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Julie A. Matonich - One of Minnesota's Shining Stars


Julie Matonich is certainly an exception and serves as inspiration to attorneys everywhere as she continues to move forward in her efforts of protecting those most vulnerable in our justice system.

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Julie A. Matonich - One of Minnesota’s Shining Stars
Julie A. Matonich has a lot to celebrate these days. She recently won a landmark case in Minnesota that awarded over $23 million to
parents of a child who suffered brain and neurological injuries at the time of her birth.

                        Reminding the jury of the little girl’s 24       litigation that includes product liability, wrongful death,
                        hour care and multiple surgeries she has         employment cases and of course, medical malpractice suits,
                        already undergone, Matonich presented            as noted by her most recent victory in a Minnesota courtroom.
                        an impressive case and provided stellar          This award will allow the family of this little girl to ensure
                        legal representation for her clients that        her future is as bright as possible with no fears over massive
                        resulted in the February 2010 award.             medical expenses.
                        Keep reading for more about this
                        compassionate and brilliant legal mind.          Recently named a ‘’Rising Star’’ by the prestigious Minnesota
                                                                         Law & Politics, she was also awarded with being named a
                       Graduated with honors from                        Super Lawyer - an award given to those who rank in the top
                       Northwestern University in Evanston,              five percent of Minnesota lawyers. She continues to raise the
                       Illinois, Julie A. Matonich barely                bar and in 2009, she was named as one of the Top Lawyers in
slowed down to revel in her honors degree and certainly not              Minnesota and was featured in Minnesota Monthly magazine.
long enough to take a break before moving on to George
Washington National Law Center in her quest for a law                    So what’s next for Matonich? She remains committed to the
degree. She attained that degree from the Washington, D.C.               American justice system and spends a considerable amount
College in 1994. From there, she was offered and accepted                of time doing pro bono work and volunteering for various
a fellowship to study domestic violence in Argentina. With a             agencies, including the Advocates for Human Rights. She
fluency in Spanish, she accepted the Organization of American            currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Page Education
States award and took the rare opportunity to spend time in              Foundation, where she was awarded the prestigious ‘’Giving
Argentina and as a result, was afforded a rare opportunity to            Award’’ in 2006. She became a member of the Colleague
see firsthand how different cultures view domestic violence as           Advisory Board of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum in
well as how the varies from one country to another.                      Minneapolis in 2009. Few attorneys reach such incredible
                                                                         heights so young in their legal careers. Julie Matonich is
By 1995, Matonich was back in the Minneapolis, Minnesota                 certainly an exception and serves as inspiration to attorneys
with a judicial clerkship and before long, she found herself in          everywhere as she continues to move forward in her efforts of
private practice in her home state. Her extensive experience             protecting those most vulnerable in our justice system.
has allowed her to make a difference in the lives of those
with personal injuries and those injuries due to automobile,             Matonich is employed with Matonich & Persson, with offices
employment or other accidents. She has represented those                 in both Hibbing and Minneapolis. Learn more about Julie A.
charged with white collar crimes as well as those facing                 Matonich and her firm by visiting
homicide, drug or sexual crimes. She also specializes in

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