Top Moustache Styles for Movember

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					                             Title: Top Moustache Styles for Movember

Movember is now a week old. Hopefully all your moustaches will be starting to take some form of
shape and style. Some of you may be pre-determined to spend the whole month in that unfortunate
purgatory in between stubble and a respectable moustache. It’s the teenage years of a moustaches
life: ugly, awkward and seemingly endless. However if your moustache is showing signs of breaking
past this unfortunate stage, now is the time to consider what direction to take your ‘tache in and
what style to strive for. Here is a helpful guide to the top five styles to aim for.

The Chevron

Thanks to Magnum P.I, the chevron is a moustache that exudes effortless masculinity. Minimal fuss,
maximum effect; the chevron is a fuss-free statement of machismo. Simply trim stray hairs and
comb downwards. Liable to attract the attention of a multitude of women of a certain age; this
moustache will turn heads in the streets and in the bars. Channel the spirits of hardened 80s
footballers like Mark Lawrenson with the Chevron. At some point your dad will have tried to grow a
chevron, so you can always ask him for advice.

The Pencil

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the chevron is the pencil moustache. The pencil
requires a lot of preparation and attention. Shave as much of the moustache as possible leaving a
thin line above the upper lip. Daily care is required to maintain the appearance of this moustache to
help increase its impact. The visual impact is significantly lessened if careless stubble sits atop the
main body of moustache. Visiting your local Barber Shop is preferable for those who do not have
great shaving dexterity.

The Hulk

Blonde haired moustache growers often complain that there are no options for them. Light hair can
struggle to create the desired impact of most moustaches, but the handlebar moustache bypasses
that problem. A favourite of Hulk Hogan, a bushy blonde handlebar moustache is an extremely
enviable moustache. Kings’ Barber Shop in Birmingham guarantees a warm welcome for anybody
sporting a Hulk.

The Dali

Possible the most unorthodox of all moustache styles, the Dali strikes an uncompromising
impression upon anybody who the Dali wearer will pass. Shaving the main body of the moustache
until only two long, thin strands remain then pulling upwards towards the eyes creates the Dali.
Regular care and constant vigilance is needed to maintain the Dail.

The Poirot

The archetypal moustache shape; the Poirot is the elder statesmen of moustache styles. One of the
hardest styles to render accurately, the help of an expert is recommended. The skilled staff at Kings’
Hairdresser in Birmingham can help replicate the style of Belgium’s finest detective. Warning: plenty
of moustache wax and a handy moustache comb are needed to maintain this look.

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