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									Former WebEx Employees Form New Cisco Partnership to Offer WebEx
Implementation and End-User Training Services

With the Cisco acquisition of WebEx some years in the background now,
WebEx continues to reinvent the way it sells and supports its customer
base. Cisco-WebEx has discontinued offering a public schedule of live,
online classes for end-users. The need for WebEx end-user training,
implementation and adoption is now being filled by a new Cisco partner
founded and run by former WebEx employees.

San Jose, CA, November 22, 2012 -- As WebEx technology, process and
people continue their unification dance into the Cisco family,
competencies once core to WebEx around sales and customer support are now
being tackled by Cisco channel partners.

Meet Me In The Cloud (MMITC) is an example of one such Cisco channel
partner. Founded by former WebEx employees, MMITC has stepped in to fill
a services gap, delivering on the core SaaS competencies of customer
implementation, training and adoption.

Meet Me In The Cloud joined the Cisco family as a Registered partner in
late 2011. The company's founder and CEO, Susan McEvilly, is a former
long term WebEx employee, a former and current WebEx customer, and one of
the company’s most sought-after and successful Product Specialists.

Meet Me In The Cloud has two primary channels of business. The company
acts as a subcontractor to Cisco partners who sell WebEx. On behalf of
the channel, Meet Me In The Cloud delivers the WebEx implementation,
adoption and onboarding services necessary to turn up a new customer and
drive adoption. In the world of SaaS, adoption and renewals are king.
With the complexities of Cisco’s order management systems and processes,
Cisco's Unified Communications channel partners find value in having the
option to purchase a fixed-fee turnkey solution for post-sales
implementation and onboarding. Meet Me In The Cloud and their team of
former WebEx employees, own the key to post sales customer adoption,
having built many of the processes for Cisco in former lives as

In October of 2012, Meet Me In The Cloud enhanced its portfolio of
services by filling the vacancy for high quality WebEx end-user training.
The company has launched a public schedule of courses that kick off with
the basics, and drive end-user expertise through the most technically
complex features of WebEx, such as Org Administration for Connect EIM and
Hands-On Lab for WebEx Training Center users.

Registration for the public schedule is done using WebEx Training
Center’s out-of-the-box ecommerce tools, and the classes are taught live
online via WebEx at - Onboarding services are
sold through the Cisco channel.

In today's economy, having a team of former employees regroup after a
restructuring to build a business designed to provide services back to
the channel and customers of their former employer, is an innovative way
to reinvent a career and launch a startup to fill a nearly guaranteed
need in the market.

Find Meet Me In The Cloud at and their WebEx
curriculum at

Meet Me In The Cloud, LLC
San Francisco Bay Area
California, USA

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