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					                                 Sailing Schedule Chittagong to Hongkong via SINGAPORE through KTX-1 Service

                                     (The above schedule is subject to change with or without prior notice)

                        BERTH      CUT OFF      ETD       ETA                                                         ETA      ETD        ETA
  FEEDER VESSEL   VOY                                                     MAINLINE VESSEL          REFERENCE CODE
                         FRI        THURS       CTG       SIN                                                         SIN      SIN     HONGKONG
HANSA COMMODORE   085   12-Oct      11-Oct     15-Oct    19-Oct   OOCL TEXAS V/083N                  KTX1-OTX-083N   21-Oct   22-Oct     26-Oct

HANSA CALEDONIA   076   19-Oct      18-Oct     22-Oct    26-Oct   OOCL CHARLESTON V/037N             KTX1-OCH-037N   28-Oct   29-Oct     2-Nov

HANSA COMMODORE   086   25-Oct      24-Oct     30-Oct    3-Nov    OOCL ZHOUSHAN V/101N               KTX1-OZS-101N   4-Nov    5-Nov      9-Nov

HANSA CALEDONIA   077   2-Nov       1-Nov      5-Nov     9-Nov    OOCL TEXAS V/084N                  KTX1-OTX-084N   11-Nov   12-Nov    16-Nov

HANSA COMMODORE   087   9-Nov       8-Nov     12-Nov    16-Nov    OOCL CHARLESTON V/038N             KTX1-OCH-038N   18-Nov   19-Nov    23-Nov

HANSA CALEDONIA   078   16-Nov      15-Nov    19-Nov    23-Nov    OOCL ZHOUSHAN V/102N               KTX1-OZS-102N   25-Nov   26-Nov    30-Nov

HANSA COMMODORE   088   23-Nov      22-Nov    26-Nov    30-Nov    OOCL TEXAS V/085N                  KTX1-OTX-085N   2-Dec    3-Dec      7-Dec

HANSA CALEDONIA   079   30-Nov      29-Nov     3-Dec     7-Dec    OOCL CHARLESTON V/039N             KTX1-OCH-039N   9-Dec    10-Dec    14-Dec

HANSA COMMODORE   089   7-Dec       6-Dec     10-Dec    14-Dec    OOCL ZHOUSHAN V/103N               KTX1-OZS-103N   16-Dec   17-Dec    21-Dec

HANSA CALEDONIA   080   14-Dec      13-Dec    17-Dec    21-Dec    OOCL TEXAS V/086N                  KTX1-OTX-086N   23-Dec   24-Dec    28-Dec

HANSA COMMODORE   090   21-Dec      20-Dec    24-Dec    28-Dec    OOCL CHARLESTON V/040N             KTX1-OCH-040N   30-Dec   31-Dec     4-Jan

HANSA CALEDONIA   081   28-Dec      27-Dec    31-Dec     4-Jan    OOCL ZHOUSHAN V/104N               KTX1-OZS-104N   6-Jan    7-Jan     11-Jan

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