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IT Resume Templates 1 (tips)

An Information technology resume has to be created bearing in mind certain critical aspects. The only reason is the ever changing technology and its
application in variety of business models & situations. Here are few important tips to build an effective IT resume.

Elements of an effective IT resume template

Positions for IT professionals include computer engineers, developers and scientists. These job positions are complex, therefore candidate needs to
explain his technical expertise in a detailed manner. Important elements of high impact IT resume template includes career objective, summary of
qualifications, technical expertise, professional experience, education and contact details.

Technical expertise

The core section of an IT resume template is "technical expertise" section. The information highlighted in this section separates an IT resume from
standard resume template. You need to enlist your technical expertise here. Additionally, also include the technologies you are familiar with. This may
include elaborate list of software programming languages, frameworks, concepts and operating systems.

Professional Experience

Mention the designation held and projects executed successfully in several companies you served earlier. It's essential to state your role in the previous
organizations briefly. Also describe the functions performed that helped to company to improve productivity and efficiency. These functions may include
managing software development projects, configuration and providing technical support, designing network security architecture and many more.


List your educational background and degrees attained in education section. Projects completed during graduation and notable achievements relevant to
the post applied can be stated here. Also highlight your professional affiliations and memberships.

Contact Details

A candidate shall highlight his contact information in the beginning of resume template. The contact information includes applicant's name, postal
address, phone number and email address. This will help the prospective employer to contact the applicant via phone or email.

Career Objective

Do mention your career objective pertaining to information technology profession. This would explain your vision and passion towards IT profession.

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Sample IT Resume Template 2 (simple resume)

An IT resume emphasizes on technical skill set of the candidate. It is therefore, of prime importance to highlight your technical skills at the beginning of

Jeff King
123 Union City Rd,
Union City, NJ
Phone: (712) 123456
Cell no.: (984) 4789822

Objective: Seeking a software developer position that will hone my technical skills and contribute towards the company's success.

Computer Skills :
Languages: HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, C+ +
Databases: MS-Access, SQL server 2008
Operating Systems: Windows server 2008 and UNIX
Software: MS Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Windows NT 4.0, MS office, MS Visual Studio

Experience :

PQR Finance, Caldwell, NJ, Dec 2004 to present
Software Engineer

           Responsible for developing XYZ.NET application tools and other website tools
           Led a team of 07 members to develop a XYZ.net product meant for finance professionals
           Worked with several web scripting languages and SQL server to develop XYZ.net product
           Coordinated with marketing team to acquire customer feedback for development of web applications
           Designed research area of a web-based application tool that facilitates users to customize their search

DEF State Medical, Livingston, NJ, 2003- 2004
Student Intern
Hands on experience in maintaining databases and records of patients

           Maintained database of patients using MS Access
           Gathered and Entered the billing information of patients

Education :

B.S. degree in Computer Science, Newark, NJ 2001 to 2004
Major: software development
GPA: 3.8
State University of New Jersey

References available upon request

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Sample Information Technology Resume Template 3 (simple resume 2)

A Computer Science graduate seeking job as a software engineer needs to create professional resume. The technical skill set carries major importance in
an IT resume. Hence, computer/technical skills need to be highlighted in an IT resume.

Jennifer Carter
889 North Street,
Marshalltown, IA 15014
Phone: (123) 9852634

Objective : To obtain a position that utilizes my potential as software engineer

Computer Skills :

Languages: C, C+ +, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Basic, XML, ASP.NET
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX and UNIX
Databases: MS-Access, SQL server 2008
Software: MS Visual Studio, Windows NT 4.0, MS office, MS Visual Studio
Hardware: Installation of SIMM chips, hard disks, motherboards and printer configurations

Experience :

ABC Systems, Eldora, IA, 2006 to present
<>Systems Developer

          Responsible for transferring an extensive FilePro database to MS Access with the help of macros and VBA.
          Assisted in-house staff by troubleshooting PC and UNIX related problems
          Maintained and updated the MS Access database for the marketing department

LMN Systems Inc., Johnston, IA, 2005 to 2006
Support Engineer

          Assisted in creation and testing of new software and troubleshoot operating systems related problems
          Debugging program bugs and modifying programs with advancements
          Providing prompt technical support to in-house staff

Education :
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, - Des Moines, IA, May 2005
Major: Computer Programming and Analysis
GPA: 3.8
University of Iowa

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Sample Information Technology Resume Template 4 (Exp resume )

                                                               Carl Simmons
                                                            66 West 12th Street,
                                                            New York, NY 10011
                                                       Telephone No: 212-229-5600
                                                     Email id: carl.simmons@gmail.com


             Data center operations - Database Development - Project Management - eCommerce Product Solutions

Innovetive IT professional with background in software development and solid understanding of relational databases. Proven ability to identify
problem, analyse possible solutions and determine best course of action to meet objectives. Extensive experience in customer service
organization. Effective Trainer and Communicator; easily interface between the technical and non-technical.

