6 Reasons We Travel

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					6 Reasons We Travel

Why do you travel? Why do we leave the safety and security of our daily lives for the unknown
of travel? The answer is different for everyone, but below are six reasons that I find myself
craving yet another destination.

1. Bragging Rights

Travel is cool. It’s cooler than an expensive car or a high powered job. There always a way to up
the ante, going further off the grid, taking more risk, plunging deeper into culture. Let’s be
honest here, sometimes you pick a destination just so you can brag about being there.

2. A Clean Slate

One of the things I always notice one the first few days of a trip is how exposed I am. New
people are seeing me for the first time. In your everyday life, you see the same people day after
day. They see you every day, but they are also seeing the impressions of you left over from the
day before, the week before and the month before. When you travel, you get a clean slate.
Nearly every impression is a first.

3. A Good Story

Did I tell you about the time I ended up playing Gin Rummy in a brothel in the Philippines? It’s
a true story that I’m sure I’ll get to at some point and I have a million of them. It’s one of my
favorite things about traveling, the characters you run into and the stories you can tell.

4. A Fulfilled Life

Before I started traveling I remember seeing a TV program about India and realizing that I could
live my entire life without actually seeing the Taj Mahal. That was a sad thought. I felt like if I
didn’t make the effort to really see what the world had to offer, I wasn’t taking full advantage of
my time on earth. Traveling and experiencing what is out there has made my life richer in so
many ways.

5. A Bucket List

Traveling can sometimes be a matter of achieving a goal. At some point in your life you may
have made it a priority to visit five specific places. Having a glass of wine at a Paris café may be
a goal in the same way that running a 5k or owning a home is.

6. Pure Adventure

Heart pumping, blood rushing, sweaty adventure. I’m not a scripted, Carnival cruise, Disney
land traveler. Nothing brings a smile to my face like a wild ride. Whether it’s a breakneck tuk
tuk ride through Bangkok, riding a zip line in Costa Rica or an impromptu blessing from an
ascetic in Varanasi, I’m a sucker for the thrill.

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