; Top 3 Myths About Paying Off Your Student Loans
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Top 3 Myths About Paying Off Your Student Loans


http://www.paymystudentloans.com/myths-about-paying-down-your-student-loan-fast/ Right now there are several myths about paying down your student loan fast. Recently an article was published about a young graduate from Harvard Business School, Joe Mihalic, who payed off his $90,000 in student loan debt in the relatively short time of 7 months. Of course, many people were immediately interested to hear how he did it: After all, we've got more than 37 million people in the United States who are currently buried under an average undergraduate student loan debt of $25,000, and for those who are struggling with graduate school debt that number jumps up to more than $40,000. Not exactly the ideal situation when one is just beginning a new life, when one is just starting to earn money.

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									Myths about
paying down your
student loan fast

Myth #1: Tax Breaks Means I Shouldn’t
Pay Off My Loans Right Away

 While   there are some tax breaks out there
  for those struggling with student loan
  debt, those breaks only affect $2,500 of
  the interest on the loan each year.
 It is almost never the right financial
  decision to pay down loans slower for tax

Myth #2: File for Bankruptcy Is Your
Way Out

 Bankruptcy   is NOT an option as a student
  loan problem solution. Even if you find
  yourself in a position where you must
  declare bankruptcy, you will still owe
  money for your student loans.

Myth #3: There’s No Way Out

 Although bankruptcy isn’t an option for
 those struggling under high student loan
 debt, there are several programs out
 there which offer loan forgiveness.

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