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									                 Top-Grade Capability & Plugins Of Ruby On Rails Framework

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework used by web developers for rapid
development of a wide variety of online applications, including ecommerce, social media and
productivity. It is an open source web programming application framework that is gaining popularity
due to its ability to support rapid application development.

Some of the Key areas where we have demonstrated our capabilities
   •   Bespoke Applications
   •   Web 2.0 applications
   •   Social Community Portals
   •   E-commerce applications
   •   Blogs & Forums
   •   Content management system

RoR Skills & Capabilities:
   ➢ RoR Application & Services : We have created Ruby on Rails Application. You can view our
     case study of RoR Application to get the idea about our Ruby on Rails services.

   ➢ RoR Agile Web Development : We develop sophisticated Ruby on Rails (ROR) web
     applications quickly and precisely. Agile web development with Ruby on Rails (ROR) uses
     incremental and iterative development to create the web applications that users want.
   ➢ RoR Database : Integrated support for most leading database like MS SQL Server, MySQL,
     Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite enables Ruby on Rails (ROR) developers to implement a
     system in their favorable database system.

   ➢ RoR Ajax : Ruby on Rails Ajax is one of the fastest growing technologies in the Web, driven by
     surging demand for the highly interactive database-backed web applications for which RoR is
     ideally suited. We can create a rich web applications using RoR and E Commerce websites
     using Ruby on Rails ROR web development environment.

Plug-Ins On Ruby On Rails:
Our Ruby on rails Programmers has extensive experience in Plug-in development and Integration in
Ruby on Rail applications.
Here are few plug-in for review :
   •   Ssl_Requirement Plug-In
   •   Rfacebook
   •   Multiple Select Helper Plug-In
   •   Job_Fu Plug-In
                                                           Multiple Select Helper
    ssl_requirement plug-in           Rfacebook                                           job_fu plug-in

                                 sms_fu plug-in, to send
        Twitter Integration      sms from ruby on rails      ActsAsCSVable plugin

                                   Ekuseru plugin to
    QueryReviewer in ruby on                                 SubdomainFu plugin to  Admin Framework
                                   generate Microsoft
             rails                                         access subdomains in ROR     Plugin
                                    Excel documents

        Geo Tools plugin            Datebalks Plugin         Country Select Plugin       rails history plugin

                                                                                         Open Flash Chart
                                                           Open Flash Chart For Rails
    acts_as_enterprisey plugin      Fammer plugin                                        For Rails - 3D bar
                                                               - area filled curve

   Calendar_date_select plugin
                                                           visualize_models plugin in
      for rails using Active          TYPO Gem                                            bundle-fu plugin

                                  Excelent plugin for      freeze desired gems to ruby
       se(x)y_flash plugin
                                  search(searchgasm)           on rails application

Our highly skilled and dedicated Ruby on Rails Programmers can create web 2.0 applications using
latest Ruby on Rails web services. You can check out our latest work by our Ruby on Rails
development team at which we have developed for our clients. Here, we have used Ajax and ruby on
rails along with flex programming.

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