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Jeffrey A. Rabin
Jeffrey A. Rabin specializes in social security disability and SSI advocacy, and his firm, Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd., works
tirelessly to ensure its clientele is aware of their rights and options as they begin the process for securing social security benefits. This
Des Plaines, IL, attorney and patient advocate is our focus this week.

                       Going the extra mile might be the best            has several offices located across Illinois and the country,
                       way to define Jeffrey A. Rabin’s work             each with the same goal of helping those gain access to
                       ethics. He goes the distance in his               much-needed benefits. Regardless of where the offices are
                       efforts to help those who have found              located, the mission of this firm is to ensure its clients are
                       themselves struggling in the sea of               comfortable, respected and in an environment conducive to
                       uncertainty known as social security              finding solutions.
                       benefits. Among other things, he
                       conducts monthly chats geared toward              With the all-inclusive approach, the firm’s website offers
                       answering questions on social security            specific information regarding what might qualify for SSI or
                       disability law and the intricacies involved       SSDI. While one area might provide specific information for
                       in filing claims; he also participates in a       those with chronic pain, another area will provide details
message board for the American Pain Association and monitors             for those suffering from mental illnesses, headaches, lupus,
certain sites dedicated to helping those with such medical               chronic fatigue syndrome or other diseases. In fact, many
problems as fibromyalgia, lupus and multiple sclerosis.                  have discovered only after visiting the firm’s site that they
                                                                         qualify, even if they’ve been denied or told their disorders
With such dedication, it’s no surprise Secretary Donna Shalala           or diseases would not qualify for any kind of benefits.
appointed Rabin in 2000 to the U.S. Department of Health                 An impressive amount of information and articles is also
and Human Services Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Coordination                 provided for clients and the general public that address the
Committee. He’s also a former chairperson of the Chicago                 uncertainties so many face. Access to podcasts and videos are
Bar Association Social Security Committee and is a current               available as well, including a recent speech given by Rabin at
member of the National Organization of Social Security                   the National Headache Foundation. In it, he discusses social
Claimants Representatives. It’s clear where his passions                 security law and how it affects those with chronic headache
lie and his impressive resume represents one who remains                 pain, including migraines and headaches caused by injury or
dedicated to protecting those most in need.                              accident.

Even less surprising is his choice in associates who work                Clearly, Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. is a model firm
alongside him in his firm. They too are dedicated to the                 and exemplifies what the practice of law should be for every
protecting domestic violence victims, those with disabilities,           law firm in the country. The dedication and respect shown his
veterans who have returned from serving our country and                  clients serve as a reminder to all of us of what an attorney’s
found themselves with nothing to rebuild their lives with                role is. You can visit Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates at his
and other important social issues Americans face on a daily              website,
basis. While home base may be in the Chicago area, Rabin

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Description: Jeffrey A. Rabin specializes in social security disability and SSI advocacy, and his firm, Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd.
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