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LOGO       世纪商务英语阅读教程(专业篇Ⅰ)

                UNIT 14
                 Jobs and


1     Listen and Talk

1        Reading

3       Case Study

4   Additional Dialogues
Listen and Talk


 Listening comprehension

 Role Play
      Listen and Talk
   Dialogue One Job Interview

 Interviewer: Hello, Mr. Wang. May I ask you why you are
  interested in working for our company?
 Wang: Last week, I read your job advertisement in China Daily. I
  learned that you had an opening for marketing manager. So I
  applied for this position. Your company is one of the world’s
  largest manufacturers of electronic products. In the past ten years,
  it has had an impressive growth record. Two year ago, you
  entered China’s market. At present, your products are enjoying a
  bigger market share in China. If I have the opportunity to work for
  this company, I believe I’ll be able to develop my abilities, and
  make some contributions to the company.
 Interviewer: What skills and qualifications do you have?
 Wang: I am quite proficient in English and can speak fluent
  Mandarin, and a little Japanese.
 Interviewer: What about computer skills?
 Wang: Well, I’m quite familiar with such software as Windows,
  Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
     Listen and Talk
   Dialogue One Job Interview
 Interviewer: What make you think you would be a success in this
 Wang: My graduate school training combined with my internship
  should qualify me for this particular job. I am sure I will be
 Interviewer: How would your friends or colleagues describe you?
 Wang: They say Mr. Wang is an honest, hardworking and
  responsible man who deeply cares for his family and friends.
 Interviewer: What personality traits do you admire?
 Wang: I admire a person who is honest, flexible and easy-going.
 Interviewer: What salary would you expect to have?
 Wang: I would expect the appropriate rate of pay for a person with
  my experience and educational background.
 Interviewer: All right. How can we contact you once we’ve decided?
 Wang: You can contact me by phone or e-mail. My telephone
  number is 85333473 and my e-mail address is . Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
 Interviewer: Good luck to you. Bye.
      Listen and Talk
    Dialogue Two Job Interview
 Wang: Good afternoon, sir.
 Hudson: Good afternoon. Sit down, please.
 Wang: Thank you.
 Hudson: You are Mr. Wang Ming? I am Henry Hudson.
 Wang: Yes. Nice to meet you, Mr. Hudson.
 Hudson: First of all, tell me about your education, please.
 Wang: All right. I graduated from Beijing University three years ago.
  I majored in international trade.
 Hudson: Which course did you like best, and which teacher did you
  respect most?
 Wang: I like international relations best because it helps me to
  understand politics and the cultural background of other countries.
  And I respect my English teacher most because she was so
  knowledgeable and patient.
 Hudson: by the way, would you describe yourself as outgoing or
  more reserved?
      Listen and Talk
   Dialogue Two Job Interview
 Wang: I am not really sure- maybe partly both. I would rather
  cooperate with everyone else, and get the job done by working
 Hudson: Very well. I see you from your resume that you have been
  working for an import and export company in Guangzhou since your
  graduation from college. What is your responsibility there?
 Wang: I am responsible for exporting light industrial machinery to
  some Asian and European countries.
 Hudson: Why are you interested in this company?
 Wang: A friend of mine works here, and he told me about your
  company, so I became interested. I think working in this company
  would provide me with a good opportunity to use my knowledge.
 Hudson: What do you know about this company?
 Wang: This company is one of the biggest trading companies in
  the world. There are a lot of branches in all parts of the world with
  the head office in the U.S.A. Guangzhou office was established four
  years ago. It deals with business machines.
      Listen and Talk
   Dialogue Two Job Interview
 Hudson: I think you’d like to know about the remuneration. The
  starting salary for trading clerks in this company is RMB3, 000 per
  month, and raises are given after six months according to your
  ability. We provide fringe benefits such as annual bonus; three
  weeks paid vocation a year, and health insurance. Do you have any
  questions about the job?
 Wang: I was told that some of your Chinese employees are sent to
  the United States to attend the training program provided by the
  head office. I’d like to know how you choose employees to attend
  the program. 87
 Hudson: Almost all Chinese employees are eligible to attend the
  training course, but as the number of trainees at one time is limited,
  we select them on their merits.
 Wang: Thank you for interview with me. I hope to see you again.
 Hudson: It has been pleasant talking with you. We’ll notify you of
  our final decision within one week. Good- bye
        Listening Comprehension
   Dialogue Job Interview

