The
“I loved the atmosphere at convention; the piano music      achdus was so tangible and I feel privileged to have

                                                                     Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 4
been a part of it.”                                          getting, the two of us took the book at the same time
                       - Rivka (Regina) Ray                  and opened to a page. We had not been thinking of a
                                                             particular issue, we just wanted a communication from
 “There was an amazing sense of achdus. Everybody            the Rebbe as we had seen the others getting.
was happy being together. People were happy to be            “The letter we opened to was written to someone whom
there and there was a buzz in the room and it gave a lot     the Rebbe was telling to continue working for a school,
of people chizuk (strength). This is what the Rebbe          despite any challenges, for the sake of the future
wants – for people to get together and learn at a            generation and it will bring the person health and
women’s convention.                                          prosperity.
“I have never given a shiur where so many people were        “We were so shocked to get such a clear reference to
genuinely interested to improve. Usually, people have        what was happening in our lives! And more than that,
resistance to at least something! I was amazed to see        we felt that the Rebbe was telling us that we are doing
that they wanted to learn all about the topic and            such important work and made us feel that we have a
genuinely make progress.”                                    shlichus (a G-dly purpose) where we are.
                       - Shternie Althaus                    “It made us both feel that any inconveniences at work
“Just a quick note to say Yasher Koach to you on a job       are insignificant compared to our overall purpose for
well done at this convention! Can't wait till the next one   being there. We really got a great feeling of
and hope to see you in Melbourne next year (if not           encouragement – that the Rebbe thinks our contribution
Jerusalem, Amen!).”                                          at school is valuable and we should keep up the good
                       - Deena Elmakeas                      work!”
                                                                                    - Two school teachers
“My main goal for going to convention, as I shared
with the convention group before Kabbalat Shabbat on         “Everything about the Convention was beautiful. So
Friday night was to nurture the social aspect of my life     much work went into it and the atmosphere was
which has been neglected due to commitments at               wonderful. The only thing that I was surprised about
home.                                                        was – where were the Sydney Chabad women? So many
                                                             women flew from Melbourne just to come to
“At convention, I sometimes felt like a kid - amused at      convention. And they wondered also – how come there
some things, inspired by others. I was touched by            were so many women of Chabad of Sydney missing? I
observing the sincerity of so many different women, all      hope that they realise what they missed and will join us
of whom are trying so hard to do their best in sharing       next time.”
their love and goodness. Each woman, in her unique
way, is working to make the world a little better.                                  - Lea Behar
“My gratitude goes to Gavriella and her team for their       “I’d like to thank the organisers so much for everything
effort in putting convention together and making it          they did. It was absolutely magnificent from beginning to
possible for us to enjoy and experience. Kol Hakavod!”       end. The organisation was fantastic; everything went so
                       - Aviva Shellim                       smoothly. The accommodation was great. The food was
                                                             incredible. I was very impressed with the achdus on
“I enjoyed the Shabbos afternoon shiur with Mina             Shabbos. People who came for just Sunday really
Gordon. People felt comfortable to talk about                missed out. All the davenning together and being away
themselves and ask their questions. The davenning            together made us into such a harmonious group.”
together was really nice on Shabbos.                                                - Ettie-Chana Smith
“The convention booklet helped me to decide what
workshops to go to. The questions were very good.            “In the past few years, we have started to have a kosher
Flipping through it, I gained knowledge about even the       home and send our child to a Jewish school. I had been
topics and workshops I didn’t go to!                         thinking about wearing a sheitel (wig) for a while, but
                                                             had never talked to anyone about it. I knew that this is
“There was a general good feeling there. Spending            what a lot of women do, but had not gotten around to
time with people I knew and meeting new people.              exploring it yet. I just thought it was for purely
When I came home I felt good. I had a good weekend.”         traditional reasons.
                       - Shani Cohen                         “When I went to convention, I asked a woman about it
“My favourite part of the whole convention was on            on Shabbos. She said she’d read that there was a
Shabbos morning. It was so touching to see all the           workshop on sheitels on Sunday and encouraged me to
women sitting around saying Tehillim together. It            go. I went to Shternie Althaus’ shiur and learned all
brought tears to my eyes. In fact, just remembering it       about it. How inspiring! After hearing about all the
brings tears to my eyes!”                                    brochas it brings a woman and her family, (brochas in
                      - Isabella Kohn                        finance, health and nachas from children) why wouldn’t
                                                             every woman want to wear one? I even felt disappointed
“There was an incident at the school where we work           in myself for all the time I have missed out on all the
which happened right before we left for convention.          brochas by not wearing one!
The two of us work together and we were both a bit           “So I decided I will do it. At convention, I had heard
upset, but we forgot all about it once we arrived.           about Devorah Markovits’ shiur on Wednesdays in
“We were having a great time. On Saturday night at           Sydney, so the following week I went to her shiur, with
1:30am, we were sitting around with a group that was         the intention of asking her if she knew where I could get
consulting the Rebbe’s letters, the Igros with Devorah       a sheitel. I felt the urgency to put a sheitel on my head
Markovits.                                                   as soon as possible, but I had heard that they are very
“Seeing the incredible answers other people were             expensive and I wasn’t sure if I could afford one right at

