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					Access to food hygiene
ratings on the move - free

API developed – Govt
Open Data Agenda

November – 5 Regional
User Groups (Experience,
Improvements, the future)
Olympics – Play it Safe
             “The sheer scale
             of London 2012
             means that
             partnership will be
             required to ensure
             that the eating
             experience is safe
             and hygienic”
         Olympics – Play it Safe
• Food Safety at heart of LOCOG Food Vision
• Great LA work with food businesses \
  suppliers before event – FSA supported:
   – Additional inspections to check\raise compliance
   – Funded coaching sessions
   – ATP\water testing kits
   – Specific officer training
   – Central storage (seizure) units
   – Updates \ Olympic directory\ incident exercises
• Target was a Safe Games – Achieved !
• Legacy – learning, FHRS, confidence, reputation
             Support for LAs
• LAs have a crucial consumer protection role
• FSA priority to support front line delivery
• Continued guidance \ advice \ liaison –
  accept we can improve
• 2011-12, FSA increased its grant funding to
  LAs. Over £7.5 m for LA food teams covering:
  – Food \ feed \ imports sampling, feed visits,
    training, FBO coaching, FHRS, Olympic funding
• This remains a priority
                 Food Fraud
• Greater intelligence and targeting key
  strategic priorities
• FSA have strengthened Fraud teams
• Improving links, reports & support for LAs
• Increasingly generating intelligence for LAs
   – Aware there are feedback issues
• Remember - resources (technical and
  financial) available for investigations \ actions.
• Please report (5x5x5)
  intelligence.....intelligence has no value
  unless you share it !
                     LA key role in food fraud

  Adulterated                                            Fake Champagne
 Basmati Rice

Illegal harvesting
    of shellfish          Illegal slaughter / Smokies
                                                         Illegal re-dating

Counterfeit vodka           False organic claims        False health marks
        Food Safety Week 2012
• Theme - ‘Food Safety on a budget’
• Positive feedback received on both theme and
  partnership with Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW)

                                    Promoting food safety
                                     alone does not rock
                                     people’s boats, but
                                   because we joined with
                                 partners to promote several
                                  things, we could capture
                                    people who would not
                                     normally talk to use
    Imaginative and the best
        there has been
               PR and media coverage
• Generated 204 news items and 35 million
  WITS*, of which 96% was positive
• Ten fold increase on 2011 (3.3 million)
• Approach to PR worked well. FSA should
  continue to champion the use of social media.
• Main reason for lack of involvement is lack of
  resources - FSA will continue to make
  participation as easy as possible
• Many LAs (hygiene & standards) did support.
*WITS – Weighted Impacts Tallies an industry standard measure that reports the number of
    opportunities that the public has to see coverage
   Potential themes for FSW 2013
• Food safety risks in the home
  – Deliver a serious message in an engaging way
  – ‘Tools’ that enable consumers to rate their domestic practices in a
    similar way to FHRS
  – Could be used in an educational capacity in schools
• Food safety from farm to fork (plant to plate)
  – An opportunity to highlight a variety of areas including: harvesting,
    washing produce, hand washing, labelling
  – Create understanding about where food comes from
  – Opportunity to work with a variety of organisations e.g. schools,
    garden centres, allotments
  – Possible tie in to Open Farm Sunday (9th June)

                       Views ?
• 100 % returns for 2011-12 THANK YOU
• Enforcement paper \ data, including audit
  outcomes: publication – 13th November
• Data will highlight activity & impact
  –   Improvements
  –   Approaches
  –   Stresses
  –   Feed into COP \ reviews
• Currently analysing, validating and sense
       Review of Delivery of Official
             Controls - Food
  Evaluate the effectiveness of the current
  official controls delivery model
• 3rd Progress Report FSA Board 12th Sept.
• Identified evidence sources, defined gaps
• Designed evidence programme
   External data collection underway shortly

 The Baseline        Scoping          Horizon
 (Assessing the   Improvements       Scanning
    current)      & Alternatives   (Sustainability)
   Your opportunity to contribute
• Input needed to inform the review process
    Recommendations dependent on data gathered
    Use for the review and to FSA in general to
     support OC delivery.
• Overview of LA delivery and in-depth study
    Online survey launched - September 2012
    Case studies starting - October 2012
• Research with individual officers
    Online forums, asking for nominations
                       The FSA
• Reviewed & reorganised field (meat) structures
• Retendered all UK SLAs for FSA contracted out
  services eg meat, shellfish, eggs, dairy holdings
• Brought dairy holdings hygiene controls in-house
  (from AHVLA)
   – Reduced inspections required (11 K to 3 K per annum) by
     Earned Recognition of assurance schemes
• Significant savings \ more consistent, risk based
• Looking for good LA \ FSA Field Ops links - regional
  teams can help if needed
• New CEO starting October 2012
       Current Strategic Issues
• Feed – paper going to November Board
• Emerging risks research to help target FSA \
  LA activity work
• Better regulation
   – Reduce burdens, create environment
     which promotes growth
   – Challenge reviews on food sector
     regulation - generally show controls fit for
     purpose (FBOs stressed supportive
     approach – a few issues)
      Current Strategic Issues
• Govt Review on Powers of Entry – FSA will
  seek views Jan 2013
• Reducing Regulation Committee scrutinises
  all Impact Assessments for changes.
   – Full Cost recovery (meat) & RANS delayed
• EU 882 review – Commission to issue
  proposals (to include charging) early next
  year – watch this space.
          Regional Contacts
• Marcia Nightingale – EM \ Y&H Regional
  Coordinator: 07768776258

• Sandra Cockell – EM\ Y&H Deputy Regional
  Coordinator: 07887451494

 John Barnes – 07867537836

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