Work     Length of    Position/
                                   Responsibilities   Reasons for leaving
 Unit      Service    Department
      Listening Scripts
    Dialogue Job Interview

A: What company did you join after you graduated from the university?
B: I was assigned to work in a state-owned enterprise, and import
   and export corporation.
A: what department were you in?
B: I was in the Export Department.
A: How long did you work there?
B: Two years.
A: May I ask why you quit?
B: I think there were two reasons. First, I didn’t like the management
   there. Everyone in the company seemed to eat out of the same
   big pot. Our pay was not linked to our work performance and
   contributions. Second, there was no chance of promotion. It
   seemed to me that people were promoted by favorism rather than
   based on their merit.
A: I see from your resume that you once worked for a private
B: Yes, that’s my present job.
      Listening Scripts
   Dialogue Job Interview

A: What kind of work are you doing?
B: I’m working as a Quality Control inspector.
A: What are your responsibilities?
B: My responsibilities mainly involve checking if raw material,
    workmanship, finished products, and packing are up to the
    specification and standards of samples.
A: How do you feel your present job?
B: Though I’m quite well paid, and the fringe benefits are quite
    satisfactory, I don’t like the working environment and the way we
    are treated. In addition, my work there is not in the line with my
    area of my study in university.
            Listening Comprehension
      Dialogue Job Interview

  Work       Length of      Position/
                                            Responsibilities     Reasons for leaving
   Unit        Service      Department

An import                                                       1.dislike the
and export 2 years       Export                                 management there
corporation              Department                             2. no chance of

                                         Checking if raw        1. the working
                                                                environment and the
A private                Quality Control material, workmanship,way they were treated
company                                  finished products, and
                         inspector       packing are up to the 2. her work there not in
                                         specification and      line with her area of
                                         standards of samples study in university
       Listening Comprehension
    Passage Career Plan

After I graduated from Hebei Institute of Finance and Economics in
2001, I worked with Hebei Communication Corporation Ltd. for nearly
4 years. Because of my major is __________, so I was mainly
                                    customer ________, in addition, I
responsible for marketing and _________ service
also had majored data analysis work at the first year of my working
time. After entering Guanghua School of Management, Peking
                                                change __ direction
University for MBA degree, I was going to ________ my________
                                       financial business
after graduation. I want to carry __________ _________ and I am
trying to learn more knowledge about finance.
With the development of China’s economics, more and more firms
   open ___
_______ up in these years and the banks are playing a more and
more important role because of financing activities.
                              foreign bank
I will prefer to work in a __________ ________. The reason is that they are
advancer in management, marketing, investment and so on and I
               ___________ ____________ ___________
think I will have more contents to learn and improve myself faster than in
national banks. Because I have no experience in financing so I do not mind
                                                          being ________
starting from a low position if I could see the hope of _________promoted
through my hard work.
       Listening Comprehension
    Passage Career Plan

                                    communication ____ _________
For a foreign bank, the ability of _______________ with English is
necessary. Obviously it is my disadvantagenow, but I believe I will qualify it
after this year because I am taking effort to do it. A __________ is another
disadvantage for me to major finance work. But fortunately, I have over one
year time to learn the necessary knowledge in finance. Although there are so
many courses need to learn and some of them is very difficult, I believe I can
                                                            conquer _____
do it well because I love it and I can bear any pain and __________any
__________ in studying.
My marketing work experience may be some helpful to my work in bank, all
                  marketing __________
banks also need __________ strategies to get customers. Just like any
other industries, marketing is also very important to banks. Even though, my
            strategic _________
ability in ___________thoughts is an advantage for me. Investing is a
main part in bank, and this kind of job need people __________ things in
strategic sight but not in a short term sight. In my past job I always can do it
better than others. No wonder, interest is my most important advantage to
work with a bank.
I think I have made a fine comb plan to realize my dream. I believe it will
come true surely through my two years’ efforts.
    Role Play

