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					                                    Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
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May 7, 2012

Dear Parent/Guardian of Lawrence Park Students,

Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute will be holding the 2012 Prom for graduating students, on
Thursday, May 24, 2012 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at the Palais Royale, 1601 Lakeshore
Blvd. (West), Toronto. Tickets have been priced at $110 and there will be no refunds.

For some graduating students, attending the high school prom is a right of passage. It is one of a
number of celebrations that will mark the transition from high school to the next step in their life.
It is important that every prom attendee treats May 24th evening as a school event, which means
that the expected behaviour should be in keeping with the code of conduct pertaining to
Lawrence Park C.I., the Toronto District School Board and the Ministry of Education. Attendees
are expected to be drug and alcohol free during the entire evening. Smoking too will not be
permitted during the event.

Our past experiences have shown that some students/guests have arrived at the prom under the
influence of drugs/alcohol, or engaged in drug/alcohol use during the evening and ruined the
occasion for themselves and others. We consider this a serious breach of trust. We are hoping to
have adequate supervision at the event with LPCI Administrators and Staff, security and paid-
duty police officers, who will be acting in a supervisory role and should not be expected to
contend with students/guests who have been drinking or using drugs. This applies to drinking or
drug use that might have occurred prior to a student’s/guest’s arrival at the prom location,
including pre-prom parties at private homes. Behaviour that contravenes the code of conduct
may result in consequences such as a formal suspension, a ban from future, similar events or if
the police choose to, charges. Security personnel will be examining all purses and bags and
students/guests will not be allowed into the venue with any backpacks.

If it is believed by the people in authority that a student/guest has been involved in drinking or
drug use before arriving to the prom, the student and the guest will be denied entry as there will
no longer be a pre-approved LP student responsible for him/her. Also if a guest is denied entry
so will the accompanying LP student. If we believe a student/guest has been involved in
drinking or drug use during the prom, the student and the guest will not be allowed to remain at
the prom. In all cases, efforts will be made to contact and inform parents before the student and
the guest are sent home in a cab at their own expense.


If despite our constant reminders to students clearly outlining the expected code of behaviour,
students engage in the use of drugs or alcohol before or during the prom, we would have to
review whether a prom should be held next year. In addition, the offending students will not be
allowed to participate in any school-sponsored events for the next twelve months. For graduates,
that would include the LPCI Commencement in June 22, 2012.

We hope our LPCI graduating students will have an enjoyable time at this event. As always, the
safety of our students is our priority and at Lawrence Park, we make every endeavour to actively
engage our students in a number of initiatives that encourage healthy attitudes, such as substance
abuse prevention and harm reduction, and we are confident that our students will act wisely and
behave in a responsible manner. The Staff and Administration of Lawrence Park look forward to
spending an enjoyable evening with our graduating class of 2012.


Lillian Jovanovic

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