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									Reporting of Taxable Payments
For the Calendar Year ended December 31,                                                     <enter calendar year here>
If there are questions about the data submitted in this file, questions should be directed to: <enter name here>
                                                                                               <enter phone # here>
There is no need to combine payments to individuals from multiple protocols into a single file unless it is more convenient for the department to do so.
Individuals may be listed more than once if payments for more than one protocol are being reported in this file.
Form W9 for each of the below individuals should be submitted in addition to this file if not previously submitted to the Finance Department.

Proper formatting is necessary so that data can be consolidated accurately.
Name                                         Address                                        City                            State         Zip                   SSN                   Total Amount paid        Optional Field:
                                                                                                                                                                                    during calendar year   Date W9 submitted
Formatting and entry guidelines:
Field Length: 30 characters max               30 characters max                             20 characters max               2 characters 5 digit or 5-4 digit 9 digits, no dashes 10 character max
Format:       FIRSTNAME LASTNAME                                                                                            XX           XXXXX or XXXXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXX            include decimal
Example:       JOHN DOE                                                                     ROCHESTER                       NY           12345 or 12345-6789  123456789           275.00                             10/31/08


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