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Why is email archiving very important for the every company? Because it is much easier to keep your
email messages organized. Trough notes email archiving your email messages are indexed for faster
search. When company have couple of hundreds or even thousand email messages per month, it is very
difficult to keep them well organized without email archiving system. That’s why Jatheon’s email
archiving solution is good for every small and big company. With our email archiving software you can
easely find every email you need in just few clicks away. Jatheon’s email archiving software eDiscovery is
reliable, highly secure and user friendly.

Cloud computing is the future same as email archiving. It will save your time and money, you don’t have
to spend days and weeks searching for specific email message, everything is just on few clicks away.
Jatheon is the number one email archiving company with 24/7 support and with number one groupwise
email archiving . Everything is simple with Jatheon, do something good for your company, visit and inform yourself about our email archiving system and solution because it will save your
time and money.

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