                                                            TECHNICAL SKILLS

         MS SQL Plus, Buysite, Enterprise Buyer, MS Access 95, MS Power Point, SAP
         Eudora, ONYX, Internet Explore, Mobiletrack, CACS, CAS, RMS, RADAR
         MS-90, R F Fingerprinting, Visibility and Authentication, Oracle
         Unix, Windows NT, Windows 2000, SQL Server 7, LAN/WAN Networks

                                                    KEY VALUES AND ACHIEVEMENTS

         Administrated project lifecycle from initial system planning and technology acquisition through installtion, training and opertion.
         Optimized training success by strategically planning and organizing programs globally.
         Tested and worked with software designers to estabishe a user-friendly enviornment.
         Instrumental in documenting operating procedures and implementing in regional offices.
         Designed an exclusive data dictionary data dictionary for use by all technicl and non-technical staff in their joint systems
          development efforts.
         Recruited, supervised, and trained call center and fraud prevention staff.

                                                       PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ENTERPRISE, Pleasanton, NY      04/2000 - Present

Technical Support Engineer/Account Manager - Serve as onsite engineer for the support of internal and external clients, providing
eCommerce product solutions for business-to-business online auction and eProcurement software.Instrumental in building stragic
relationships with key client including Cavis int, eScout, General Motors, Exastar, Disney, Intel and Toronto Saminion Bank.

         Solid product knowledge of product line and presentation skills, resulted in an appointmend as corporate and overseas trainer.
         Identify operational malfunctions with new product line - reproduce, troubleshoot, and configure the problem to pinpont and
          implement solution.
         Proposed and authored business plan to effetively staff; anticipated number of auction and expected number of users, which
          significantly improved staffing ratios and quickened the go live date.

NETCOMM DATA SERVICES, INC, San Ramon, California           06/1998 - 04/2000

Operations Engineer/Database Administrator (01/2000 - 04/2000) - Promoted to Operations Engineer to monitor, operate and
troubleshoot the sysytem infrastructure on Lan/Wan networks utilizing SQL Plus and Oracle on a Solaris platform. Served as database
administrator for 24x7 operations.

Sales & Marketing Account Manager(12/1998 - 01/2000) - Loaded and validated new orders into SAP R3 system for processing by the
customer service department. Worked with Electrical Service Providers to ensure accuracy of energy power purchase from Independent
Service Operators(ISO).

Senior Customer Service Representative(06/1998 - 12/1998) - Recruited to supervise customer service                             organization    in
telecommuniation industry, supporting the installation of Electric meters and wireless devices on LAN/WAN networks.

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      Increased online service and data integrity level to 95% or better.
      Engineered project idea from start t completion; devised innovative operating procedures and processes contributed to productivity
       and profitability.

                                                        PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

                                     Basics of Unix and VI Editor(2000), MS Access 95 Intermediate (1998)
                                         Exchange 5.0 Fundamentals (1998), Fraudforce Training (1998)
                                  Visibility Service Training (1998), Excel for windows 95 Intermediate (1997)
                                                 Power Point for Windows 95 Fundamentals (1997)
                                         Effective Supervision Developing High Performance Team (1997)

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    5. Foreign Resume (my favourite resume)

                                              FirstName LastName
                                             87 Washington Street
                                             Hopedale, NY 11233
                                             Phone: 555-555-5555
                                             Email: xxxxx@xyz.edu


    Hopedale, NY: BA, American Studies
    Cumulative GPA: 3.93

    University of Trier, Germany
                                                                                           (Summer 2005)

    Washington, DC: Washington Semester in American Politics
                                                                                             (Spring 2004)


    U.S. Department of Education
    Intern, Office of the Deputy Secretary                                                   (Spring 2005)

     Generated concise written synopses of current legislative action for use by the Department, Congress
      members, and the general public through the ED website.
     Researched and presented to policymakers several successful school design and construction projects to
      support the Administration Schools as Centers of Community proposal.

