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Knowing the warning signs of arthritis


									                                            Arthritis Signs You Need to Be Cautious With

                                      Arthritis is a disease that has affected and is currently
                                      affecting millions of people all over the globe. Mutation has
                                      given rise to over a hundred different kinds of arthritis. In
                                      order to fully understand this disease it can be divided into
                                      two major types according to causes and effects. These
                                      types are inflammatory arthritis and degenerative arthritis.
                                      Inflammatory arthritis occurs when joint lining or
                                      synovium become inflames. Degenerative arthritis on the
                                      other hand is caused by cartilage breakdown. Both types
                                      produce similar signs and symptoms typically comprised of
                                      pain and hindrance while doing physical activities. Each of
                                      these types branch out into different subtypes of arthritis.
                                      One of the most popular types is Rheumatoid arthritis.

                                      Rheumatoid arthritis starts slowly in some joints of the
                                      body. Once it has begun it slowly spreads to the other
                                      joints in weeks or months. The good news is that it rarely
                                      starts overnight. The bad news is that as time passes by it
                                      involves more joints on all sides of the body following a
                                      symmetrical pattern. For example, if you have swollen left
                                      hand joints then eventually your right hand joints will soon
be affected too.

What are the key signs and symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis? Every person with arthritis
experienced different symptoms. Some patients only experience mild inflammation or only have
lesser joints involved. There are other though who have a lot of joints affected and are totally
inflamed. Some of its symptoms vary according to its flare. There are times when joints feel
generally good while there are also times when, for no apparent reason, they stiffen and become
sore and swollen. This is what is known as an arthritis flare.

Put in mind that rheumatoid arthritis typically begins over weeks or months slowly affecting all
joints through time. This is already an obvious warning sign. When such symptom is experienced
and lasts for two weeks or more, it is already an indication to see the doctor as soon as possible.
Other warning signs of arthritis include unusual pain, weight loss, fatigue, easily gets tired, and
morning pain.

Unusual joint pain is already an early indication of arthritis. Joint stiffness that already
demonstrates pain is a clear sign. It is ideal to locate new stiffness and pain in unusual areas such
as the ball of the foot and hand knuckles. Morning pain is another warning sign. If joint pain
worsens during the morning and lasts for thirty to sixty minutes before loosening up then this is
already a sign of the disease. Nonetheless, this stiffness and pain can cause discomfort day and
night. Persons with arthritis easily get tired and are fatigued all the time. Once arthritis begins, a
weak feeling begins and can lead to weight loss. For others, the onset of the diseases is
accompanied with low grade fever.

Arthritis is a disease that can hinder opportunities in life but with the right treatment or
medication it can be prevented and even stopped. Natural supplements are some of the many
regimens that can help increase the productivity of patients with arthritis.

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