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					India’s top Corporate &
Government have one
thing in common when
it comes to
Supplier Relationship
Management (SRM)
               >>> to know
                                      Total Spend Management Solutions;
                                      • Spend Analysis
                                      • Category Management
                                      • eSourcing
                                          • eTendering
                                         •   eRFI/eRFP/eRFQ
                                         • Reverse Auction offers India’s most       • Forward Auction
effective & reliable Supplier         • eProcurement
Relationship Management Solutions
                                      • Contract Management
                                      • Supplier Management
- An ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 Certified
About Us:
e-Procurement Technologies Ltd.
                     A profit making Co. promoted
                      by eProcurement pioneers
                     India’s First ISO 27001 & ISO 9001
                      Co. in spend management domain

                     Powered by a dedicated team
                      of 300 employees & partners

                     Preferred Spend mgt. partner of
                      India’s fortune 500 Companies

                     Pan India Network with Head
                      Office in Ahmedabad, India

                     Our Portals include
Competitive Advantages

 We annually enable Spend in excess of
  Rs.10,000+ Cr for Govt. & Pvt. Cos.
 Our Solutions are built using Free &
  Open Source software for lower TCO
 We offer complete Spend Mgt. tools
  integrated with ERP & other systems
 We comply to IT ACT 2000, CVC, PWD,
  MDB, World Bank & other guidelines
 Our Global support desk offers 24*7
  customer support, 365 days
 Service offered on SAS Model i.e. Pay/Event
  Fixed Fee/Yr or Software License Sale
Our Customers >

Some of our Indian PSU Customers:
 Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited
 State Bank of India
 Union Bank of India
 Bank of Baroda
 Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited
 Hindustan Newsprint Limited
 Mazagon Dockyard Limited
 Container Corporation of India Limited
 Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
 Indian Oil Corporation Limited
 Bank of India
few more Customers >

Government Departments & Corporations:
 Karnataka State Police Housing Corp.
 Kerala Transport Development Finance
 Kerala Small Industries Development Corp.
 Urban Water Supply & Environmental Project, MP
 Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board
 Gujarat Industrial Development Corp,
 Water & Sanitation Management Organisation
 Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior Municipal Corp.
Key Modules / Service Offerings

                               Search Module
                      Supplier                  Supplier
                 Registration Module      Verification Module
                      Higher                    Higher
                    Competition                 Savings
        Supplier                  Supplier                   Supplier
   Enlistment Module            Rating Module         Intelligence Module

  Supplier            In nutshell, Supplier Relationshipout 3rd Party
                      This module allows you to view feedback on
                      Using this module you canintegrated new given
                                               rate your Suppliers
                                                   accessyour Market
                                                   carry our Supplier
 Relationship         Places &registration data submitted byDelivery,
                      suppliertocarry out current newsyour organization
                      service youtheirtheempanelment and helpayou
                      Pre basisBuyers & the transaction process such
                      by help verify more Suppliers, i.e. Supplier
                      will Qualification & process in related to
                      theother of find Past market making process
 Management           or you can newfor a invite quotes from them.
                      that around, directly given period.
                      Quality SupplierSuppliers
                      specific higher organization, business
                      achieve can 24*7.
                      i.e. Findingcarryout the verification on your own.
                      yearyou& Price savings because of competition.
3600 Supplier Data View

                          Team / Contact         3600           Capacity /
                             Details       Enhanced Supplier   Order Status
                                             Data Visibility

                                                Sales /
SRM vs Present System

Product Features                Present System      SRM

# 1 Number of Suppliers         Limited             Exhaustive
# 2 Update Frequency            Once a Year         Real Time

# 3 Product Catalogues          NA                  Available

# 4 Interaction with Supplier   Not Possible        Available
# 5 Data Verification           Self Verification   By 3rd Party

# 6 Supplier Rating             Self rating         3rd Party Rating

# 7 Access to Suppliers         Limited to ERP      Global

# 8 Supplier Classification     Simple              CPV, UNSPSC
Our Market Places       
It is India’s premier Supplier      It is India’s premier Spend
Market Place where 100,000+         Management Market place which
Suppliers frequently visit in       is actively used by 100’s of
search of new business leads        India’s Fortune 500 Companies
and tenders published by Private    for sourcing, procurement &
& Government Sector Buyers          spend fulfillment & vendor rating      
This is platform which tracks new   It is India’s only platform that
& upcoming projects in India.       allows Procurement Consultants
Buyers use it for project related   & Category Managers to offer
procurement & Supplier use to       Spend Management Services to
find new business opportunities.    their respective customer base.
To know more…

            Visit us at     Call Vishal: (91) 98250 27089       Call Suraj: (91) 93270 56757

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