                                                                                             (Spring 2004)

 Washington Semester Independent Research Project
 American University
 Examined how the increasing dependence of needy students on federal loans instead of grants for
  higher education has affected college access and enrollment; culminating in 65-page paper
 Historical Society of Saratoga Springs                                                       (Spring 2003)
 Research Assistant
 Researched archival materials, wrote text panels and selected objects for a historical exhibit on Saratoga
  in the 1930s

    Vice President/Academic Affairs                                                             (2003-2004)

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 Student Government Association, XYZ University
 Chaired 60-member body representing each academic department and student perspectives on
   curricular issues
 Participated in college-wide policy decisions concerning such ethical issues as the sale of cigarettes on
 Made detailed oral and written presentations of curricular reform actions in public student fora
 Presidential Search Committee
 XYZ University

       Served as one of two students on a college-wide committee to nominate the sixth President of XYZ
        University, through all stages including:
      A detailed self-study of institutional needs and goals to determine selection criteria
      Search for, and hire of, a higher-education specialty consultant
      Written evaluation of each applicant, interviews and final recommendation to the Board of Trustees
    Honors Forum Council
    Student Body Representative, XYZ University

    Set goals and guidelines for the first two years of Skidmore�019s innovative, comprehensive honors
     program whose mission is to increase intellectual engagement and academic rigor in students�019
     freshman and sophomore years

    Student Alumni Society: Founding Member                                                   (2002-present)
    Committee on Academic Freedoms: Student Representative                                    (2002-present)
    Skidmore Orchestra: French Horn                                                           (2001-present)
    American Studies Club: Secretary                                                          (2001-present)


    Proficient in written and spoken German
    Extensive experience with Internet Explorer, HTML, Lexis-Nexis and Microsoft Office

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6. Sample IT Resume
                                                                Phil Hooper
                                                              2 New York Plaza,
                                                            New York, NY 10004
                                                       Telephone No: 212-210-4612
                                                      Email id: hooper.phil@gmail.com
Objective Seek a senior position in IT management.


         A dedicated SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL/PROJECT MANAGER with 20+ years of technology development and management
          experience. Strong technical background in multi-language, multi-platform programming and system design with expertise in
          project coordination, determination of scope and priority, project implementation, and training/development of it staff. Proficient
          time-management skills, able to implement project onschedule and within budget.

          Languages: COBOL, COBOL/VSE, VSE JCL, SQL, BAL, Dylakor, Visual Basic, C, C++
          Operating Systems: OS/400, VSE/ESA, Windows NT/98/2000
          Software: CISC, DB2, VSAM, Project Management Tools, Easytrieve, ICCF
          Platform: AS/400, IBM 370/390, IBM ES/9000, PC's & Compatible
          Networks: Novell


               o     Billing/Invoicing                       o     Customer Service                          o    Warehouse

               o     Order Processing                        o     General Ledger                            o    Inventory Control

               o     Order Entry                             o     Accounts Payble                           o    Shipping and Receiving

               o     Returned Goods                          o     Accounts Receivable                       o    Distribution

               o     Sales Management                        o     Purchasing


          IT CONSULTING CORPORATION, NY 1997 to Present
          (A world leader in the implementation of professional systems solution with annual revenue of $2 billion)

          Consult with local business and lead project team in major systems conversions and Y2K efforts. Assist executive level
          management in defining project boundries and formulating budgetry guidelines/price estimates. Develop project plan
          & schedule and hire staff. Coordinate programmer/analyst efforts. Manage time frames and budget.


               o     Completed all projects within contracted period.
               o     Coordinate a staff of 6 in a project to validate 10+ million lines of code in C/C++, Easytrieve, MS-Visual Basic, JAVA,
                     HTML Completed project in 6 months.
               o     Led a team of four in 2 separate projects to convert source code at a remote financial clearing house. Converted JCL,
                     BAL, Easytrieve, and COBOL code(over 500,000 lines). All work completed in time and within price estimates.
               o     Led seven team of 5 analyst in a client/server standardization and Y2K complience effort for a large health care
                     provider. Project involved 2500+ client workstations with 300 servers and 300+ applications to test. Completed project
                     prior to Y2K with no downtime to client.

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Engineering Graduate Resume

Dyaneeal Anderson,
19, Smithtown NSW,
Carlisle, NA 01741,
(124)-496 5870.