Task: You are a college graduate majoring in
 international trade. You are now looking for a
 job. CSB Company, a large and well-known
 international trading company, is recruiting
 new staff. You apply for a job with the
 company and asked to be interviewed by the
 personnel manager. The following points
 should be covered in the interview.
   Role Play

—your qualifications
—relevant courses you have taken
—personal details
—hopes and ambition
—attitudes towards the new job
—the company’s benefits .
     Role Play
   Useful Language

 We have received your letter and resume, we thought I would ask
  you to come here for an interview.
 Can you tell me something about yourself?
 What did you major in college?
 Would you tell me your employment history?
 What experience do you have in this field?
  What do you know about this organization?
  What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?
  Why should we hire you?
       Role Play
    Useful Language

   Do you think you are qualified for this work?
   Why do you want to work for this organization?
   Why do you leave your last job?
   What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and
   Why do you think you would do well at this job?
   How would you know you were successful on this job?
   If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?
   Would you mind working overtime at night?
   How do you plan to achieve your career goals?
   How do you work under pressure?
   Do you have any questions for me?
       Role Play
    Useful Language

   It’s a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity for an interview.
   I have never been employed before because I just finished my studies.
   I have been an English secretary in a trading company.
   Although I have no experience in this field, I am willing to learn.
   I am sorry to say that I have no experience in this field.
   I hope to have a job which offers me an opportunity for advancement.
   I have never done this work before, but I will try very hard.
   I have been gaining practical experience in the import and export
   I have been attending a school to improve my English.
   I am well qualified for this position. Hopefully, you are willing to give me a
    trial work period to prove myself.
   Thank you for you time sir. It was a pleasure speaking with you.
   Thank you for your consideration, I will wait to hear from you.
   I can start to work whenever it is convenient for you.
  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

1. As many newly unemployed professionals
 are discovering, the sting of redundancy is
 often psychological.

  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

2. People dream of having more time for
 leisure, they may hate their colleagues or hope
 to pursue a new job. But, when it comes,
 redundancy can be devastating. People don’t
 anticipate how important work is to their

  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

3. If a job involved a lot of socializing,
 redundancy can mean losing not only a daily
 structure but also a social life.

  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

4. The sense of shame can be debilitating,
 People almost go into hiding, avoiding eye
 contact and almost shrinking.

  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

5. Anger and depression have a way of
 leaking out in job interviews and networking
 meetings, and can undermine a successful
 career move.

  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into English.

1. 再度裁员势在必行迫使员工们找寻其他的工
 作。(lay off)

The inevitability of another lay off forced many
 employees to find other jobs.
  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into English.

 (leak out)

The company’s plan to close the factory leak
 out and they were very embarrassed.
  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into English.


 They will do anything to undermine their
 competitor's reputation.
  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into English.


The poor food impairs her health.
  Exercises : Translate the following sentences into English.


It’s important for the university to prioritize the
 personal contact and group dynamics that
 shape student development.
     Case Study

                         Job Application
    Job application letter, a kind of business correspondence, is a
 formal written request for a position. And the letter writing should
 follow the principles of both good resume and business writing.
 An application letter should include four basic components:
Purpose of the writing (job vacancy and its basic information source)
Qualification (highlight one’s value to the employer )
Request for interview
Enclosure/ Contact information (address, telephone number)
Some tips for application writing:
Avoid praising yourself too much
Show your confidence and interest to the position
Show your full understanding of the requirement and your relevant
Show your capability of writing a neat, correct and clear business
      Case Study
   Sample One

