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How I Got a Job

This week, LawCrossing talks with Katherine     a program requirement. The reference               Coolidge loves her new position and does not
K. Coolidge about how she got her job.          librarian knew of an open position at Bulkley,     regret her change of profession.
Coolidge, a law librarian for Bulkley,          Richardson and Gelinas and encouraged
Richardson and Gelinas, LLP, was a lawyer       Coolidge to apply for it.                          “This is just so much more fun because I’m
before she became a law librarian. After                                                           treated very well here, and people respect
becoming more and more unhappy with the         “My question to her was, ‘Why would they           my education and my ability. And I am
practice of law, she decided to go to library   hire me? I haven’t even finished my first          learning a lot about various areas of law that
school.                                         semester of graduate school,’” Coolidge said.      I had never practiced in because I’m asked to
                                                “And she said, ‘It won’t matter in that setting.   do research in [those areas]. So, it’s really
A couple of months into the program,            You know enough about legal research that          just so much pleasure for me.”
Coolidge began observing a reference            they’ll just love you.’ So, it was like, ‘Okay,
librarian at Western New England College        can’t hurt to try.’ And that’s how I was
School of Law (her alma mater) to fulfill       guided into it.”


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