                                                                     Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 5
this present moment. That was my main concern. I was          “For those of you who, reading this, fall into that
hoping that there might be some pre-loved sheitels            category, I would like to say that I was not brought up
somewhere that she might know of.                             religious. While becoming frum, I have been so
“The shiur was great and I saw a few faces I knew             overwhelmed by the goodness the Torah expects us to
from convention. Afterwards, I asked about the sheitel.       do for each other. We are not supposed to look down
She told me about her magic garage (where people              on anyone. We are all equal in HaShem’s eyes. We are
donate pre-loved items in good condition for others’          supposed to nurture humility at all times, remembering
benefit). I was awed by the Divine providence! I had          that our differences are only superficial. We are
come to just the right place! In fact, she said that          certainly not supposed to feel above others. No one
someone had donated a sheitel not long ago, but she           should be made to feel embarrassed for going through
didn’t know what colour it was or what condition it           hard times and needing help. And even in good times,
was in. She didn’t want to get my hopes up, so she told       we are all one big family and should happily give to
me that finding the right sheitel is a very difficult task.   and take from each other.
“She found the sheitel and gave it to me to try on. I put     “I am grateful for the magical mitzvah garage and the
it on and walked out with the sheitel on my head,             opportunity it offers us to share with each other.”
asking for her opinion. People who were still in the                                  - Hannah Menaker
room just drew in their breath. It was an open miracle.
                                                              “Congratulations on a great convention. It was
The new sheitel fit me as if I had had it custom made!
It was my colour and looked even better than my real          beautifully organized and the thoughtful planning was
hair! Some women didn’t understand what the                   appreciated by all. As a non-Chabadnik, I got pleasure
                                                              seeing the N'Shei Chabad women strengthening
excitement was all about. I explained that it was a
sheitel and they couldn’t believe that it was not my real     themselves and encouraging each other. I myself
hair! We were all moved to see the open miracle.              benefited from the opportunity to replenish my
                                                              reserves in a warm and supportive atmosphere. I
Devorah was moved to tears at being part of such a
miracle.                                                      loved the relaxed time spent in the company of good
                                                              old friends and interesting new ones. And the
“When I took the sheitel to a hair dresser to have it         amazingly good and plentiful food and snacks went a
tinted with the same highlights I use in my own hair,         long way to nourishing both body and soul. The
she told me what a good quality sheitel it is. She said       davenning, learning, schmoozing and singing were all
I’m really lucky and she thinks it is new.                    uplifting and I found the program of workshops
“I don’t know who gave this sheitel to Devorah’s              thought-provoking and appropriately inspiring for erev
garage, but whoever it is, I want to thank you from the       Elul, with something for everyone. I was particularly
bottom of my heart for your important part in this            impressed that so many women from Melbourne made
miracle! May HaShem bless you and all other donors            the effort to attend, but I can certainly understand why!
to the garage.                                                Yasher Koach on a job well done - and thanks for the
“The sheitel was ready on Friday morning and I                break!”
surprised my husband. He wasn’t prepared for it, but                                 - Jodi Kofsky
when he saw it, he loved it.
“We’d learned that it brings a brocha for finances.           “Thank you for all your hard work organising the
Well, the first day I wore it, I went to get my car           conference, I enjoyed it and I am sure that many others
registered. I had spent a few hundred dollars fixing my       did too. I heard some interesting speakers and had fun
car to make it pass the tests. That day I had to pay          making a pillow [in the art workshop].”
another $350 for rego and we are in a tight financial                               - Ilana Cohen
position now.                                                 “My daughter loved the Sunday program. She had a
“While I was waiting at the RTA counter, the man              great time. Thank you very much for organising it.”
noticed my open purse. I never leave my purse open!                                  - Shoshie Simons
He asked me, ‘is that pensioner’s card yours?’ I replied
that it was. He asked me, ‘don’t you know that                “I lived far away from the Jewish community and was
pensioners get free rego?’ I replied that I’ve had this       seriously thinking of moving to Melbourne but didn’t
card for medical reasons for a while and I was never          know anyone. I went to convention and met so many
told rego is free. He started looking up my record on         wonderful ladies that I have finally made the move! I
the computer and said that not only was this year free,       now live in Melbourne!”
but he was also going to get me a refund for last year                              - a new Melbourne resident
as well as for the payment for my driver’s licence!! I
started crying. He asked me if anything was the matter.       “A big Yasher Koach for the convention. It was truly
I just nodded. But inside I was thinking – this is only       very special. I tell people how special the Avir
the first day of wearing a sheitel and look at HaShem’s       [atmosphere] was. I felt the Rebbe's Brachas so
brochas! Wow!                                                 strongly. Hashem should bentch all of klal Yisroel (the
                                                              Jewish people) with Moshiach Now!!!”
“I got the check from the RTA and I’m planning to
give the 10% charity on that money to Devorah’s                                      - Krainie Shusterman
mitzvah garage!                                               “The atmosphere was lovely. It was really inspiring. It
“In all the excitement, I’ve been telling this miracle        was very heimish (comfortable). Good company.
story to everyone who is willing to listen since it           When I signed up I had intended to spend time with
happened. I’ve encountered a few raised eyebrows.             my friends and not really go to the programs. But in
People seem surprised that I am not embarrassed to tell       the end, I found the programs inspiring, beneficial and
everyone that I am proud to wear a pre-loved sheitel.         not too over the top!