Dear Mr. Jiang,
  At the recent exhibition of International Classroom Equipment in Tianjin, I
   learned that Wanlin Institutional Equipment, Inc. has an opening for a
   regional sales manager. Please consider me as a candidate for the job.
  A summary of my qualifications is enclosed. You will see that I have had
   several year’s experiences in teaching and educational administration,
   and in sales and sales administration, so I feel that I know educational
   community from both the inside and the outside.
  I have considered the Wanlin name synonymous with quality and style. It
   is with such an organization that I am eager to associate myself.
   Although I am not an expert on your entire line, I am quite familiar with
   much of it. I think so highly of your products that I would consider it an
   honor to represent your company.
  In the meantime, I would be glad to come to see you whenever it is
   convenient. I would be grateful if you could arrange an interview for me.

                                                     Sincerely yours,
                                                          Lin Dan
      Case Study
   Sample Two

Dear Sir,
  The design manager position that you advertised in the August issue of
   International Business magazine is exactly the kind of employment I am
   hoping the find. Would you please consider me for the position?
  As my resume shows, I received a diploma in Graphic Arts from the
   Zhejiang University two years ago. For the past two years, I have been
   working as an assistant graphic designer for the Graphic Illustrations
   Company in Hangzhou. During these two years, I have performed a
   variety of duties in the new graphic design department, including
   supervision of two important projects for new clients. I took on many
   extra responsibilities to increase my knowledge and ability, even though
   no one required me to accept them.
  What my resume does not show is that I am a mature, industrious person.
   I enjoy working hard with other people under challenging conditions. I
   would appreciate your giving my application serious consideration.
   Please call me at 0311-85096655 to arrange interview at your

                                                With many thanks
                                                     Zhou bin
      Case Study

