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					                         Arthritis: Its Major Causes and Risk Factors

                                           There are many kinds of arthritis and each of them
                                           has various associated causes. Some causes are
                                           even unknown. Generally, scientists have discovered
                                           specific factors that can lead to the existence of joint
                                           problems related with arthritis. These factors include
                                           old age, family history, TNF or tumor necrosis factor,
                                           joint overuse, infection, and injury or trauma,

                                          Old age is the most common reason why people have
                                          arthritis. As you age, your body also ages with us and
                                          we are most likely to develop diseases like arthritis.
                                          Just like you car tires, your cartilage can also
                                          experience wear and tear through time. It becomes
                                          cracked and thin. Bones can also become brittle as
you age and this alone can aggravate joint dysfunction and pain. Apart from old age, heredity is
another factor that can make arthritis possible. For example, if a close family member like your
aunt, uncle, or grandparents have arthritis then you will most likely develop it. Scientist found
out that there are genetic markers linked to arthritis. Thus, if you have this gene then you can
probably develop the disease.

TNF is a component in your body that creates inflammatory causes. This plays a huge role in
setting off rheumatoid arthritis. Scientist may be quite unsure of what exactly triggers it but they
found out that drugs can counteract TNF effects which are known as TNF antagonists. Such
drugs can help manage the symptoms of arthritis.

Overuse of joints is another causative factor or arthritis. This factor is common among tennis
players, baseball players, and ballerinas. They have greater chances of develop the disease
than others because they put great amount of strain to their joints. Dancers who tiptoe a
hundred times during practices and performances, usually end up with arthritic ankles which are
painful. Baseball players who throe fastballs usually develop elbow or shoulder arthritis.

Some people who have infection develop arthritis. There are some kinds of arthritis that are
caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria. These factors either trigger or cause the disease. Arthritis
that arises from such factors are sometimes called infectious arthritis. This usually occurs after
trauma, surgery, bone infection, or an infection that traveled from another body part.
Additionally, trauma or injury can lead to arthritis. Joint injuries from car accidents, sports, or
from any accident raise the chanced of the development of arthritis. Football players for
example develop arthritis of the knee since the knee and other joints are usually smacked when
being tackled.

Based on t facts mentioned above, arthritis does have a lot of causes. Sadly, not all treatments
either alternative or medical work similarly against the varied types of arthritis. Some herbal
supplements have the power to manage and treat all kinds of arthritis despite of the cause.
Moreover, this medication is not just another pain reliever for arthritis but it most cases it
focuses in the major cause of the disease. Apart from this, this are also other medications that
can help treat arthritis successfully.