                                                                     Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 6
 “The convention had a lot of positive energy and a lot          Candle Lighting Brochure
of spirituality to offer and I appreciated the goodness
that was there. It was encouraging. I’m definitely glad I        Enclosed is the candle lighting brochure which we produced
went!”                                                           lat year for two years. We are sending out new ones in case
                        - Yisroela Hayman                        your old one has been lost or worn. (Please dispose of the
                                                                 old one by giving it to a synagogue for burial, since it has
Join us at Convention next time!                                 G-d’s names on it in the blessings). If your old one is still in
NOTE: Please speread the word that a pair of eye glasses in      good condition, please share this new one with a woman
a case and a black shawl was found at convention. Call 02-       you think might appreciate it!
                                                                 These brochures are given out regularly to assist people in
Mikveh Plaques Up                                                this great mitzvah of lighting Shabbos and Yom Tov
                                                                 candles. If you know Jewish women, girls or groups who
If you didn’t yet get your dedication engraved on the            would be interested in our current candle lighting brochure,
plaques of the Mikveh wall, don’t despair. The first             please call Gavriella on 9389-7714 or Rochel on 9387-5049.
glass plaques in the shape of droplets of water on the
wall at the mikveh facility in Glenayr Avenue are now            Vestos Charts for 5767
showing recent dedications of sponsors!                          Our Rabbinically approved Vestos Charts for the
Using lettering in both Hebrew and English, according            Jewish year, 5767 are $10 (plus postage) and can be
to sponsor choice, the dedications commemorate                   bought at the mikveh facility in Bondi or at the offices
generous donors who have recently contributed $1000              of Women for Life! at 171 Old South Head Road, Bondi
or more to the Sydney Mikveh Society. The funds                  Junction, 02-9389-7714.
collected go to the extra expenses at the facility (such
as repair to boilers, etc) or can be earmarked for a             Books for Sale
particular purpose by the donor.
                                                                 Whilst successful author of nine books, Cyndi Kaplan
Donors contribute to remember a loved one, to                    Freiman could not be at our convention to give a
commemorate the birth of a baby or on behalf of a                workshop, she did write a questionnaire for our
merit of their choice. Please make donations to                  convention booklet in an area of her specialisation –
“Sydney Mikveh Society” and post to P.O. Box 77,                 financial health. Women found this page very thought
Bondi NSW 2026. If the donation is $1000 or more,                provoking and helpful.
please indicate the desired inscription for the droplet.
                                                                 In addition, Cyndi has generously donated copies of
Tehillim                                                         one of her co-authored books, “The Pocket Therapist”
                                                                 for sale to Women for Life! members. The Simon &
Praying for our fellow Jews is always a positive matter and      Schuster title is normally sold for $25 and we are
always produces good results in heaven. Please join us.          making it available for $15. It is not written from a
These are the upcoming dates for the monthly Women for           Torah perspective, but has insightful advice about
Life! Tehillim group:                                            strategies for life’s struggles. Please call 9389-7714 to
                                                                 request one of the remaining copies.
   VENUE: Mizrachi Shule Hall
                                                                 Paintings for Sale
   TIME: Sundays, 10 am – 11 am
                                                                 At convention, we had the special privilege of being
   DATES: 2007: Jan 14, Feb 18, Mar 18, Apr 15                   surrounded by the soft colours of the paintings of Efim
In Melbourne, women gather monthly on the same dates at          Novikov. Efim came to arrange the display of his
Caulfield Shule upstairs (call Mrs Herszberg on 03-9525-         works, which decorated the whole convention area
8888).                                                           with Jewish themes. A talented artist from the former
Should you want people around the world to say Tehillim for      Soviet Union, he began painting Jewish themes after a
a loved one during an operation, please submit your request      first visit to Israel several years ago. Many women
onto the internet site,
                                                                 purchased his works after convention. Should you be
                                                                 interested in viewing his work or asking him to display