Write a letter of job application on the basis of the following
1. Position advertised: Manager (in Business Post on 5 July 2008)
2. Experience: 5 years’ experience in retail food trade, working as
   manager and assistant.
3. Qualification:
 a. learn how to deal with staff and handle the day-to-day running of a
   large outlet
 b. be aware of international food tastes
 c. be familiar with the process of purchasing delicatessen supplies
4. He request an interview and express his wish to answer any
   questions regarding his application
5. He is free at any time for interview and he wish to get at least two
   days’ notice.
 Personal Information
 Characteristics & Hobby
 Educational Background
 Technical Qualifications
 Leaving your previous job
 Working Experience
   A: OK, Mr. Wu. You may come           A: Excuse me. May I see Mrs.
    in. I am Anne Smith and on my          Smith?
    right, my colleague, Anna              I: It's me. What can I do for you?
    Duncan, and on my left, Angela         A: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Smith.
    Lamb. Do please sit down.              I am coming here for an
    I: Thank you. Good afternoon           interview by appointment.
    Mrs. Smith, Miss Duncan, Miss          I: Are you Mr. Wu?
    Lamb.                                  A: Yes, I am.
    A: Your English is fluent.             I: Nice to meet you, too. Did
    I: Thank you.                          you have any difficulty finding
    A: How do you think of the             our company?
    weather today?                         A: Not really, I am familiar with
    I: I don’t like the weather like       this area.
    this. Cold and rainy. Hope it
    become sunny as soon as
   面试可能是一对一进行,也可能是集体面                            I: What is your name, please?
    试,一般之前都有预约。注意不同场合下                             A: My name is Sun lin.
    的几个关键用语:(提前预约过)“I                              I: How old are you?
    come here for an interview by                  A: I am twenty-five years old.
    appointment.”或者“I am coming to your            I: May I ask your birth date?
    company for an interview as requested.”。       A: Yes, my birth date is September 22,
   如果是集体面试,主考官会轮流叫人,进                             1977.
    入房间后只要自己介绍就可以了。如果是                             I: Where do you live now?
    第一次登门拜访,则需要说明你的来意和                             A: I live at 606 Zhongguancun Road,
    一些相关情况,比如你是从广告上看到的                             Apt 802,Beijing.
    招聘启事或者是经人推荐的,一定要说清                             I: Then tell me your birthplace.
    楚。句型有:“Excuse me, please. I                    A: My birthplace is Nanjing.
    wish to apply for the vacancy advertised       I: Ok,I know you are not a resident of
    in the morning newspaper yesterday.            Beijing. Where is your domicile place
    Has the vacancy been filled?”或者“I              then?
    was referred to your company by                A: My domicile place is Nanjing,too.
    Mr.White, your manager.”。
   I: Tell me a little bit about yourself,      根据这些信息,主考官可以初步断定
    please.                                       应试者是否符合他们的要求,比如有
    A: My name is Sunlin and I live in            些工作只适合本地人来做;有些工作
    Beijing. I was born in 1980. I will
    graduate from Peking University               需要经常出差,单身的人就有优势。
    this July. I have majored in                  但是有些涉及个人隐私,自己不便于
    accounting.                                   说的,比如主考官问你:I noticed
    I: Would you tell me something                you are wearing a wedding ring. Do
    about your family?                            you have any children?这时你最好
    A: There are three in my family, my           的回答就是Why do you ask?,这样
    parents and myself. My father is a            可以使你掌握主动,使主考官把他真
    teacher and my mother is a worker.            正的意图说出来,比如也许他是在试
   birthplace 出生地                                探你是否能长时间留在他们公司。
    resident 居民,居住者
    domicile (法律)原籍
    single 单身的 married 结婚的
                            I: What kind of character do you
   I: 你认为你是什么性格的人?          think you have?
    A: 总的来说,我是个思想很开明的        A: Generally speaking,l am an
    人。                       open-minded person.
    I: 你个性上最大的特点是什么?         I: What is your strongest trait?
    A: 乐观和友好。                A: Cheerfulness and friendliness.
    I: 你的朋友或同事怎么形容你?         I: How would your friends or
    A: 他们说孙先生是位很友好、敏感、       colleagues describe you?
    关心他人和有决心的人。              A: They say Mr. Sun is a friendly,
    I: 你欣赏哪种性格的人?            sensitive, caring and determined
    A: 我欣赏诚实、灵活而且容易相处        person.
    的人。                      I: What personality do you admire?
    I: 你和别人相处得怎样?            A: I admire a person who is honest,
    A: 我和别人相处得很好。            flexible and easy-going.
                             I: How do you get along with others?
                             A: I get on well with others.
   I: 你觉得你自己的个性如何?         I: What kind of person do you think you
    A: 嗯,我觉得自己精力很充沛,做        A: Well, I am always energetic and
    事很有热情。这是我最大的特点了。         enthusiastic. That’s my strongest
    I: 那你认为自己的最大优点和缺点是       personality.
    什么呢?                     I: What are your strengths and
    A: 正如我刚才说过的,我工作特别        weaknesses?
    勤奋认真。但是,有时为了尽可能把         A: Em, as I have said, I am diligent and
    事情办得完美些,我又会让自己背上         industrious. On the other hand,
    太多的压力,工作太辛苦。             sometimes I am too hard-working and I
                             put myself under too much pressure to
    I: 你认为作为团队中的一员,一个人       make things perfect.
    需要具备什么样的品质?              I: What qualities would you expect of
    A: 依我之见,作为团队中的一员,        persons working as a team?
    合作精神和进取精神两者皆不可少。         A: To work in a team, in my opinion, two
    I: 你业余时间都做些什么?           characteristics are necessary for a
    A: 我爱玩游戏和体育运动,这是我        person. That is, the person must be
    最大的爱好。                   cooperative and aggressive.
    I: 那么你最喜欢什么体育运动?         I: How do you spend your leisure time?
                             A: I like playing games and having
    A: 哦,那可实在太多了,我喜欢各        sports. They are my favourite hobbies.
    类体育运动,打篮球、 游泳、骑车         I: So,what kind of sport do you like most?
    之类的。也许这是我精力如此充沛的         A: Oh, it’s hard to narrow it down to just
    原因吧。                     one. I mean, I like all kinds of sports,
                             basketball, swimming, bike riding and so
                             on. Maybe it is just the reason why I am
                             so energetic and vigorous.
   open-minded 开明的,开放的               1) What degree will you receive?
    easy-going 容易相处的                  你将拿到什么学位?
    personality 个性,人格                 2) I will receive a Bachelor’s degree.
    enthusiastic 充满热情的                我将获得学士学位。
    leisure 空闲的,闲暇的                   3) How about your academic records
    hobby 业余爱好                        at college?
   应试者应该根据应聘职位的需求,尽量的
    使用适当的词语形容自己的个性特点。例                4) I have been doing quite well at
    如,应试者如果应聘秘书的职位,那么他                 college.
    (她)在形容自己的个性特点时应尽量选                 我在大学时学习很好。
    用类似efficient (有效率的)、careful       5) My specialization at the university is
    (办事仔细的)、responsible(负责的)           just in line with the areas your institute
    等词语而不应该选用purposeful(有目的            deals with.
    的)或 liberal(心胸宽大的)等不着边际            我在大学所学的专业和你们研究所所涉及
    的词语。                               的范围刚好对口。
                                      6) I was one of the top students in the
   I: Which school are you attending?               I: Which university did you
    A: I am attending Hebei University of             graduate from?
    Technology.                                       A: I graduated from Hebei
    I: When will you graduate from that               University.
    A: This coming July.                              I: What subject did you major in at
    I: What degree will you receive?                  university?
    A: I will receive a Bachelor’s degree.            A: I majored in Economics.
    I: What is your major?                            I: Tell me about the courses of your
    A: My major is Business Administration.           major in university.
    I: How have you been getting on with              A: I take more than 50 courses in
    your studies so far?                              university, including
    A: I have been doing quite well at                microeconomics, macroeconomics,
    college. According to the academic
    records I’ve achieved so far, I am                marketing principles, sales
    confident that I will get my Bachelor of          management, statistics, and so on.
    Business Administration this coming July.         I: How did you get on with your
    I: How do you think the education                 studies in university?
    you’ve received will contribute to your           A: I did well in university. I was one
    work in this institution?                         of the top students in the class.
    A: I have already learned a lot in the            I: What subject did you minor in?
    classroom and I hope to be able to                A: I didn’t minor in any subject
    make practical use of it in your company.
    My specialization at the university is just       when I was in university, but I
    in line with the areas your institute deals       attended English and computer
    with. I am sure I can apply what I have           courses. And I am currently
    learned to the work in your institute.            studying finance in a training school.
   I: Have you received any degrees?                major 主修课;主修的;主修 degree 学
    A: Yes. In 1996 I received my Bachelor            位
    of Science degree from Hebei University,          bachelor 文理学士 contribute 贡献
    and in 2001 I received my MBA degree              minor in 辅修 academic 学术的
    from Peking University.                           impressive 给人深刻印象的 honor 荣誉
    I: How about your academic records at             award 奖励 scholarship 奖学金
    college?                                          在回答提问时要注意投其所好,比如对方
    A: In fact my records were excellent. My          问你“What course do you like best?”,
    overall GPA was 9 on a 10 scale, which            这时你最好回答和所应聘公司相关的科目,
    was the highest in my class.                      这会让他留下你很有潜力的印象。
    I: That’s very impressive. Which course           注意几个关键的词语:degree(学位)、
    did you like best?                                subject(科目)、department(系)、
    A: English. It was both interesting and           Bachelor’s degree(学士学位)、major
    useful, so I showed a great interest in it.       (主修)、minor(辅修)
    I: Can you tell me why you changed               1) I will receive a Bachelor’s degree.
    your major when you were a graduate                                a Master’s degree
    student?                                                           a Doctoral degree
    A: Because I am very interested in
    administration and I did take some                2) How about your academic
    courses in it. I also performed well in the       records at college?
    subjects. Hence I believe that I can do a            grades
    good job in this position.                           scores
    I: Did you get any honors and awards at              school report card
    A: Yes. I was awarded a scholarship               你在大学时成绩如何?
    from the university every year. In 1995 I
    participated in the National Contest of
    Maths Models and I won the prize.


