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									           Home Remedies For Cough And Cold
Cases of cough and cold, increases during rainy and winter season. During this disease,
pathogens infect only nose and upper respiratory tract. Sneezing, nasal congestion, mucus
flow, sore throat, cough, headache, tiredness etc. are the various symptoms of common cold.

Common cold is one of the most infectious disease. It spreads rapidly. A healthy person can
acquire this disease by inhaling droplets from infected person or by using keyboard, books,
pen, pencil and other utensils of infected person. Infected person become unable to do his
work efficiently. Though this disease automatically disappear after 3-5 days; some person
prefer to take medicine to minimise its effect. Some home remedies of this disease are as
follows :

   1) Drink hot milk after adding turmeric in it
   2) One can also take Tulsi leaves with ghee after boiling them for few minutes. Tulsi
      leaves alone, is capable of reducing the effect of cough and cold.
   3) A recent studies have shown that 10 mg of honey, taken before sleeping can relieve a
      person from cough
   4) Hot milk with some ghee in it, can also relieve a person from cough and cold
   5) A person should avoid drinking cold water during cough. Only mild warm water
      should be taken.

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