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Shop 4, 16-32 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Telephone (02) 9332 2112 Fax (02) 9332 2793
                                                                         Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 7
some paintings for an event, please call Efim on 0402-       healthy. GOOD SOURCES include pumpkin and
399-684.                                                     sunflower seeds.
                                                             IODINE: This mineral is essential in brain
           The Importance of                                 development and thyroid function. GOOD SOURCES
                                                             include eggs, meat, milk and iodised salt.
         Vitamins in Pregnancy                               MAGNESIUM: During the first trimester, this mineral
            By Aviva Barel, Pharmacist                       helps in proper bone formation. It also helps the
                                                             mother with good muscular health including the uterus.
Falling pregnant can be an exciting time in any              GOOD SOURCES include nuts, sunflower and
woman’s life. It also involves a great deal of               pumpkin seeds.
responsibility – both during pregnancy and even more
so when the baby is born. Commonly, doctors of               Eating with nutrients in mind gives the mother-to-be
mothers-to-be advise them to supplement their diets          more energy and the baby a good foundation. Taking
with multivitamins to benefit both mother and growing        pregnancy supplements can increase the chances that
baby.                                                        the nutritional basics have been covered.
Selecting suitable vitamins can be quite confusing.          So too, in our spiritual lives we need to make sure to
However, it is important to be aware of the requirements     take “supplements” to our development. We learn a lot
since taking supplements ensures that vitamins and           from our daily lives, but to “cover the basics” we
minerals are at good levels for fetal development while      should make sure we have regular sessions of learning
also maintaining the mother’s own nutrient needs.            Torah (at least a weekly dose)!
Below is a list of the most common nutrients found in        NOTE: Always check with your doctor or pharmacist
                                                             concerning the right vitamin dose for you and follow the
pregnancy supplements. I have detailed their vital           directions on the pack .Call the KA 9365-2933 re: kashrus.
function for pregnancy and listed foods in which these
nutrients can be found.                                            Heavenly Compensation
FOLIC ACID: This is also known as folate and belongs                          By Shoshana Monk
to the B group of vitamins. It should be taken at least
three months prior to conception. It also plays a role in    It is very easy to think of the daily events in our lives
the first three months of pregnancy in preventing neural     as random and unconnected to the spiritual world. But,
tube defects such as spina bifida. GOOD SOURCES              as the rich story below shows, everything we
include leafy green vegetables, brussel sprouts and          experience goes first through a Divine accounting
broccoli.                                                    process.
CALCIUM: This mineral helps build healthy teeth and          Mrs. Schiff rang the bell, the one with the name
bones such as the baby’s skeleton. GOOD SOURCES              Spitzer on it. A young woman answered the door, and
include almonds, tahini, milk, yoghurt, dried apricots,      upon spotting her visitor, her face brightened. She
cheese and baked beans.                                      moved aside, to allow Mrs. Schiff, her benefactress, to
IRON: Iron helps blood formation in the growing baby.        enter into her humble abode for the first time.
It also helps oxygenate every cell in the body. GOOD         Mrs. Spitzer had been married for nine years with no
SOURCES include red meat, cashews and dried fruit.           children. However, in a miraculous turn of events,
VITAMIN C: This is an important antioxidant. It helps        recently, near her tenth anniversary, she had been
in absorbing iron, so should be taken together with the      blessed with healthy quintuplets - five beautiful
iron. It helps to build connective tissue for strong bones   children at once!
and teeth. GOOD SOURCES include fresh fruit.                 Before they had given birth to their quintuplets, the
B GROUP VITAMINS: These help with energy and                 Spitzers had led a modest lifestyle; afterwards, they
metabolism of fats, protein and carbohydrates. GOOD          had great need of financial help. It was then that Mrs.
SOURCES include bread, dairy, leafy green vegetables,        Schiff had kindly stepped in with her Chinese auction
eggs and lean meat.                                          and other endeavours to help the couple whose
                                                             expenses had just quintupled.
VITAMIN D3: This is another important antioxidant
which helps with bone and teeth formation in the baby        Mrs. Spitzer led Mrs Schiff into her children's
as well as with calcium absorption. GOOD SOURCES             bedroom. "These are my five babies," she said proudly,
include eggs, fish and sunlight.                             as she pointed to each of them. Mrs. Schiff looked at
                                                             those five innocent neshamos with a smile. Then her
VITAMIN E: This antioxidant helps with brain and             gaze wandered to her surroundings. As if she was
nerve development. GOOD SOURCES include                      drawn to it by some hidden force, Mrs. Schiff neared
vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, margarine.                  one small picture frame on the wall, entranced in its
FISH OILS: These are important for nervous system            mystery. It was an old photo, but there was something
and brain development. The liver of the fish (such as in     so familiar about that young woman there - and yet…
cod liver oil) should be avoided as it contains retinol      With a sudden moan, Mrs. Schiff fainted.
which can be harmful to the growing baby.                    Mrs. Spitzer ran for water and to get a phone to call an
PHOSPHORUS: This is the second most abundant                 ambulance, but Mrs. Schiff soon recovered. She
mineral in the body. It helps cell growth, energy            fearfully pointed to the picture and asked, "Who is that
production, brain function and healthy muscle function.      woman?"
GOOD SOURCES include meat, chicken, fish, milk and           "How are you feeling Mrs. Schiff? Would you like
yoghurt.                                                     some water?" Mrs. Spitzer cautiously asked her, not
ZINC: Zinc is involved in the cell division which            wanting her to faint again.
actually makes a baby. It helps keep hair, skin and nails    "Can you tell me how you know this woman?" Mrs.