   I have received an Engineer’s              I: Our advertisement says English
    Qualification Certificate / an              competence is a key requirement of this
    Accountant’s Qualification                  position. Then how do you think of your
    Certificate / a Computer Operation’s        proficiency in written and spoken English?
    Qualification Certificate / a Tourist
    Guide’s Qualification Certificate .        A: I have learned English for 10 years,
                                                and I have passed College English Test
                                                Band 4 and 6.My spoken English is fairly
    proficiency 熟练程度;精通                         good enough to express myself fluently.
    fluently 流利地,通畅地
    carry on 进行 qualification 资格               I: What other foreign language do you
    certificate 证书;证明书                          speak?
   license 许可证,执照
    programming 编程                             A: I did self-study of Japanese in
                                                college, and I can carry on some simple
                                                conversations in Japanese.
   I: Have you obtained any certificate         2) How do you think of your proficiency
    of technical qualifications or license?       in written and spoken English?
    A: Yes, I have received an                    你认为你的书面英语和口语熟练程度如何?
    Engineer’s Qualification Certificate         3) I think my English is good enough to
    and a driver’s license.                       communicate with English speaking
    I: How many years have you had                people.
    the driver’s license?                         我认为我能用英语和说英语国家的人很好
    A: I have two years driving                   的交流。
    experience.                                  4) What other foreign language do you
    I: That’s good. What special skills           speak?
    do you have, can you tell me?                 你还能说什么其他外语吗?
    A: I have experience in computer             5) I have a good command of …
    operation,proficiency in Microsoft            我精通……
    Windows,Microsoft Word and                   6) Have you obtained any certificate of
    Microsoft Excel.                              technical qualifications?
    I: What computer languages have
    you learned?                                 7) What special skills do you have, can
                                                  you tell me?
    A: Visual C++, C and Delphi.                  你能告诉我你有什么特殊技能吗?
    I: Have you gotten any special               8) Have you gotten any special training
    training in programming?                      in ...?
    A: No, but I have database                    你接受过……方面的特殊培训吗?
    programming experience and
    network knowledge.

