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Life Without Wife


This article will tell you about importance of wives in our life

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									                      Life Without Wife ?
A person is incomplete without his wife. This pious relationship starts with the marriage and
continues till death. It is often said that behind every man’s success, there is a woman. In
India, women are regarded as symbol of strength. And wives are seen as goddess of wealth
and prosperity. But today, are wives getting the respect, they fully deserve ?

 In India, after marriage; women dedicate their entire life to their husband and children. They
suppress their own will to fulfil the demands of family. In most families, “a wife is just like
an unpaid servant”. They never get a single leave from their work. From early morning to late
night, they pass their time in doing various household works. But the most difficult moment
is that when after doing so many works also, they do not get recognition and respect from
their husband and children. The main reason behind this is the high level of illiteracy among
women. In many Islamic countries, women are not allowed to go for higher studies. They are
always encouraged to look after their husband and children. Even after doing their work, so
gracefully also; they do not get recognition for their work.

In western countries, wives are changed as fast as the napkin of a child. Women are literate in
those parts of the world and so they do not face any difficulty in starting their new life. But in
some countries, scenario is not much pleasing. People in those countries have nothing to say
when a man does second marriage but they all start shivering in fever after seeing a woman
with another person. This mentality is not going to help in a long run.

Can a person imagine about a life without his wife ? Wives are always taken for granted in
our society. Husbands feel that having a testosterone hormone in their body gives them the
license to dominate. The time has changed now and men should change their mentality
towards women. Wives are not the flower to decorate one’s bed at night. A suppressed
woman, can’t become next Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla or Sunita Williams. They also
deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in their lives. We need to change our stigma towards
women. They can also touch the moon, if given equal opportunities. Let’s work for “Women

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