Objective: Seeking a challenging and rewarding entry level mechanical engineer position with a major defense equipment production


          Able to devise innovative methods for improving the production line and plant layout
          Good presentation and analytical abilities
          Excellent with integration of electronic devices in mechanical settings
          Computer Skills: MS Word, Excel, Access and Power Point; MS Windows, MSDOS, Windows NT; PASCAL, FORTRAN, Assembly

Computer Skills: Proficient with

          General: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Access, Power point
          Programming Languages: PASCAL, FORTRAN, Assembly
          Operating System: Microsoft Windows, MSDOS, Windows NT

Previous Work Experiences

Douglas Engineering Company Ltd., Cambridge, MA as Summer Placement / Intern Engineer from March 2011 till date, where the
job responsibilities involve:

          Find out new and beneficial production procedures and engineering specs like machine drawing.
          Responsible for Auto-CAD drawings for large production.
          Responsible for maintaining and developing database for tracking equipment specs, tech files, checklists of equipment installation.
          Responsible for other duties as assigned.

New York University, NY as Graduate Assistant during the degree course 2009 -11, where the responsibilities involved:

          Responsible for helping instructor in areas such as radar and electromagnetic systems.
          Done duty of instructor in Microprocessor lab where I was responsible for duties such as teaching students, helping in meeting and
           correcting reports of students.
          Helped professor reproduction of digital circuits of computers.

Under Graduate Project with auto vendor ProLine Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., New York, NY during 2010-11 where I suggested
improvements in the production line for producing radiators that led to a 2% cut down in wastage of production material.


          BS in Mechanical Engineering, New York University, NY in 2011

There are different trades in engineering such as electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering etc.
Duties of engineers depend on the trade and the company they are working for. It is the ideal field for youngsters which requires analytical
mind. One may need 3 to 4 years engineering degree to work as an engineer for leading company.

New generation always prefers to become engineer because there is highest scope for engineers rather than other field. There is another
supportive position such as engineering technician that requires 2 years associate degree. They may also go through training provided by
institutes, colleges and technical institutes.

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Sample Engineering Graduate Resume 2

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Objective: Seeking for the appropriate position of engineer for your leading company.

Work Experience:

PCB Designs
Worked as Test Technicians

         Responsible for testing and repairing PCB's around 1200 per month.
         Responsible for developing expertise in different boards.
         Performed testing of those PCB's that are not able to pass.
         Done other duties as needed.

Other Qualities:
Familiar with design tools such as,

         Oscilloscope
         Logic analyzer
         Function Generator
         Digital Voltmeters

Hardwar knowledge,

         Intel 8085 Microprocessor
         Digital Design
         Analog Design
         Z80 Microprocessor
         RF Design

Computer knowledge: Proficient with

         Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point, MS DOS, Window NT
         FORTRAN, Assembly, Pascal
         SAP, Oracle, JAVA

Qualification: Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, New York University

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Software Engineering Resume

                                                               Robert Fowler
                                                         1190 Freeport Boulevard
                                                           Sacramento, CA 95818
                                                       Telephone No: 916-264-3987
                                                     Email id: robert.fowler@gmail.com

Objective: Looking for a challenging software developer position in a reputed company where my talents will be optimally utilized.

Work Summary:

Trade Financial, Sacramento, CA 2009 till date
Software Engineer


          Various new feedback systems are developed and applied for system users, and bugs
          Responsible for re-engineer the software systems, which are used by brokerage teams
          Done coding with the use of languages such as Java, XSL, AJAX, XML and JWS
          Responsible for supporting the system for surviving Internet for employees for development and designing
          Work together to develop new banking software interfaces. Give support by surviving legacy systems to provide cases and
           interfaces that are created newly
          Responsible for other duties as needed.

MegaSoft Global, Sacramento, CA 2006 -09
Software Engineer


          Created some documentation and web sites using HTML language
          Improved HP-UX C library functions
          Responsible for writing design documents, user documentation and test plan
          Done work using ClearCase in C and UNIX

Technical skills:

Languages: XML, Java, C++, C, Pascal, HTML

Software: Borland J Builder, Lotus, Word, Excel, White Box Deep cover, Dash-O-Pro,

Hardware: Peripherals, RAID Disk Arrays, PCs, NCR 3600, NCR 5100, Network or Memory Cards.