                                                                   Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 8
Schiff asked again, obviously shaken.                        the camp assembly, so everyone will learn the
"Sh-She was my mother."                                      punishment for stealing. You know others will be
                                                             punished if you don’t report to me on time. Now
Mrs. Schiff sat up and looked Mrs. Spitzer in the eye.       scoot!" And with a last shove he let us free - until the
"Your mother? Tell me, is she still alive?"                  next afternoon.
"I'm sorry to say, Mrs. Schiff, that she passed away last    The darkness seemed even thicker as we trudged back
year, just before I fell pregnant. She would have been so    to our barrack. We secretly prepared our precious
happy to see our long-awaited babies."                       Menorah, reminiscing about previous Chanukas, about
Mrs. Schiff was silent for a moment, digesting the news.     games of dreidel and sizzling latkes, the delightful
Then, with a faraway look and tears forming in her           smiles we had worn when we received Chanukah Gelt
hazel eyes, she turned to Mrs. Spitzer and said, "I think    from our grandparents. Most of all, we remembered the
I have a story to share with you."                           feeling of unity we had felt - that feeling of security
"It all began when I was fifteen, and was taken to the       one only experiences when surrounded by family.
Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. I was placed in a          Then, we lit the menorah. The tiny flame burned very
barrack together with other girls aged 14-16. Most girls     quickly, but it was long enough to infuse hope into our
left their religion behind under the trying circumstances,   deflated souls. It was then that Sarale came up with the
but I and my four friends remained steadfast in our          plan - the only way she could imagine we might save
Yiddishkeit; we said we'd rather die Al Kiddush              our lives. She suggested that we ask Shaina for help.
Hashem (for the sake of G-d) than in any other manner.       Shaina was a fifteen-year-old Jewish girl; however, she
“One day, Rivka called us together excitedly.                knew six languages while we knew only two. The
‘Tomorrow is Chanukah!’ she exclaimed, her eyes              Nazis, may their names be blotted out, used Shaina as
shining like burning candles. ‘I heard the Rebbe tell one    their interpreter. They gave her a radio and put her in
of his talmidim (students) this good news. We must           charge of reporting to the Nazi officials any news of
light the menorah!’                                          the enemy's strategies. To insure that she would remain
“So we devised a plan. We would trade in our daily           alive, she was granted a small shack in the woods and a
ration of bread for machine oil from a girl who worked       full piece of bread every day.
in the factory. Thread from our prison uniforms would        We envied her no end. She was Jewish, but she
serve as the wicks, and two stones could create fire.        received 'royal treatment' because she knew a few more
Now all we needed was a menorah to hold it all               languages. It seemed to us that she got too much
together. Potato peels with a nice round shape could         reward for merely being an interpreter, so we suspected
serve as a menorah and they seemed like the most             that she must also serve as a spy against us to earn
possible item to find in our present circumstances. But it   favour. Thus, we hated Shaina.
would be risky to get them.                                  "She'll never help us!" I said, looking at Sarale
“We agreed that at midnight, we would try to find them       mockingly. "She'll just make things worse for us!"
in the kitchen garbage, when the changing of the guards      "The situation can't get worse! Let’s just try." Sarale
took place. In that five minute period, one of us would      reasoned.
crawl into the kitchen through the window, while the
others would stand guard.                                    So, for the second time that night, we crept out of the
                                                             barracks, this time in the direction of the woods. No
“That night, the camp was wrapped in an eerie silence        one answered Sarale’s knock on the door of her shack.
as we crept stealthily towards the kitchen. Being small, I   Looking into her "window", we saw that it was empty.
was chosen to crawl in. My heart was beating wildly in       Discouraged, we began walking back, when Ruchele
my chest. Fearfully, I approached the large garbage bin      spotted light in the distance. We followed the light and
and began to sift through its contents methodically. As I    soon saw a girl holding a Siddur in her hand and
sifted, I could hear the loud grumbling of my hungry         quietly singing Ma'oz Tzur. The light was coming from
stomach. I had given up my ration that day, and I was        a silver-plated Menorah! A real Menorah!
                                                             There was only one girl who could have had a
“I saw small pieces of food, and stuffed them into my        Menorah here in the concentration camps - Shaina. We
mouth. At last, I found one potato peel with a perfect       stood there, entranced; we no longer thought of death,
shape, and placed it aside tenderly. Then I continued        but rather of Mattisyahu and his sons, marching to
searching. Bravo! A second perfect potato peel!              victory. We didn't see despair, we saw heroism.
Suddenly, glancing up at the window, I saw Sarale
waving frantically. "Get out of here fast, Chana!" my        Suddenly, Shaina turned around, to see us looking over
intuition screamed inside. "But I can't!" I thought to       her shoulder. "Y-you girls!" She sputtered. "Have you
myself, panicking. "I can't go out with only two potato      come to spy on me? To tell the Nazis what you see me
peels! I must find at least one more!"                       doing? Do you think that I don't know that you five
                                                             will be hung tomorrow? You’d better get out of my
“I turned back to the garbage and began throwing things      sight or you'll be in more trouble!"
frantically in all directions, searching for at least one
more peel.                                                   “‘B-but Shaina, w-w-we didn't come to s-spy. W-we
                                                             wanted to ask you to h-help us!" I stammered, my
"Halt!" Somebody thundered. I looked up to see a tall        voice quivering.
Nazi official pointing his gun at my chest, as he smiled
maliciously. On both sides of him were my four friends,      “‘I said get out of my sight!" Shaina screamed. We ran
expressions of pure terror written across their stricken     back to our barrack in fear. We realised despondently
faces. "You'll have to be punished for committing such       that we must be destined to be killed the next day.
a great sin," he declared with great relish. "Tomorrow,      “That night as we lay on our bunkers, the fear of dying
at exactly noon all five of you will be hung - in front of   hovered over us. We resented Shaina deeply. Even if

