For and Because of by drsranganathan


									The corporate and its employees should first learn the complete meaning of the
management law of ‘for and because of’ (FB). Unless they know and balance the
management principle of ‘for’ and ‘because of’, the life in corporate becomes ‘mundane
monologue’ where mutiny and monotony start dictating the decisions.

To know the distinction and the correct reference, one needs to study the plants from
roots to the terminal end of the aerial parts of the plant. Growth of the roots is ‘for’
finding water and nutrients to the plant. The roots constantly grow but their purpose,
growth and existence is governed by the formula ‘for’.

Quite opposite to that, the aerial parts of the plant grow and their growth and extension
comes from the simple factor that is ‘because of’ the roots support them. Because the
roots gather and provide adequate water and nutrients, the plant could grow. The
growth the aerial portion of a plant is happening only as a consequence of the roots that
keep growing ‘for’ the plant.

The corporate should not see this as two separate events where one group of people –
example, sales people keeps generate revenue while, rest in the corporate, eat and
become fat. Every employee in the corporate must be placed on the track where ‘for’
and ‘because of’ should propel, guide and direct their journey both at the personal and
professional sphere.

Many people ‘live’ for making money but continue to live like beggars. When one live
for making money and when earns the same, because of the money they have earned,
still they continue to remain with the same goal of ‘live for’ making money. No change
either at the thinking or living level happens in these people ‘because of’ the money
they have earned.

It is very disastrous. Some people may keep learning many things but lacks complete
application of mind. ‘Because of’ the knowledge they have already acquired, they never
becomes wise or intelligent.

Many people who lives only because of what they have acquired years back. They
perfectly lack inquisitiveness, learning zest, passion etc. People who often talk a lot
about their experience falls under this group. ‘Because of’ syndrome has intoxicated
their brain and breath and hence their approach is always filled with narrating or logging
onto the past.

Many entrepreneurs do love to talk about how they have become so successful in
business, what was their start up capital (initial investment) at the time of beginning of
the business etc. The same stuff they take out from the refrigerator and serve in every
interviews or public meetings they are invited to take part. They simply narrate
‘because of’ ‘what’ they have become like what they are today. But they never say
anything about what ‘for’ they live today.

While the other group of people who talks only about ‘what for’ they exist.

‘For’ philosophy should always reside in the space of ‘because of’ and vice versa. Unless
the HR function in the corporate understands the meaning of the management concept
of ‘for’ and ‘because of’ (theory of F&B), they cannot develop people to success with

Green plants are the amazing creation of nature. How beautifully, their growth and
development is determined by the ‘for’ and ‘because of’ factors.

Thinking about ‘because of’ should give happiness and thinking about ‘for’ should bring
passion, direction and energy. That is how the plants are evolved in nature.

From ‘roots to the tip’, plants conveys great management insights to the corporate.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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