Concepts: Design Patterns, Networking, Module, Unit, System's Level Testing, Obfuscation, Internationalization.

Systems: Windows95/98/2000, UNIX, NCR-MP-RAS


          B.S in Computer Science from the University of California in 2006

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Mechanical Engineer Resume

                                                              Jimmy Freeney
                                                       56987 Calumet Ave, Apt#9
                                                           New York, NY 10040
                                                           Cell: (123)-423-8999
                                                     Email: freeney.jimmy@yahoo.com

Career                                                                                                                             Profile:
To take up the responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer where I can make effective use of my mechanical knowledge in a highly and efficient

Professional strengths:

         Extensive knowledge of designing, using, repairing and maintaining machines and tools
         Possess excellent decision -making and time management skills
         Ability to solve complex problems by using scientific rules and methods
         Extensive knowledge of designing techniques, tools, and principles involved in production technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and
         Possess comprehensive knowledge of circuit boards, chips, and electronic equipment
         Excellent knowledge of mathematical concepts with good command over verbal and written communications
         Familiar with quality control, production processes, costs, and techniques for increasing effective manufacture and distribution of
         Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks

Technical Skills:

         Expertise in Windows, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, Word, Westlaw, Lexis-Nexis, Lotus Notes and Excel
         Highly skilled in Auto Card

Educational Summary:

         Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of New York in the year 19XX
         Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering, New York in the year 19XX

Career History:

ABL Mechanical Co Inc, NY
19XX to 20XX
Mechanical Engineer

         Assigned the tasks of reading and interpreting blueprints, computer generated reports, technical drawings and schematics
         Responsible for implementing operating procedures, resolving system malfunctions, and providing technical information
         Handled the tasks of diagnosing faulty operation, and make necessary recommendations to the maintenance crew
         Provided feedback to design engineers on customer problems and requirements
         Performed the tasks of installing, operating ,maintaining , and repairing to ensure smooth functioning of machines and equipment
         Conducted research to tests and analyze the feasibility, operation, design, and performance of equipment, components and

Greaves Tech, NY
19XX to 20XX
Mechanical Engineer

         Handled the tasks of planning and designing machines, tools, engines and other mechanical equipment
         Responsible for supervising operation, maintenance, installation, and repair of the equipment
         Conducted research as well as developed and designed test mechanical devices like tools, engines and machines
         Assigned the tasks of testing the equipment ensure that the product meets the standards of performance, cost, quality and cost
         Estimated costs and submitted bids for construction, engineering, and prepared contract documents

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        Designed test control apparatus and equipment as well as developed procedures for testing products

Personal Details:

        Name: Jimmy Freeney
        Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
        Employment Status: Full time
        Relationship status: Married


         Will be furnished upon request


         The information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge

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          Electrical Engineering Resume
                                                              Richard Anderson,
                                                              1234, West 67 Street
                                                               Carlisle, MA 01741
                                                                (123)-456 7890

Objective: Seeking for a position of electrical engineer and want to work with a progressive and forward thinking company where I can use
my skills.


          Ability to provide technical assistance and resolution
          Able to modify electrical parts, prototypes, systems and meetings
          Able to install and maintain solid state equipment and electrical control systems
          Able to work together with other engineers and individuals to solve and define the developmental problems
          Excellent communication and organization skills

Computer knowledge: Proficient with

          Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point
          C, C++, Windows 98, MS Office
          Internet

Work History

Tech Tron Labs, Pittsburgh
Electrical Engineer


          Designed various digital control circuits and systems
          Completed the project, which was included with high voltage pulser, power supplies, radar systems, optic cables and comparator
           logic circuits with high speed
          Done other duties as assigned

Blow Plast India Limited, India
Worked as Electrical Engineer


          Responsible for operating and maintaining the plant equipment such as voltage Stabilizer, circuit breaker, Plc's Transformer, 3-
           phase induction motors, welding machine etc.
          Done other duties regarding to electrical engineer post

B. Tech/B. E (Electrical), Mahatma Gandhi Govt. Engg. College, Sagar, MP, India

An electrical engineer has variety of potential job functions to perform but most of the work is focused on designing products, which produce
or powered by electricity. Few of the electrical engineer contributes his or her time to a single electrical product. However, there are lots of
potential electrical products on which an electrical engineer works, for example cellular phones, medical technology, airline navigation
systems, and handheld gaming systems.