                                                                    Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 9
she wasn’t comforting, how could she threaten us in
our despair? Where was her Jewish heart?                      Save Money in the Supermarket
“The next afternoon, the entire camp was assembled as                           By Ettie-Chana Smith
the Nazi prepared our nooses. He was about to raise           We spend a fortune in time and money at the
them, when somebody anxiously screamed, "Stop!"               supermarket. Here are a few tips on how to make the
“He turned around, startled. There stood Shaina,              experience more economical.
motioning to him frantically and waving her radio             THE GOLDEN RULE: Never ever go shopping when
wildly in the air. He approached her, grimacing, A few        you are hungry. You will definitely buy more and buy
minutes later, he returned to untie us, and with a last       items which you would not otherwise have thought of.
kick, sent us back to work, muttering all the while.
Miraculously, we had been spared."                            • Firstly, compare the price of various brands.
                                                              Sometimes there is a huge price difference. For
Coming back to the present, Mrs. Schiff explained, "A         example, I recently found two identical sizes and types
few days later we were liberated, but we never got the        of grape juice which had a $1.55 price difference.
chance to thank Shaina for saving our lives. We all felt
terrible for thinking and saying such terrible things         • Try out the home-brand. You will work out very
about her, when in the end she took such a risk to save       quickly what is and isn’t the same quality as the name
us. After the war, we searched all over for her, but no       brand.
one could trace her. We weren’t sure she had survived.        • Check on the price per kg/ml. Often the larger sizes
“And now I see her face on your wall! I got such a            are cheaper, but not always. Recently 1kg CSR sugar
shock. What incredible Divine providence. Look how            was $1.10 while the 2kg bag was $2.50. It is therefore
Hashem runs the world! Here I am raising money for            cheaper to buy 2 of the 1kg bags. (Carry a calculator
you - a woman I think is a stranger to me, but who in         with you to help with the maths.)
fact is the daughter of the woman who saved my life           • Find out when your favourite supermarket marks
years ago! Is that not a miracle? I thought I’m doing         down the kosher meat (often late afternoon/ evening).
you a favour, but it turns out that, without even             • Note what to buy where. For example, the cartons of
knowing it, you have given me this chance, in some            long life kosher milks can be bought at a bulk discount
small way, to return the great kindness I owe to              at kosher shops for 75 cents less per litre than at Coles!
                                                              • Supermarkets place items with the biggest mark up at
"Now I understand my dream!” interjected Mrs                  eye level. Check the higher and lower shelves for
Spitzer! “During my pregnancy with the quintuplets,           cheaper products.
my mother came to me in a dream. She smiled at me
with serenity and kept repeating the same five words          • Try to buy only what you need. You can do this by
over and over again: ‘Finif neshamos far finif                writing a list before you leave home - and sticking to it.
neshamos’ - five souls for five souls.                        • Watch the scanner and make sure the items are
“I asked her ‘Mamme, what are you saying? I don't             scanned correctly. In Australia, if the scanner is
understand!’ But she just smiled, and repeated ‘Finif         incorrect, the law is that you get the item for free
neshamos far finif neshamos.’                                 (mention it so they don’t ignore it!).
"I didn't understand her words then, but now I do! In         • Double check your docket for mistakes and check the
the Heavenly court when my mother was judged after            back of your docket for free/cheap offers.
passing away, it must have been decided that in the           • Shopping at Aldi is very cheap. You can always get
merit of the five neshamos that my mother saved               cheap toiletries, cleaning products, paper goods, eggs
during the war - you and your four friends – my               etc and there are often kosher foodstuffs. Just keep your
mother merited that I was finally blessed to have her         eyes open.
grandchildren - my five beautiful neshamos.”                  • Various non-supermarkets have supermarket items at
Names have been changed in this true story for privacy.       cheaper prices. For example, Harris Farm has pastas on
                                                              the kosher list for 99c as well as Savion products.
     NO INVOICES THIS YEAR                                    • Shop less frequently. Try going once a fortnight or
                                                              once a month.
We did not send invoices this year because there
was no Tishrey issue. If you would like to                    • If something is on special, buy a few and freeze, if
contribute subscription fees, please send $15 (per            necessary.
year owing – see your label) to the address below.                                                     Happy shopping!
Every bit helps.
Editor: Gavriella Aber Articles/ Contributions: Gavriella Aber, Devorah Ballin, Aviva Barel, Lori Laya
                       Lurie, Shoshana Monk, Ettie-Chana Smith, convention participants
Proofreader: Judy Maynard Printing: Village Print & Publishing, Alan Charak 9363-0353