 括个人发展(development)、机会(opportunity)、工作环境(working environment)等
 1) Why do you want to leave your
  present job and join us?                   9) How do you know about this company?
                                              10) Your company is very reputed in this
 2) Why do you want to apply for a
                                              city, I heard much praise for your
  position in our company?                    company.
 3) Because your operations are global,
                                             I: Why do you want to apply for a
  so I feel I can gain the most from          position in our company? Don’t you like
  working in this kind of environment.        the present job?
                                              A: I like the job and it is similar to the
 4) Because I think my major is suitable     position I am applying for in your
  for this position.                          company, but the salary of my present
                                              job is too low, so I decided to leave.
 5) Because I am very interested in your
  company’s training program.                I: Is that the only reason why you are
 6) Please tell me a little bit about your   A: No, another reason is that your
  present job.                                operations are global, so I feel I can gain
                                              the most from working in this kind of
  7) Why do you think you are qualified      environment.
  for this position?
                                             I: If you are hired, when will it be
 8) My major and working experience
                                              convenient for you to begin to work?
  make me qualified for this position.       A: If you like, tomorrow is ok
   I: I know in your resume that you have         I: How would you describe your ideal
    worked in your present company for 3            job?
    years, can you tell me why you want to          A: I think the job should make use of
    leave your present job and join us?             the professional experience I have
                                                    obtained, and offer me opportunity for
   A: Because the job I am doing in my             advancement.
    present company is of no challenge, but
    I like challenge.                              I: Why do you think you might like to
   Your firm is a young organization with          work for our company?
    many innovative ideas. It has been very        A: I feel my background and experience
    successful in an expanding market since         are a good fit for this position and I am
    its establishment 10 years ago.                 very interested. What’s more, your
   Working for you would be exactly the            company is outstanding in this field.
    sort of challenge I am looking for.
                                                   I: What makes you think you would be a
   I: Why do you think you are qualified for       success in this position?
    this position?                                 A: My graduate school training
                                                    combined with my experience as an
   A: I have excellent communication skills        intern should qualify me for this
    and I am familiar with the procedures for       particular job. I am sure I will be
    the last company I worked for.                  successful.
   Besides, I am a team player and have
    great interpersonal skills.                    I: How do you know about this company?