For becoming an electrical engineer, the person should have a deep knowledge of technological and engineering concepts, the use of
electronics, computer, physics, mathematics, production, design, and processing. The successful electrical engineer must be effective at

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adapting to new situations, show great attention to detail, he must be able to troubleshoot problems, and think critically about potential
solutions to problems.

Sample Electrical Engineer Resume 2
Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(123)-456 7890


To obtain a position as a electrical engineer, specialized in design within an growth oriented organization.


           ADS, MDS, SPICE, HFSS, Mathmatica, Matlab, Excel, Word, Frame Maker, 123.
           FORTRAN, Design, BASIC, E&M, test, PLL, antenna design, YIG, I/Q modulation, phase noise, VCO.

Employment History

Blue Bell Labs, Brighton, CO
Electrical Engineer, 1998 - Present

Responsible for designing and prototyping digital and analog control circuits and systems. Projects included high voltage pulser, power
supplies, radar systems, fiber optic cables, and high speed comparator logic circuits.

HawkHead Automotive, Brighton, CO
Engineer, 1992 - 1998

Responsible for development of initial coding for the switched reluctance motor design project. Drafted weekly and bi-weekly progress
reports. Debugged the assembly code written on a variety of steering column test setups.


Masters, Engineering, 1992
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

B.S. Electrical Engineering, 1990
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

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Web Developer Resume

Aaron Tindale

2 Saggers Road

South Newdegate

WA 6355

Phone no.- (08) 9052 8946

Email address- AaronTindale@teleworm.com


To work for Internet based firm in web developer capacity. Ideal position would provide exposure to
various design projects in different market segments, (i.e. corporate, e-commerce, etc.). Will trade
creative mind and valuable technical skill set for position with advancement possibilities and career


    1. Developed personal web page (http://www.mysite.com) for regional design contest. Awarded
       most creative use of audio integration by New Jersey Web Developer Society.
    2. Worked through college by contracting web design projects for Central New Jersey area clients.
       Created pages for area legal firms and medical practices.
    3. Donated abilities and time to area not for profit entities that required technical abilities in
       creation of web pages. Focus was primarily to distribute data. However, I did implement on line
       contribution ability and follow up email programs for prospective contributors.


       Proficient in various web design programs including HTML, Adobe PhotoShop, Shockwave,
        Dreamweaver, Perl, FrontPage and others. Extensive use and knowledge of end user programs
        and browser integration problems for web page design.
       Experienced graphic illustrator and designer.
       Hardware and software abilities. Knowledge of LAN technology with experience on various
        platforms including Windows 95/98, NT, Novel and Unix.

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      Excellent planning and communication skills. Natural presentation and sales skills, particularly in
       areas of technical data and e-commerce issues.
      Theresa College, Brookdale, NJ
      Computer Room Assistant, 1999 - 1999
      Managed computer room for college students. Required to perform various help desk and
       management duties as well as assist in myriad project assignments for computer animation

Betasearch.com, Inc., Bound Brook, NJ

Intern / Web Developer, 1998 - 1999

Assigned various duties including web page maintenance and design of Betasearch home page. Assisted
programmers in implementation of video and imagery onto site as well as text editing on line and on
line sales inventory. Helped implement Betasearch referral programs and establish product order form


Tyler University, New Hope, PA

BA, Computer Animation, Minor: Graphic Design, 1999

GPA: 3.5, Major GPA: 3.2. Various web page design and graphic design projects. Winner of multiple
design awards in chose field among peers.

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Sample Web Developer Resume 2

Below given is a sample resume for the post of web developers, all the candidates interested in getting a
job offer from their dream employers will find the sample useful. The visitors can change the
information given according to their requirements. The resume focuses in detail on skills, education, and
work experience of the candidate.

Saber De La Ronde

81, rue des Lacs


Phone no.-

Email address- SaberDeLaRonde@teleworm.com


To design cutting edge Web Pages integrating text, video, imagery and audio for web design firm or on
contract basis for corporate clients.


Experienced web page designer with extensive programming and graphic skills. Proficient in Adobe
PhotoShop and Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Flash, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Shockwave, JavaScript, Perl, Java
and various end user software and Internet access programs. Can function independently on multiple
projects. I also possess excellent management and communication skills.