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                                                                     Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 10

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1392 about new births/a need for meal assistance for a family with a hospitalised member. If you volunteer to help, you
can make a meal or buy kosher takeaway for the family. If your Shifra & Puah charity box is full, call Ilana Greengard
9387- 6071.
HOSPITAL VISITS - Call Rochel Blasenstein 9387-5049.
KOSHER IVF INFO – Call Rabbi Y Ulman 02-9365-2777
TORAH PARTNERS - Connect to a Torah-learning partner by phone. Call Aidel Bloom on 02-9386-1943 or better yet,
contact her online at SHLUCHA770@YAHOO.COM.
LITERATURE FOR NEW MOTHERS – Call Aviva Itkin 9365-4936.
BEDIKA CLOTHS, VESTOS CHARTS & OTHER MIKVEH SUPPLIES - $6/pack at the mikveh 9130-2509 or 171 O.S.H. Rd,
Bondi Junction 9389-7714. For Mikveh Tzedaka Boxes, please call Ruth Gestetner on 9387-4546.
CHESED ORGANISATION - Donations of furniture, clothing, baby car seats, etc. If in need or if you have things to
donate, please call Devorah Markovits 9328-5454. (Please only donate clothing in respectable condition.)
BARGAINS FOR FURNITURE AS A COMMUNITY SERVICE – Office Emporium offers furniture from auctions at very
affordable prices. Please call 9599-0779 or 0411-740-056 or go to the warehouse at 3 Henry Street, Arncliffe.
N’SHEI CHABAD OUTREACH WORK –To volunteer for Outreach Work call Daniella Hoffman 9389-5676. For candle
lighting brochures, call Rochel Blasenstein 9387-5049.
POSITIVE SPEECH WATCH - Join this club to add merit to those in need, with your commitment to speak kindly. Call
Liane Robinson 9130-4151.
GO KOSHER - Have questions answered. Call the Kashrut Authority office 9365-2933.
SIMCHA DRESSES – Beautiful dresses and bridal wear have been donated for use by brides and the wedding party. To
borrow or donate, call Aidel Bloom on 9386-1943.
TEHILLIM PRAYERS - Call to add names of people needing prayers to our lists. Monthly group, call Gavriella Aber 9389-
7714; Weekly groups, call Rebbetzin Reich 9365-1080.