                                                   A: Your company is very reputed in this
                                                    city; I heard much praise to your
   be of no challenge 不具有挑战性                     I: Do you have any work experience in
   be qualified for 适于担任                          this field?
    advancement 提升,晋升                              A: Yes. After my graduation from
    operation 运作 environment 环境外界                  university, I worked as a Customer
   intern (美)住院实习医生; 实习生                          Service Coordinator in a foreign
    professional 专业的                               representative office, and then I
                                                   transferred to a joint venture as a Market
    1)The job is out of my major.                  Deve1opment Manager. So I am familiar
    2)I want to do a job that can offer me         with the market in China.
    the opportunity for advancement.               I: What have you learned from the jobs
                                                   you have had?
    3)I am looking for a more challenging          A: I learned to be patient when dealing
    opportunity.                                   with customers complaints and try my
    4)My former company has been                   best to solve them. In addition, I learned
    bankrupt.                                      at my previous jobs how to cooperate
                                                   with my colleagues.
    5)Because I’m very interested in your          I: Does your current employer know you
    company’s training program.                    are looking for another job?
                                                   A: No, I haven‘t discussed my leaving
    6)Your company has a great future              plans with my current employer, but I am
    and is conducive to the further                sure he will release me.
    development of my abilities.                   I: What is your impression of your
    7)Working in this company can give             present company?
    me the chance to exert all my strengths.       A: Very good.
                                                   I: What would your current colleague
    8)Because that company didn’t have a           say about you?
    good future, so I needed to consider my        A: They would say I’m a dependable
    future.                                        and hard worker.
   I: What kind of jobs have you had?
    A: I have been a Production Manager.                     Work experience
    I: How many years have you worked as a                   1) Do you have any work experience in
    Production Manager?                                       this field?
    A: 3 years.                                               你有这个行业的工作经验吗?
    I: Would you like to tell me something about your
    outstanding achievements?                                2) What kind of jobs have you had?
    A: I had introduced an advanced product line,             你做过哪些工作?
    which increased the output and lessened the cost.        3) What’s your responsibility at your
    I: Wonderful. Then how many employers have                present work unit?
    you worked for?
    A: Frankly speaking, three. If your company               现在这个单位你负责什么工作?
    employs me, it will be my fourth.                        4) I am responsible for product
    I: Then have you received any award at your               distribution.
    present company?                                          我负责产品销售。
    A: Yes. I was awarded the title of advanced
    Worker last year.                                        5) I have 4 years’ experience in staff
     I: How would you evaluate the company you are            management.
    with?                                                     我有四年管理员工的经验。
    A: Although I could not say that everything is           6) I have experience as a receptionist.
    perfect there,I still very much appreciate what
    the company has given me,especial many                    我做过接待员。
    chances.                                                 7) What have you learned from the jobs
    I: How would your colleagues evaluate you?                you have had?
    A: They would say I am a responsible friend and           你从过去的工作中学到了什么?
    a capable colleague.
    I: Can you get recommendations from your                 8) Would you like to tell me something
    present employers?                                        about your outstanding achievements?
    A: Yes, I have brought them with me. Here they            谈谈你的工作业绩好吗?
    are.                                                     9) How would you evaluate the company
    I: Do you have any questions?
    A: I think that you have covered all the important        you are with?
    points already. But if I have any questions later I       你将如何评价你现在的公司?
    will contact you.
LOGO       世纪商务英语阅读教程(专业篇Ⅰ)

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