EXPERIENCE Marshall Design, Bridgewater, NJ           September 1998 to Present

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Graphic Design / Web Developer - Responsible for client meetings and evaluation. Assessed projects and
assigned developers based on specialty. Designed and implemented web pages for various regional and
national corporate clients. Site specialties included company home pages, e-commerce applications,
promotional sites and not for profit entities. Broad clientele with heavy emphasis on new business
development and partial sales responsibilities.

Thompson Plastics, Montvale, NJ          May 1996 to August 1998

Web Design and Administration - Responsible for upgrade and continual maintenance of national plastic
wholesale company web site. Constant uploading of time sensitive materials to site. Integrated text,
imagery and audio for various on line publications. Created and implemented proprietary scheduling
and delivery software.

Betasearch.com, Inc., Bound Brook, NJ         April 1993 to May 1996

On Line Editor / Web Design and Administration - Position started as contributing columnist and
eventual editor to Betasearch.com company newsletter. Required to field test latest Internet and web
design software for newsletter product reviews. Responsible for upkeep and maintenance of newsletter
mailing list. Circulation in excess of 10,000. Contributed to design of first company web page. Assigned
management duties for all web content in 1995. Upgraded computer systems.


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ         June 1993

BA - Computer Art / Graphic Design

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Sample Web Developer Resume 3

A Web developer is engaged in the development of World Wide Web applications. He is also responsible
for running the applications on the HTTP from web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer,
and Google Chrome. They may work in a team or individually. They are required to have good
knowledge of scripts such as Java, HTML, and XML etc.They used various server frameworks to show
their content to the end users. Large scale and small scale companies, IT corporations, government
offices can hire web developers. Many institutes offer professional course and degree in web

Arnold Wooden

P.O.Box 103,

Woodcliff Lake, NJ-90545

Phone: 095-893-8932

E-mail: Arnold.wooden@hotmail.com

Objective: To obtain a position of web developer in a company where my skills and abilities will be

Key Skills :

Programming Skills: HTML, CSS, Java, Servlets, JSP, PHP, SQL, XML, XSL, JavaScript.

Graphic design and Photo editing.

Proficient user of Dreamweaver MX, Photoshop 7.0, Fireworks MX, basic knowledge of Flash.

Web Servers: Apache Http Server, Apache Tomcat 4.0.

DBMS used: MySql, Oracle 8I, Access

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Analysis/Design Methodologies: UML, OOAD, Unified Modelling Process.

Languages :

Fluent in: English, Italian and French.

Education :

Department of Computer Science, Birkbeck College,2000 - 2003

University of London, England.

B.Sc. in Information Systems and Management. (2:1)

Main Subjects :

Object Oriented Programming with JAVA, Web development and design, Database Management (
MySql, Oracle, Access ), eCommerce, Strategic IS, Data Structures Design Methodologies (SSADM and
UML), Networking, Web design, Financial accounting, Management accounting.

Depero School of Art and Graphic Design, Rovereto (TN), Italy 1986 - 1991

Maturita ( equivalent to A levels ).

IT Projects :

www.workbike.org Currently in charge of redeveloping the international portal for the workbike
community managed by Zero Ltd. Developed with PHP and MySql 4.0. Dreamweaver and Fireworks MX.
[contract work].

www.thebuddhistsociety.org.uk/new_web_site Responsible for the design and development of the new
e-commerce site with shopping cart facilities, catalogue search and order processing for the Buddhist
Society UK. Developed using Java, JSP,

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Servlets, Apache HttpServer, Tomcat and MySql. [contract work]

Developed a browser based intranet application for Zero Ltd linking to MySql company database
managing deliveries and clients accounts.

Designed and implemented a Web based application for an online library using J2EE technologies such
as Servlets, JavaBeans, JSP and JDBC connecting to a MySql DBMS using Apache and Tomcat Web Server
[final year project].

Designed own website http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/giannifilippini

Designed the first commercial web site for Zero a courier delivery company based in London. [1998]

Designed a computerized video library system using UML modelling tecniques. [college team project]

Experience :

Current - Zero Ltd, London [ Web developer/designer ]

Web site development and design using PHP, MySql.

Intranet development with Java Servlets, JSP, Taglibs, MySql database on a Apache Tomcat architecture.

Interests :

Representing hotel management at operational level.

Departmental trainer for Front Office staff.

Implemented the hotel financial reporting system with Excel.

Digital photography, Art.

Cycling (co-founder of Mori Mountain Bike Club, ITALY ).

Running, Tennis, Football, Basketball.

Music ( play classical and acoustic guitar ).

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