                                                                     Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 11

                                                    Fast Fixings for Summer
                                               Need a simple recipe for dinner tonight?
                Here are some delicious easy dinner solutions, which are also low-fat without being boring and tasteless.

                                                     Baked Fish on Vegetables
                                                        (Low fat) Serves 4
2 Zucchinis, cut into wedges                                 2 Red Onions, cut into wedges
3 Tomatoes, cut into wedges                                  ¼ cup pitted black olives
¼ cup (60ml) olive oil                                       4 x 180g thick skinless white fish fillets (such as ling)
1 small garlic clove crushed                                 1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs Dijon mustard                                          ½ cup roughly chopped flat leaf parsley

Preheat oven to 200c
Toss the zucchini, onion, tomato and olives with 1 tablespoon of the oil in a baking dish. Brush another tablespoon of oil over
the fish and place on the vegetables. Place in the oven and bake for 25 - 30 minutes until cooked through.
Whisk together the garlic, lemon juice, mustard and remaining oil to make a dressing.
Divide the cooked vegetables among plates and top each with a piece of fish. Drizzle fish with the dressing and scatter with
chopped parsley.

                                       Warm Risoni, Chickpea & Kumara Salad
                                                     Serves 4
2 Kumara (orange, sweet potatoes) 800g                1 tbs honey
1 cup (200g) risoni pasta                             400g can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
2 cups wild rocket                                    2 tbs lemon juice
¼ cup unsalted pepitas

Preheat the oven to 200C and lightly oil large foil tray.
Peel the kumara and cut into 2.5cm cubes. Spread in a single layer in the tray and toss with the honey and 1 tablespoon of the
olive oil. Place in the oven and roast for about 25 minutes or until just tender.
Meanwhile cook rison in a pan of boiling salted water according to packet instructions. Drain, then toss together with the
kumara and remaining ingredients. Serve warm

                                Penne with Roasted Cherry Tomato, Fetta, Basil and Olives
                                  Serves 4, Pep.time 12 minutes, Cooking time 20 minutes
250g cherry tomatoes, halved                              350g San Remo Pasta Extra Penne (or similar)
1/3 cup olive oil                                         1 ½ tablespoon red wine vinegar
½ teaspoon brown sugar                                    1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
salt and cracked black pepper                             150g fetta cheese, crumbled
1 cup basil leaves (checked) and torn                     175g kalmata olives (black)

Preheat oven to 200C. Place tomatoes on a baking paper-lined tray. Roast for 15-20 minutes, until tender. Set aside.
Meanwhile cook penne in a saucepan of boiling, salted water according to packet directions. Drain and set aside.
Whisk oil, vinegar, sugar, mustard, salt and pepper until well combined.
To serve, toss pasta with tomatoes, fetta, basil, olives and dressing.

                                                          Spanish Chicken
                                                            Serves 4 to 6
1kg chicken pieces                                            1 leek trimmed, washed and sliced
½ cup white wine                                              ½ cup white wine vinegar
¼ cup olive oil                                               3 cloves garlic, crushed
juice of 1 lemon                                              1 tablespoon chopped parsley
1 teaspoon paprika                                            1 teaspoon chilli powder
1 teaspoon dried oregano                                      seasonings to taste

Slash chicken in various places with a sharp knife. Place chicken in a large ceramic dish. Sprinkle with leek. Combine
remaining ingredients in a jug and pour over chicken. Toss well to coat. Allow to marinade for 1 hour or overnight (if
overnight, cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate).
Bake chicken in marinade in a moderate oven (180C) for 1 hour or barbecue until cooked through, turning occsionally.
Serve with salad and rice.

                                                                                Days of Our Lives - Issue 36 – Chanukah 5767 12

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