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					               Minutes of a Meeting held on Tuesday 21st July 2009
  at 1.30 p.m. at South Holland District Council Offices, Priory Road, Spalding

Present:       Emily Kate Holmes, South Holland District Council
               Mr Bernard Rumsey, Parent
               Jocelyn Ellis, Chappell Centre
               Andrew Harrison, Chappell Centre
               Mrs P Harrison, Parent
               Sally Wilson, Adults Supporting Adults
               Gill Williamson, South Lincs C.V.S.
               Gill Brooks, C.S.W., Chappell Centre
               Kay Hargrave, Practitioner, L.D.C.P. Team, Chappell Centre
               Jane Crunkhorn, Chappell Centre
               Chas Sandhu, C.S.M., Chappell Centre
               Natalie Mumby, Chappell Centre

Note taker:    Anne Mouncer, Chappell Centre

Apologies:     Cllr Gary Taylor

Minutes of the Last Meeting:

Chas briefly read the minutes of the last meeting.

Chas thanked Emily for arranging the booking of room 1 for the meeting and for the

LAG Conference

Chas said this will be held on the 3rd November 2009 at the EPIC Centre, Lincolnshire
Showground, Lincoln.

Disability Week – Changing Places update

Gill reported that people from the Chappell Centre had a very successful week
promoting the LAG Group and Changing Places. They obtained over three hundred
signatures from people in Spalding. A photograph was in the Free Press. Gill,
amongst others, filled in a card about Changing Places and forwarded to John Hayes,
M.P. Gill read out a letter from him to say he had written to the appropriate minister
and S.H.D.C. and that he will forward copies of replies when he receives them. Chas

also had a response from John Hayes. Natalie, John and Lydia wrote a personal letter
to John Hayes; he has acknowledged receipt of the letter.

Chas wrote a letter which has been published in Voluntary News.

Emily mentioned the Red Lion Street Project; this will consist of offices, college
(training section) and retail outlets promoting local products. There is a strong
possibility that Changing Places could have floor space there. Emily said this would
need to be approved by the planning process. Emily said herself and Karen Johnstone
would be prepared to help support putting in funding applications. Emily said she
would need from us estimates of how much equipment, etc. would cost. Emily
suggested meeting with the Lincolnshire Association for People with Disabilities and
Spalding and District Access Group and working together.

At this point Gill Williamson mentioned several other groups/organisations that could
be contacted including Spalding Phab, Carers United, and Age Concern. Gill will get
a network together of relevant organisations – Karen and Gill to facilitate a meeting to
bring representatives together from different groups/organisations to discuss
Changing Places. ACTION: Gill to get back to Emily with the date of the meeting
– she will try to organise this for week commencing 12th October 2009. (Emily
said the meeting can be held at the South Holland District Council Offices in Priory

Gill Brooks asked if it would be helpful if LAG did some footwork, e.g. checking out
local disabled toilets/speaking to Sainsbury’s/Management of Springfields. It was
decided to look around to see what facilities are in the area and then contact the above
through the network. Mrs Harrison suggested Lottery funding.

Emily suggested that Gill keeps a record of people’s particular experiences/difficulties
re toileting in the town to gain weight to having Changing Places.

Action: Gill will contact Changing Places re costings.

Health and Safety issues were discussed.

Bank Account set-up

Chas said this has not been set up due to the Treasurer not being well but it will be
done as soon as possible. Jocelyn is to become a signatory. Chas said the LAG
should be given about £700 in funding. Gill and Chas said they need Mencap on
board – Mencap will be contacted to see if they can become involved. Gill Brooks
offered to make enquires re Mencap.

Leaflets Local

Chas issued the above.

Transport Local

Chas said there are things that people could access but are unable to so due to the cost
doubling to pay for a carer also. It is thought that in some areas carers do not have to
pay. Chas asked if anyone new who to contact regarding this at the County Council.
Chris Briggs of L.C.C. was suggested, also Nina Lightfoot from Car Schemes. It was
decided to try to invite people in transport to the next LAG meeting. Kay said that
‘plus one’ can go on to a bus pass to accommodate the carer.

Gill Williamson said that benefits a person receives do not make any difference to a
person obtaining a bus pass – Gill Brooks will follow this up as quite recently she
experienced difficulties whilst trying to obtain one for a person.

Any Other Business

Gill Williamson

Gill said that the group Carers United (they are a group of people who attended Share
the Care and have now formed Carers United) meet at the IVO Centre. Gill will let
LAG know the dates of the meetings.


Andrew said he fell off a horse whilst on holiday.


Kay asked if anyone knew of any other educational courses in the area as Shaw Trust
is closing down – Chas had some leaflets which he gave out.

Natalie said she went to a Mencap Sports afternoon (run by the Rotary Club) at the
Castle Sports Centre on Sunday and tripped whilst running. Gill Brooks asked if she
would like to write and complain and she said ‘yes’.


Chas thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Next Meeting

Date: Tuesday 6th October 2009 (meeting for the 22nd September cancelled due to

Time: 1.30 p.m.

Venue: Chappell Centre, Spalding, in the Conservatory.

Meeting Ended at 2.35 p.m.

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