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NAIA_NationalChampionship_HostBrochure by xuyuzhu


									           About the NAIA
The National Association of Intercollegiate
Athletics is an intercollegiate athletics
association that puts student-athletes at
the center of its decision making. NAIA
colleges and universities provide more than
60,000 student-athletes with opportunities
to play sports, earn $450 million in college
scholarships and compete for 23 national
championships. The NAIA offers quality
competition, a personal experience and                                                         Bring the
makes character education a priority.
   Champions of Character                                                                      of a National
Centered on the five core values of integrity,
respect, responsibility, sportsmanship                                                         Championship to
and servant leadership the Champions of
Character initiative is designed to instill an
understanding of character values in sport
                                                                                               your community!
and provide practical tools for student-
athletes, coaches and parents to use in                                                        23 Championships. 18 Events.
modeling exemplary character traits.
                                                                                               9,200 Athletes. 355 Competitions.

All NAIA championship events focus on                                                          195,000 Fans. 20,000 Hotel Nights.
character through awards, recognition and                                                      30,000 Champions of Character Attendees.
special programs targeted to schools and            For more information about hosting an
youth sports.                                    NAIA National Championship, please contact:

                                                    Eric Olson, Director of Championships
The NAIA Champions of Character initiative   • 816.595.8000
is an integral part of the path of experience
for athletes, coaches and for the community.

For more about program at championships,
                                                                                 23 Opportunities for Your Community
                                                 The NAIA administers 18 separate championship events, which vary greatly in size and scope.
                                                  FALL CHAMPIONSHIPS:           M/W Cross Country, Football, M/W Soccer, Volleyball
                                                  WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS: M/W DI Basketball, M/W DII Basketball, M/W Indoor Track & Field, M/W Swimming & Diving, Wrestling
                                                  SPRING CHAMPIONSHIPS: Baseball, M/W Golf, M/W Outdoor Track & Field, Softball, M/W Tennis

                                                 Which event is the best fit for your community? Find out more by emailing the NAIA Sport Manager or calling 816-595-8000
As a professional who promotes your               Jamie Adams Volleyball, W DI Basketball, M/W Swimming & Diving, Tennis
                                                  Jason Ford        M Soccer, W DII Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball
community as a destination for sporting           Kristin Gillette W Soccer
events, you understand the economic               Dennis Green       Football, M DII Basketball, Softball
                                                  Eric Olson       M DI Basketball, Golf
impact that accompanies a collegiate              Dustin Wilke       M/W Cross Country, M/W Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field
national championship.

The value of exciting,
wholesome entertainment
combined with national
exposure for your athletics
facilities and community
makes hosting an NAIA
championship a great fit.

NAIA National Championships go beyond           “We are very excited about hosting NAIA championship events and what they
                                                                                                                                        What’s the Bid Process?
                                                mean to our community. The student-athletes are first-class competitors who
providing top-level competition by                                                                                                     Download the host manual at
                                                enjoy giving back to our community through the Champions of Character.”                and submit the Site Survey Bid Form by the
creating a win-win partnership with our                                              Karen Hubbs, Director of Sports Development,
host communities. Complimenting the                                                     Johnson City Convention & Visitors Bureau
                                                                                                                                       What’s it take to be selected? Key factors are:
athletic contests, NAIA championships
                                                “Serving as a host for NAIA national championships generates excitement                • Host organizational structure
include the opportunity for NAIA student-       and energy, and the events we host have a long-lasting impact that extends             • Venue size and fit for the event
                                                                                                                                       • Area hotel accommodations
athletes to interact with your community        beyond the economic benefits. While NAIA student-athletes compete for
                                                                                                                                       • Volunteer base
by bringing the Champions of Character          national titles and trophies, they also serve as role models who promote               • What the experience will provide for athletes,
message local youth.                            strong character and good choices for our youth.”                                         coaches and fans
                                                                          Corey Westra, President of the Sioux City Sports Authority   • Champions of Character outreach opportunities.

                                            Learn more at or contact a Sport Manager today

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